CES 2012: Panasonic Brings 3D Cameras To The Olympics


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Panasonic announced at their CES press conference that they were partnering with NBC Sports Group to bring the 2012 Olympics to American viewers in 3D. Many events in the London games will be filmed and produced in 3D by Olympic Broadcasting Services using Panasonic equipment, and will be distributed by NBC to American viewers on a next-day delay.

Panasonic’s chairman and CEO Joseph Taylor said that “[f]ull HD 3D is ideal for capturing the true spectacle of Olympic competition and the pageantry of Olympic ceremonies,” and said that the partnership “will deliver to home viewers an unprecedented 3D Olympic experience that will make them feel as though they are right there with the world’s finest athletes as they compete.”

Though it has been fairly popular at the movie theater, 3D technology in homes has been a bit slower to catch on. It is not entirely clear how many people will be able to watch the 3D broadcasts, especially with the events on a delay. It will be interesting to see how this remarkable experiment in 3D broadcasting turns out.

[Source: Panasonic Press Release; Image: Panasonic]