CES 2014: Dish Hopper App Coming to PlayStation Consoles


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As part of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) week in Las Vegas, Dish today announced that its Hopper DVR technology will soon be available on Sony's PlayStation consoles.

Dish will be releasing a Hopper app for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 sometime during spring (or at least sometime during the first half of 2014). The app will be an extension of Dish's recently announced "Joey" set top boxes, featuring many of the same features seen in the Joey hardware. Users will be able to access their Hopper DVR through the app, allowing them to view live and recorded TV, access the program guide, and manage DVR's recordings.

The Dish PlayStation app will use customers' existing wireless or wired home network to stream content to the consoles. The app will be free and Dish customers can use either a DualShock controller or a Dish remote to control the app. Dish is touting the app as one that could bring full DVR experiences to areas of houses that don't have a cable or ethernet outlet nearby.

“DISH’s ‘Virtual Joey’ brings the industry’s most awarded DVR experience to millions of PS3 and PS4 systems already in American homes,” said Joseph Clayton, president and CEO of Dish. “We strive to provide consumers with the best TV experience and ‘Virtual Joey’ means DISH is delivering even more choices in how and where consumers enjoy their Hopper.”