CBS to Live-Stream Original JFK Assassination Coverage Online

    November 14, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Next Friday marks the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, and CBS is remembering the historic event with a “real-time” broadcast of the original 1963 coverage, as it aired on that fateful day.

At 1:40 pm EST on Friday, November 22nd, CBSNews.com will begin to stream Walter Cronkite’s famous coverage of the event, as it happened 50 years ago. Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas’ Dealey Plaza at 1:30 pm EST. The significance of 1:40 pm is that it’s the precise time when Cronkite broke into scheduled programming to alert the country that shots had been fired.

The coverage will continue for four days, culminating in a broadcast of Kennedy’s funeral on Monday, November 25th.

From CBS News:

“Face The Nation” anchor and CBS News chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer, who was a reporter at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on the day of the assassination, will introduce the online stream.

Schieffer will also recount his extraordinary experience as a young journalist who conducted the first interview with Lee Harvey Oswald’s mother, while giving her a ride from Fort Worth to Dallas to see her son in custody hours after he fired the fatal shot.

In addition to the as-it-happened web streams, CBSNews.com will provide ongoing coverage of the 50th anniversary commemoration events and in-depth reports on Kennedy’s presidency, including features on the space race, civil rights, and foreign policy.

Those wanting to relive the famous four days in November can tune in next Friday at CBSNews’ dedicated JFK assassination portal.

Last year marked the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s famous Moon speech, and NASA streamed it live on their site in real time.

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  • Interesting

    At least it is not the same drivel about how the official story is true. I remember Dan Rather on the 40th anniversary saying on an anniversary story that they were just going to focus on how the official story is true despite the volumes of evidence that contradicts the official story.

    There are only two conspiracy theories I believe in. The one where people say Oswald did not kill Kennedy and the one about 9/11 being an inside job. All the other conspiracy theories out there are pretty much nonsense. Those two however have a ton of evidence to support them and the number of people who have been killed speaking out against the official stories is quite startling. I am close to 50 and the number of people who have died mysterious deaths in my life is a total of zero people, but when you look at deaths surrounding both incidents, they are bizarre and unusual.

    Both events either extended wars or contributed to wars. Decades of war. What are the three biggest industries in the world? Oil, arms, and drugs. What thrives during war? Oil, arms, and drugs. Believe me, there are people on this planet that won’t think twice about killing to get rich or gain power.

    The Bush family was prevalent in both cases too. There is something not right about that family. Everything from their dealings with bringing Nazi assets into the US via the Harriman group to them being in the Carlyle Group with the Bin Laden family.

  • mark lane

    The little-known, but most important clue to the JFK assassination can be found in this Youtube video: