Cedar Point Accident: 7 People Injured

    July 20, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Cedar Point prides itself in being the “Best Amusement Park in the World”. However, a Cedar Point amusement park ride malfunctioned on Friday, injuring seven people.

It is reported that the boat, carrying seven passengers, was making it’s way up the first hill when the boat began rolling backwards and then continued to flip over on the water ride, Shoot the Rapids. Although not confirmed, the boat is said to have flipped on it’s side and then all the way over. The passengers were all belted in, and were not able to get out on their own. Upon seeing the accident, ride operators, park police, and visitors jumped into the water to help them.


Another visitor to the Ohio amusement park, Mathew Orr, witnessed the accident. “We jumped in and helped them get out,” he told the Sandusky Register newspaper. “If we didn’t help, I don’t even know what would have happened.”

All seven people who were on the ride suffered minor injuries. Six of the seven were treated while at the amusement park, and the other was taken to a nearby hospital.

The ride operators stopped the ride after the incident happened on Friday. Cedar Point officials are investigating into the reason that the ride malfunctioned. The officials have stated that the ride will remain closed until the investigation is complete. “The safety of our guests is our number one priority,” Cedar Point announced in a statement.

  • thomas dockery

    I am very sorry to hear this happened. We have to realize that accidents do happen, be it in a plane, boat, car, or whatever. We still use these everyday of our lives. So just be happy that the victims are all ok and let us pray and thank God that this was not a tragedy.

    • tori otto

      Thomas I agree with you on this, things that we have no control over happen, I’m just thankful that these people are all ok, thank God

    • Joey

      Thank you for your actual insightful logic Thomas. Many are blowing what happened in Ohio and here where I live in Texas WAAY out of proportion. There are so many false reports giving our parks and the rides a bad name that it’s sickening, and people keep forgetting that it’s more dangerous eating a sandwich than riding an amusement ride.

    • April

      Seriously!?!?!? Let us pray that they NOT compromise standards & service their rides properly! It might be much much more tragic next time around!

  • Rhoda

    It seems like there have been many of amusement park mishaps in the news lately.

    • Jay

      Yeah a whole 2.

  • http://www.skincaremachines.net claude cote

    I have been going to Cedar Point for 40 years, and they are very safety conscious and with the rides they have their safety record is superb, accidents happen and is part of life, hope all involved are ok and get lifetime tickets.

  • Jay

    I have been going to Cedar Point since I was 13. I am now 46. I still visit yearly and take my entire family. This year we bought season passes, and this accident will not prevent me from visiting. Cedar Point has an extremely good safety record and I have never been concerned with safety for any reason while visiting.

  • Robin Lee

    Some people tend to forget the stats–accidents in correlation with the masses of those who ride with no incident–similar to airplane stats–Come on people–find another band wagon to “ride on”!

  • alyssa

    my mom is always saying that accidents happen at cedar point and that is why me,my brother,and dad cant go to cedar point but we are planning to go when she goes to work soon and we are trying to hide this accident behind her back

    • Olivia

      Actually, accidents rarely happen there. Tell your mom to google it.

      • http://snjsjdbd.com Bellaa♡

        I JUST went to cedar point. it was awesome! I loved it! we all have to know, accidents DO happen!! these people at in my prayers!! THANK YOU GOD IT WASN’T ME! I would die if I was in that situation I would be so terrified

  • chris

    still planning a trip to cedarpoint greatest amusement park ever.. still the safest rides more people die in auto wrecks driving to the park .. still number one in my book

  • the kid

    it’s a mechanical machine , sometimes things can snap even after inspection…

  • the kid

    thats why they say ride at your own risk

  • the kid

    love cedar point !!!!

  • John

    Ummmm April… they have very high standards for these rides and the safety for the people that ride them, name another incident where someone has been injured at cedar point in the past 30 years or so, you can’t think of one right? Point proven:)

  • alyssa

    thanks olivia i will tell her to google it but one of the reasons why its dangerous is because my dad has lung anurisams and bloodclots