Celtic Coins Found by Amateur UK Treasure Hunters

    June 27, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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The Celtic coins found by a group of amateur treasure hunters in the United Kingdom are thought to be worth close to $15.6 million, or, if you prefer, £10 million. The discovery was made on the Channel Island of Jersey, and is considered to be the largest haul of its kind in northern Europe. However, ownership and official valuation has yet to be determined, though the hunters’ booty do fall under the island’s Treasure Act. According to English law, the coins belong to the Queen.

For the past 30 years, explorers Reg Mead and Richard Miles have been digging around the same area in search of something historic and rare. This cache of 50,000 bronze and silver coins, which are thought to have originated in or around 50 BC, should fit the proverbial bill quite nicely. Considering the duo have powered through a number of disappointments over the past three decades, this significant unearthing has to be nothing short of overwhelming.

“The fact that it has been excavated archaeologically is also rare and will greatly enhance the level of information we can glean about the people who buried it,” explained Olga Finch, curator of archaeology at the Jersey Museum. “It is an amazing contribution to the study of Celtic coins.”

Mead and Miles are understandably anxious to see what else is buried in the area. In order to do so, archeologists are attempting to keep the location a secret for fear of looters showing up and stripping the place clean of potential valuables. The huge clump of coins, which reportedly weights in at nearly one ton, has been carted off to a safe place.

Although their discovery is nothing more of astonishing, this isn’t the first time archeologists have found buried treasure on the island. In 1935, a collection of 11,000 valuable coins were discovered in the same area by explorers.

  • Terry Leddin

    Finders Keepers.Flog the Queen.

  • Martin Magiera

    I have to agree with Terry.The Queen and the family are the wealthiest family on earth and they get the right to confiscate over some antiquated law.What assistance did they provide in these expeditions.Not A darn thing I’m certain..It’s all about the rich being greedy.just like the days of taxation that started in England.Here’s to Big Ben.I will never honor the clock as the Queens.She hasn’t done crap for the citizens of England than be a figurehead and so her family.If anything honor Winston Churchill a man more than accomplished and not this paper matriarch.What has she done?Nothing.Makes me sick.

    • Billy Cromwell

      Moron martin,you must be a dumb yank to be that ignorant.Taxation started in England? What a clown! Guess you never read the bible.I hope you are not from the UK because it is an indictment of our education system if you are.Jeeze,we truly have become a nation of idiots.I despair for my beloved country!!

  • Tom

    Sheesh, I saw something like this where the treasure was about $40 m and the two guys only got $1.5 million each!
    All you treasure hunters out there, keep your mouths shut!
    Hide it away and cover up all the holes!
    Take it to a country that doesn’t want 90% of it!

  • Giftmacher

    Treasure hunter in the Czech Republic would get as reward nothing. :/

  • kevin

    They should get to keep it

  • nunya bizness

    I’ll bet Spain will try to lay claim to that treasure.

  • al

    First Rule of the Treasure Hunting: Thou shall keep your mouth shut!!! Or else the local greedy Government type ( aka Queen, President, GodFather, Taxman Thugs, etc) will steal it from you. Really a shame wasting all this time and efforts, and finally, get pennies on the dollars (if anything) on your investment. Sounds like another sucker’s bet!!!

  • mineish83

    The location is secret? they mentioned The Channel Island of Jersey….

  • Brighid

    …”nothing more of astonishing”? What does this mean? “Nothing less than astonishing” perhaps, might be more accurate. It is a wonderful discovery.

  • Bobcobbb12349

    Return them to Boston so they can get a higher draft pick.

  • CJ

    Like they said..Amatuer Teasure Hunters..!!
    Imagine what Professional Teasure Hunters would do with the findings
    They would simply keep it quiet and sell their findings to a major
    collector or an investment group

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