Celebs, Wrestling Top Yahoo Searches In 2007

    December 3, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Looking at the top searches on Yahoo for the year 2007, you might draw a few conclusions about what’s foremost on America’s conscience – and they might not be good conclusions.

Celebs, Wrestling Top Yahoo Searches In 2007
Outpacing all other searches – searches that could paint the public in a more socially conscience light – was the pursuit of games and girls. Not global warming or war in Iraq; not the latest mind-spinning developments in quantum theory; not Net Neutrality; not who made it into this year’s edition of America’s Best Short Stories.

Britney Spears’ latest catastrophe and professional wrestling. That’s what America was searching for. Granted, Britney was one long train wreck this year (I know because I was constantly updated about it on the news), and Paris Hilton (3) and Lindsay Lohan (6) got to spend some time in the clink.But just one year I’d like to look at one of these lists and see a genuine interest in something – anything – that doesn’t originate from the glowing teat.

That may be the reason Yahoo didn’t really want to release the top ten; it doesn’t sit well with societal observers that the public is more interested in boobs and brawn – and the escapism they provide – than issues pressing all of humanity. You’d think all that sand in your ears would get annoying after a while.

But the company also released the most popular search trends, divided into more meaningful categories, so that at least there’s evidence among the one billion searches this past year that the people aren’t totally submerged in the warm goo of pop culture. So without further lamentations, we’ll present all of the top Yahoo searches of 2007, and let you make your own judgments.

Top Searches Overall: Britney Spears; WWE; Paris Hilton; Naruto; Beyonce; Lindsay Lohan; RuneScape; Fantasy Football; Fergie; Jessica Alba

Top News Stories: Saddam Hussein; Iran; Iraq; President George W. Bush; Oil and Gas prices; Barack Obama; Hillary Rodham Clinton; San Diego Fires; Afghanistan; Virginia Tech

Top Environmental Searches: Recycling; Global Warming; Freecycle; Earth; Pollution; Al Gore; Environmental Protection Agency; Live Earth; Hybrid Cars; Solar Energy

Top Recall-Related Searches: Pet Food Recall; Fisher Price; Thomas the Tank Engine; Dog Food Recall; Menu Foods; E. coli; Food Poisoning; Toy Recall; Peanut Butter Recall; Topps

Top Searches On Yahoo Kids: Games; Animals; Dinosaurs; Math; Hannah Montana; Solar System; George Washington; Halloween; Sally Ride; Global Warming

Top Tech Searches:
YouTube; Wikipedia; Facebook; iTunes; iPod; iPhone; Nintendo Wii; Xbox; Sony PlayStation 3; Guitar Hero

Top Sports News Searches: NASCAR; Maria Sharapova; Boston Red Sox; David Beckham; Serena Williams; Chicago Bears; Christian Ronaldo; Super Bowl; Ronaldinho; Ashley Force

Top 10 Del.icio.us Tags:
Design; HDTV; Games; Music; Web 2.0; Video; Ubuntu; Travel; Photography; Mac

Top Troubled Stars: Britney Spears; Paris Hilton; Anna Nicole Smith; Vanessa Anne Hudgens; Nicole Richie; Amy Winehouse; Rosie O’Donnell; Tara Conner; Michael Vick; Owen Wilson