CBS Mobilizes A LonelyGirl

    May 14, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

CBS plans to do mobile and online entertainment with EQAL, the team behind the lonelygirl15 YouTube phenomenon.

Though lonelygirl15’s secret has been out for a while, the star power of her progenitors at EQAL remains appealing. They created a follow-up series, KateModern, in conjunction with social networking site Bebo; the show averages 1.5 million views online per week.

CBS hopes some of that online pixie dust will sprinkle good fortune over them. The network arguably pushes the most to get their content into as many Internet-accessible outlets as possible.

A deal announced today between CBS and EQAL means CBS will more actively look for new concepts for shows they can present beyond the world of television. CBS said the non-exclusive partnership gives them a “first look” at EQAL’s ideas for shows they can distribute across multiple platforms.

“This partnering signals CBS’s attention to the Web as a new medium across both Interactive and the Network,” Quincy Smith, president of CBS Interactive, said in a statement.

A hit or two on the Internet side of their business would be welcome at the network. CBS also plans some tried-and-true programming for the Internet; Hollywood Reporter noted the CSI franchise has daily webcasts on tap for the fall.