CEO Says SEO A Waste Of Time

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Is search engine optimization a waste of time? According to one man in the UK it is.

Anthony Fallon, CEO of Warrington Web Works, a UK Web Publishing company says that search engine optimization is both a waste of time and money to businesses and he can support his argument with proof.

Fallon says that businesses who are using distribution technologies, such as RSS, writing content for the benefit of site visitors and the improvement in Google’s search technology means an end to jockeying for the top ten coveted positions in a search engine.

He asks the question, “Is this the end for the SEO Industry?”

Last week Fallon wrote an article called “SEO Mind Crime” for Warrington Web Works, a site he writes for to keep readers up to date on web 2.0 technologies.

In the article he weighs in on why SEO is a waste of time and money.

The idea for the article came from a meeting with a client.

The client had been quoted $29,000 for search engine optimization services from a competing company.

The competitor was guaranteeing a spot in the top ten of Google for three years for popular industry keywords in the natural search results.

“Not even Google can guarantee that!” says Anthony Fallon. “You can’t just tell business owners what a waste of money SEO is, you have to prove it. The SEO industry has all the statistics they need to bluff the money out of the coffers of any business.”

To prove that SEO is waste of time he told his readers as a test to search for his article “SEO Mind Crime” on Google over the next few days.

The article was posted on Wednesday and 24 hours later the article appeared at positions 3, 4 and 6 on Google’s first page.

This was out of 826,000 indexed pages and Fallon believes that is proof why SEO is no longer needed in Web 2.0.

“Web 2.0 it’s all about your visitor,” Anthony added. “The new distribution technologies like RSS will get your message out there without any magic or manipulation of search results. The quality of Google’s Search technology is really coming on in leaps and bounds. If businesses can get in front of their customers without stuffing their content with keywords, it has to be a good thing. As for the SEO Industry, good riddance I say.”

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CEO Says SEO A Waste Of Time
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  • bwn

    He may be a ceo but he sure is talking nonsense to use this example as SEO. Jeeze what he quoted about SEO was nothing but crooks. Please Mr. Fallon don’t mislead people with this statement as it is as bad as the SEO firm telling the lie.

    Write another article on auo insurance the rising cost or something that has some meat to it OK, who in the world searches for what you suggested.

    CEO or not you are as well spreading bad information to ill informed readers.

    • mikefrommass

      I’ll be glad to do the SEO work for 25,000.00 saving them some $$$.

      Seriously though, what kind of phrase is “SEO Mind Crime”. I could get that listed as well.

      If there were 5,000 companies selling SEO Mind Crime online then we would certainly need SEO.


  • Galen

    It’s truly amazing that he was able to rocket to the top of the search engine results for such a common phase as “SEO Mind Crime”.

    • afallon

      No Guys,

      Whats truly amazing is that I stuck my neck out before the event and I wrote a post with no SEO that was indexed within 24 hours. Every post I’ve done with that site gets indexed.

      I didn’t ask Google for my article to dominate the top 7 of the top ten positions for this term, they could have used any of the other million indexed pages for their positions.

      To correct the webpronews post I don’t offer SEO services.

      Anthony Fallon

      • cyberian

        How many ‘of the other million indexed pages’ would have contained the phrase ‘SEO Mind Crime’?

        Are you being purposely obtuse, or just disingenuous?

        You made an outrageous statement purely for the purpose of generating the kind of attention you are now getting. Now THAT is marketing at its very best!

        But now that you’re at the ‘disclaimer’ stage, it’s your choice. Are you unethical, or just ignorant?

        • incrediblehelp

          Sounds like we have a bad case of rotten link bait here.

      • http://www.weslinda.com Wes Linda

        Google has a total of 482 pages with this phrase, and funny to me is that in my most recent search his page is #13 in Google for his term, when using quotes! That’s just too damn funny. Another attempt by someone to get free press by saying “SEO Sucks”.

  • justin

    Wow, what a competitive keyword!

    I also wrote about this on my blog yesterday, SEO Mind Crime

    • Ruddy

      SEO is good but SEO companies are kind of failure people. If they can give you top 10 position, then what. If you never make it into the top five of one keyword, you’ll get nothing. If they only GUARANTEE YOU IN THE TOP 10, IT’LL BE COMPLETELY NOTHING.

      Get into the top 10 of one competitive keyword is hard but get into the top 3 of that keyword is much harder. Try it yourself. SEO companies are paid for thousand of dollars only for helping their clients get into the top 10? Oh, what a clown!

  • seomelol

    I have just read your article and to be honest I think this summons up your SEO knowledge

  • http://www.simplyclicks.com David Burdon

    Seems a simple case of link bait crime. Anyhow, you can by the term for 1/6 on Google Adwords.

  • http://www.myseoblog.net Raden Payas

    I totally agree with the poster. Those paid SEO are totally waste of time and most SEO companies fake. Meaning, they are just full of promises. It is always better to do your own promotion in simple ways that pay others with no effect.


  • http://www.happyhappytoytoy.com uglydoll

    You naysayers are all just jealous that he’s got the SEO Mind Crime market sewn up. I think everyone’s going to be getting out of the ‘SEO Mind Crime’ game now. And probably going for the ‘Interweb Flip Flop’ or the ‘Wibbleydoom Hijack’ niche. Man – those keywords are RIPE for exploitation!

    • http://www.weslinda.com Wes Linda

      Oh no! I was just putting together a campaign for Interweb Flip Flop, my plans have been foiled! Now I’ll have to give my client back his $28,000 and tell him there is nothing we can do for him.

  • http://www.hardworkingwebsites.com Advertising That Works

    What is your definition of SEO? (It sounds like you may be stuck in the 90’s.) What SEO firms could stay in business today without incorporating RSS, social networking, weblogs, popularity indexes and helping clients write content for the benefit of site visitors. While your old definition of SEO and its use of shortcuts and tricks may be long gone, SEO consultants who direct and educate their clients in: viral marketing, attracting quality links, writing useful content, (and yes, even those age-old principles of structuring pages in ways that are still attractive to search engines) has never been more valued by (or profitable for) smart clients.

  • http://www.gregorymeyerhoff.com Greg Meyerhoff

    OK, here is the bottom line to everything.  People posting here are not SEO experts (although uglydoll makes a good, humerous point).  Here is the truth:

     1.  Companies who guarantee top 10 listings for ANY keyword(s) are wrong to do so.  It’s really simple.  If 11 companies guaranteed a top 10 placement for the SAME keyword, then this is impossible, since there are only 10 slots on, say, Google’s SERPs (search engine result pages). 

    2.  Mr. Fallon makes an uneducated argument saying how he posted an article entitled, "SEO Mind Crime", and it now comes up on the first page of Google when that keyword string is typed in.  Here is why:

    "SEO Mind Crime" is NOT a competitive keyword phrase at all.  If I made an article called,

    "THE BIG ANGRY MELLON MONKEY OF 2008", it would probably come up eventually on the first page in the search engines when someone types it in because it’s NOT a competitive keyword phrase either.

    So if the author wants to try and make his bet, have him try to do an article for, "Dell Computers" or "Personal Finance" and see what happens.

    Not in a BILLION years would the author take this bet, nor succeed if he foolishly tried.

    The reason?  HIGHLY COMPETITIVE keyword phrases.  Mr. Fallon needs to be introduced to  keyword database next time  before he makes a post like this. 

    Yes, there are some  "criminal " SEO companies out  there, but it’s important to know your facts first.


    • http://www.ereplicabags.com David Kingstone

      That’s it man, you say all… Mr. Fallon dont know nothing about SEO… How he can say something like that… I m happy to see that someone read this and post a comment that can save our job… Thanks..


  • http://www.businessservicesuk.com Pete

    I am sure if Mr Fallon spoke to the clients we have worked for, that balanced with the results achieved and cost, his opinion on SEO would be very different. That said good article.

  • http://www.giftexposure.co.uk David Thompson

    In business a person should never dismiss anything, the idea is to use ever tool available for your advantage.

  • http://www.bulgariasfinest.com Jim Lawlor

    I agree David, use everything to your advantage and dismiss nothing

  • http://www.acornrecruitmentsw.co.uk Chris

    Whatever the guise I think there will always be a place for SEO

  • http://www.riversagency.com/professional-website-design.html chapel hill website design

    I agree with Wes, its the same as some of those emails you get that say "top raning in 24 hours"  yeh ok…

  • http://ehomeimprovement.org Home

    This sounds like a way to get some buzz started in his direction, he obviously has no idea what he is talking, he needs insert foot in mouth.

  • http://www.go4bagtrade.com/ bags

     482pages.. good..

  • http://www.answerblip.com/2008 article archives

    Oh come on really… this is just another person trying to grab their 15 minutes of fame.

  • http://www.exacthandbag.com Guest

    You naysayers are all just jealous that he’s got the SEO Mind Crime market sewn up. I think everyone’s going to be getting out of the ‘SEO Mind Crime’ game now. And probably going for the ‘Interweb Flip Flop’ or the ‘Wibbleydoom Hijack’ niche. Man – those keywords are RIPE for exploitation!

  • http://blog.webtoolkeeper.com Jun Valasek

    I don’t see any problem with seo itself. The problem I think is with big SEO companies who are sucking their customer’s hard earned money… This post if great anyway..

  • http://hvacrschool.com/ Don Mayan

    I agree Seo is a complete waste of time and money – lol

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  • http://www.techcrahi.blogspot.com Techoo

    Not agreed

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    Thank you for sharing this but i really like the SEO,one of my website ranked on first page for many keywords and generating lots of money.

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