CES 2012: Cobra Tag G5 App & Device Means No More Lost Keys & Phones

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CES 2012: Cobra Tag G5 App & Device Means No More Lost Keys & Phones

My family just moved recently. In the move, we misplaced (not lost) a very important item: my 4 year-old son's classic Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy. He's had it since he was born. We have retraced steps for hours before to find it when dropped in stores. The thing is more like a family member than our dog. Turns out Pooh was inside an already-packed toy kitchen set, safe and sound. But, it was a tense few days as we unpacked into the new house, hoping the next box would reveal our lost Pooh.

So, I said to my wife, "You know, with the current state of technology, I am shocked that someone hasn't come out with a system of tagging keys and other items and allowing you to find them with your smart phone."

Enter Cobra Electronics (the CB radio and radar detector folks) with Cobra Tag G5.

From the Cobra press release:

"The Cobra PhoneTag works by downloading the PhoneTag application to your smartphone and attaching the PhoneTag device to an item that you want to protect (keys, purse, computer bag). The PhoneTag software monitors the distance between the phone and tagged items. If the items become separated, you will be alerted immediately. The PhoneTag application records the GPS location & time of when and where you lost your item. The software then sends the GPS information to a user defined contact list through email, text message, or optionally using a linked Facebook or Twitter account. PhoneTag can also act as a two-way “finder”. Simply tap the button on the PhoneTag device to ring your smartphone. If you are looking for your PhoneTag protected item, the PhoneTag application will help you to find it."

The folks from Cobra are at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas today in booth #9845.

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