Celine Dion making her way back on the map


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What's new in the world of Celine? She's been out of the mainstream for almost a decade. She has been tucked away in Las Vegas for the majority of the last seven years performing at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and spending time with her family.

Celine Dion fans are ecstatic about her new single released on September 3, 'Loved Me Back To Life' which she debuted in concert over the summer. This studio version of the single came out September 3 on iTunes, the first track on the album, that will be fully released in November. She has not had a new english album since 2007. Has it been that long? She told Ellen viewers today, when appearing on the show that she has stayed busy with her career in Vegas, her husband and children.


But fans were not so thrilled when her performance fell short that Friday on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, after missing a few high notes. Fans have reason to believe she was ill and not able to perform her best. She performed well on Ellen. Celine told Ellen that she was in town to see a doctor. Dion was shown in a photo putting makeup on for Ellen's show at the doctor's office.

Also worth mentioning, Dion is also selling her mansion in Jupiter, Florida for $72 million. The 5-acre property has 13 bedrooms, over 10,000 square feet and nicely nestled between closest neighbors Kid Rock and Michael Jordan. Any takers? Yeah, me neither. After selling multiple platinum records and five Grammy's, I guess you come across some money.

She is focusing on her family life in Vegas, now that she has extended her time at Caesar's Palace.

"Parenting is our most important job," Dion said. "It's not the easiest one. But we take great ... pride (in doing) it. Because we know that we're making a difference."

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