CBS Radio Wants To Expand On Web

    December 14, 2007

The old media vs. new media arguments are usually based on the idea of print vs. the Internet.  CBS Radio is also looking to update itself, however, by embracing and expanding its online branches.

CBS Radio Wants To Expand On Web Impressive growth, big arrangements – it’s all part of what sounds like a fairly realistic plan.  CBS Radio “will invest in significantly more original online content, possibly including niche sports and music offerings,” according to Steve McClellan.  Furthermore, CBS Radio “expects to partner with a music-focused social network site, London-based”

Granted, the fit and finish of the relationship will be as important as its existence; as an example of a failure in this area, ABC News’s odd partnership with Facebook hasn’t done much for either side.  Still, McClellan reports, “CBS CEO Leslie Moonves told attendees at the UBS media conference last week that he was ‘guardedly optimistic’ that the radio division would show at least some revenue growth next year after several years of declines.”

With the effects of the television writers’ strike being felt more and more every week, that would be an especially welcome development for the big corporation.  Watch for others to follow its lead if things work out.