CBS Mobile Partners With Medio

    October 23, 2007

CBS Mobile has partnered with Medio Systems to add search capabilities and search advertising to its CBS Mobile Web sites.

Medio will offer users the ability to search and browse through content on CBS Sports Mobile, CBS Mobile News and CW Mobile Web sites. Medio’s technology attracted CBS Mobile because it s was mobile-centric in concept and design according to Cyriac Roeding, executive vice president, CBS Mobile.

Mobile searches about a sports team will return results that provide a snapshot of updated scores, injuries and news about the specific team. Ads related to the users search terms will be displayed next to the results.

The partnership with CBS is the official launch of Medio Mobile Search for Publishers, an ad supported search service created and optimized for the mobile Web. Medio MobileNow is one of the largest aggregated mobile search advertising networks in the U.S.

"CBS has great insight into mobile consumption from their audience and clear vision for extending brand loyalty beyond CBS’ outdoor, television and online media entities. We’re excited to partner with CBS on creating a standard for what consumers should expect from a mobile experience," said Brian Lent, Chief Executive Officer for Medio Systems.