CBS Orders YouTube To Pull McCain “Lipstick” Ad

Network sees red

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CBS News has forced YouTube to remove an online ad by John McCain’s campaign that the network described as "misleading" in its use of Katie Couric.

The ad titled "Lipstick" says that Barack Obama implied McCain running mate Sarah Palin of being a lipstick-wearing pig. At the end of the ad it features a quote from Couric that laments the "continued and accepted role of sexism in American life." Couric at the time was referring to Democratic Primary coverage of Senator Hillary Clinton.

The ad closes with a picture of Obama and a caption reading, "Ready to lead? No. Ready to smear? Yes."

The link on the ad on YouTube now gives this message," This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by CBS Interactive Inc."

CBS expressed its disapproval of the ad. "CBS News does not endorse any candidate in the presidential race," CBS spokeswoman Leigh Farris said in a statement. "Any use of CBS personnel in political advertising that suggests the contrary is misleading."

Copycat ads have been uploaded to YouTube minus the unauthorized footage of Katie Couric.

The "Lipstick" ad appears to have been taken down from the John McCain campaign Web site as well. WebProNews contacted the campaign to get confirmation the ad had been pulled from the site but did not receive a response.

CBS Orders YouTube To Pull McCain “Lipstick” Ad
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  • Guest

    The funny thing about all this pig-lipstick is that Barack Obama was talking about the Republican’s trying to dress up their policies and it’s the Republicans themselves who are making the association with Palin. Hey, maybe they’re right: — If the cap fits… So who’s sexist now?

  • Another dead lipstickless pig

    Hi. The term of ORDERS is a slogan generated by corrupted old media insterests to assert ownership of public properties (that of the debait – which CBS is telecasting after editing, deleting, moving data streams to aquire a Government which will seek media reform without the que every other citizen on earth is forced into – simply so the Old Media can retain its un-elected power of control without right)

    It is your right to have news – AND NOT OLD MEDIA CBS!

    I wonder how many Rigged Elections have been run latley?

    A message to the un-elected controler – Got your kids moon home with access? And a vote is worth 1 eh… LMFAO..


  • Guest

    get real dude ,you want to run a country ,well who backs you with the big bucks ,foriegn countries so you can help them out, you aren’t what i consider very qualifiad

    Shagg, N.Y.

    • Ralphie

       >>"well who backs you with the big bucks"

      Millions of average Americans at $5-10 bucks a pop, that’s who backs the Obama campaign.

      >> "you aren’t what i consider very qualifiad"

      Hmmmm. I think your comment, grammar and spelling, all speak for themselves.

      >> "get real dude"

      Couldn’t agree more. Idiot.

  • cynthiahw

    Let’s face it, Obama would have never made the reference he did if Governor Palin had not made her reference to lipstick in her speech at the RNC Convention.

  • http://www.parpools.com RonP

    The comment is laughable!  For almost the past year, most of the media outlets, especially CBS, NBC (ABC is not quite as blatant) & CNN show their "endoresment" in how they fawn all over B. Hussein Obama (sorry, shouldn’t have used his middle name – too divisive).

    It’s strangely funny how none of the top anchors followed McCain to Iraq when he visited the troops.  When is the "main-stream" media going to ask – maybe demand is a better word – Obama to release ALL of his documents?  How about his talking about Obama’s support of a tax on us American’s to support a UN poverty program (good cause) to the tune of over $800 million dollars?

    I’m not too crazy about McCain.  Palin appears to be a solid, get-it-done person who has the real brass ones to provide real changes that our country needs.

    Why can’t a successful person (home, politics, management, etc) be a female conservative with true character?  Why would she have to be a liberal to be successful?  Palin demonstrates by the life she leads that conservatives are truly PRO-choice:  pro-life, pro-freedom of the press, pro-education (let me educate my children in the way my wife & I deam is appropriate), pro-freedom of government interference, pro-freedom from foreign interference (ie, sharia law, european laws, OPEC oil), pro-jobs (home grown oil exploration will spur the construction industry, metals & iron industries, infrastructure – all private money – no new taxes going to pay for every last item).

    I guess it’s true what they say: being liberal minded is easy & emotional; being conservative requires thought & long term compassion.

    • Michael

      The comment is laughable!

      Yep.  I laughed.  It should read something like, "CBS, only endorses candidates by inference, hints, omissions, imaging, softballs, and other such weaseling, and we in no way allow this privilege for non-Democratic candidates, in order to ensure fairness."

      Lipstick, like John McCain wears lipstick. Hmmm…who could he have been talking about?  Who could it be?  I wonder? Ummm….starts with the letter P?

      Maybe Palin?  hmmmm?

  • Upstate, NY

    The point is, the remark was taken out of context.  It’s like seeing a tabloid cover with pictures of two angry celebs spliced together and claiming they’re arguing with each other when you know the photos weren’t even taken the same year, let alone at the same "event".  It should have been pulled for that fact alone, if for no other reason.

  • Guest

    It appears you are the one who needs to grow up.  In your line of thinking you need to sue every teacher you had from grade one and up. 


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