Ceiling Fans: Fast And Easy Cleaning Tips


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Ceiling fans are a luxury to some but a necessity to most. While they can help keep us cool in hot weather, they can be difficult to clean. If you don’t clean your ceiling fans you might notice how much dust can accumulate on the blades. Dirty fans can lead to poor air quality in a room or home and the dirt and dust can even cause your fan to stop working properly. Don’t neglect your ceiling fan, use these tips to help you clean it quickly and easily.

Feather Dusters
Feather dusters are a popular choice when it comes to cleaning a ceiling fan, but they can actually make the dust problem in your home worse. Only use feather dusters on fans with a light amount of dust. Feather dusters can cause heavy dust to scatter around your home and accumulate in other places.

Vacuum Cleaner
You use your vacuum cleaner to get the dust and dirt off your floors, so why not use it on your fan as well. Of course, you will need the attachments or a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the blades. Vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning ceiling fans because they remove the dust instead of just spreading it around your home.

Commercial Tools
There are numerous dusting tools that can be used on fans. Some brands offer extendable handles to make reaching the blades easier. Regardless of the brand you choose, most of these tools are made the same and are designed to trap or collect the dust as they sweep across it. They are also affordable and easy to use.

What To Avoid
Avoid using a broom to clean the fans. Not only will the broom miss most of the dust, it may also damage the fan. If you want to use a cloth to wipe the fan blades, make sure it is damp. The dampness will cause the dust to stick to the cloth. A dry cloth will only spread the dust and dirt to other places in your home. Avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaning products that are not designed for the surface of your fan. They could damage it.

Don't let something as simple and easy as cleaning a fan become a hassle. Let these tips help you get the job done faster.

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