Cerf Plans Life After ICANN

    October 30, 2007

Poor Google – it will no longer have the chairman of ICANN’s board of directors on its payroll.  But it should soon have a prolific author, and Vint Cerf is essentially the cause (and effect) of both these changes.

Vint Cerf Cerf’s term as chairman is set to expire on Friday; he filled that role for seven years, and has actually been with ICANN since 1999.  So, with his newfound free time, Cerf plans to write not one (or two, three, or four), but five books.  Subjects should include a history of the early Internet, a biography of his wife, and a collection of anecdotes.

All the while, Cerf will continue to work as Google’s “Chief Internet Evangelist,” and, unless some unexpected turn takes place, push for the spread of the Internet into outer space.

There’s no word on these fronts, but personally, I’m expecting Cerf to act as a time-traveling superhero and establish world peace, as well; given how many activities he’s handling, the man appears to have already mastered cloning.  In any event, whatever Cerf is up to is sure to be worth reading, using, and/or watching, and is likely to make his employer proud.