Challenger Disaster: Amazing New Photos

    January 18, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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On January 28, 1986, the Challenger Space Shuttle was launched on a live broadcast. 73 seconds after the shuttle was launched, it broke apart and killed all 7 crew members. A recovery operation was able to locate many pieces of the shuttle and an investigation determined that the disaster had been caused by a faulty O-ring seal.

The Challenger disaster is ingrained in the memories of anyone who watched it happen on TV, listened to the launch on the radio, or learned about it in a classroom. Although the disaster was caught on film and camera, a new set of photos that were recently discovered by the grandson of a NASA contractor show the entire disaster, clip by clip.

The new photos seem to show a normal space shuttle launch, but a few photos in, it’s easy to see that something isn’t right. Separate streams of smoke can be seen and then what appears to be an explosion. The photos belong to Michael Hindes, who shared them on Reddit.






Hindes recalled watching the launch on television as a child and said,

“I watched this happen live on TV in with my class in fourth grade, and anyone who knows what that was like also knows that it’s something that will stick with you forever.”

Many other Reddit users commented on the photos and shared their memories of the launch and disaster.

Although many people recall watching the launch live on television, the disaster itself was shown on a taped relay. Many people recalled seeing the ship explode, as a fire ball fell to the earth. Investigators were able to determine that the shuttle did not really explode, and the fire ball was caused by propellant tanks. Investigators also determined that although the shuttle broke apart at the 73 second mark, the crew members were not killed instantly and likely survived until the Challenger fell 65,000 back into the water, 2 minutes and 45 seconds after breakup.

Do you remember the Challenger disaster and what do you think of the new photos?

Images via YouTube.

  • timothypoe

    have you ever thought that these stories are showed to us each day just just so we will not focus on what is really going on in the WORLD TODAY???

    • Mike9000

      Yeah, you said it and thank you! Sometimes I worry there is no one left in North America that realizes a war is going on that is Americans are losing limbs and dying. That the government/media reading our emails isn’t something to talk to about at a cocktail party…it’s a reason to start a Revolution. That drones are flying overhead. For who? Hell we can’t even by 75 watt non mercury filled light bulbs anymore.
      Anyone who has any ability to remember things as they were and not how they are being reinvented knows these pictures of smoke are 28 years old. Everyone saw it. Everyone knew it was the O-rings within 48 hours. Guess something going on that this non-story needs to trend.

  • http://WebProNews Steve K.

    Sorry, nothing new about these photos here. We’ve all seen these pics before.

  • Sam Robertson

    Despite the Challenger disaster, I want our space program back.



    • Mike9000

      That’s the job of 10’s of larger government agencies. The Commerce Department, NOAA, NSF, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Department of Domestic Pacification…oh I think they’re going by Homeland Defense these days. In any case, the amount of money NASA spends on space exploration is statistically insignificant. And the missions they choose come from the White House not NASA. You want to fix problems here on Earth start by giving the business to “journalists” like this who print meaningless crap.

    • Indyviper


  • Lonnie

    Umm, how are these images any different than what we’ve already seen? It looks to me like they are stills taken from the many videos that show the disaster unfold.

  • Randy Hourt

    I would tend to agree that there are issues right here on Earth more pressing than microbes on Mars. Besides, you’d have to live in a sealed environment anywhere but here. Doesn’t sound like a whole of fun to me, anybody else? So, why doesn’t Nasa come up with a plan to rid the Earth of existing pollution instead of looking for ways to bail on current problems. And what about issues slightly further out? China and the moon? Moonraker for real, possibly?

  • Cindi

    NASA could also be used to study ways to destroy meteors that may threaten Earth. I can’t think of anything more important.

  • lisa

    Sam Robertson there was another space shuttle disaster after challenger…it was Columbia. I too have seen all these pictures before. Gave me chills to watch the video. But as timothypoe said they are probably being used to distract us from todays problems. Anyone believe that NSA is being changed…NO !!! Especially not when lawmakers are applauding him for spying…LOL

  • Mike9000

    Oh I see my comments are awaiting moderation by the same people who got thevword to printbthis non story. That’s alright when their deleted I only wasted 5 minutes.
    The people who work at webpronews wasted their lives.
    Dance for the puppet masters Amanda Crum.

    • Doc Halide

      Nothing new in these photos, nor in people failing to use spell check, or more likely failing to care about using spell check

  • Amazing

    It is amazing how they found body parts and 80,000 pieces of this wreckage but in Shanksville, they found nothing.

    • Beau

      It’s true they found no pieces of the Challenger in Shanksville. However, if you mean that no pieces of United Flight 93 were ever found, you are mistaken. There were thousands of pieces of the plane plus DNA samples as well.

  • Martha

    I was asleep after working a 7PM-7AM shift and my daughter woke me up to tell me about the disaster. I was glued to the tv for the next 24 hours waiting for NASA to announce they had found the astronauts alive. I guess I expected them to be in a safe box that parachuted to the water and they floated until the authorities rescued them. Having followed the space program from its beginning (on tv because I lived in the midwest), it was totally incomprehensible to me for the astronauts to be dead. I think I was in shock because I remember nothing else that day except waiting for the announcement that the astronaunts were found.

  • Corbin

    Made you look.