CES 2014: Vizio Unveils 120-Inch Ultra HD TV


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Vizio this week has one-upped Samsung in what is sure to become an ongoing ultra HD TV size pissing contest.

Just before the end of 2013 Samsung unveiled its 110S9, a 110-Inch ultra high definition (UHD) TV. Today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Vizio revealed that it will soon sell a 120-inch UHD TV.

Vizio's new Reference Series (R-Series) televisions come in two sizes, a 65-inch and a 120-inch, and feature full 4K resolutions, 10-bit color, and 384 active LED zones for fine-tuned contrast. They also feature video modes allowing the TVs to display content in a variety of frame rates, allowing movies to be viewed in 24fps or PC games to be displayed in up to 120fps.

Of course, Vizio's R-Series TVs are more than just screens. The devices will come with a fully array of smart TV features and streaming video/music apps. All of this is powered by a dual-core V6 processor and a quad-core GPU.

Vizio has not yet announced pricing or release date information. If Samsun'g $150,000 110S9 is any indication, though, Vizio's new R-Series will be very expensive and sold primarily to businesses and a handful of very rich individuals.