CBS Experiments With Video Content

    October 2, 2007

CBS is apparently really working to find something that will stick. Two weeks ago they were talking about social networking and making their content more portable.

Now they’re working on “EyeLab,” a studio dedicated to turning glossy 30- to 60-minute shows into bite-sized web clips. Even more revolutionary, CBS is also planning to involve users in not only watching video clips but making and uploading their own mashups of CBS clips.

Perhaps most revealing is the attitude of CBS’s President of Marketing, George Schweitzer. He states, “Online video is not just about TV shows as we know them, and EyeLab content is not for TV.”

Expanding on that idea, MediaPost writes:

“By inviting fans to participate, we expect to grow our already vast content slate tremendously,” said Patrick Keane, executive vice president, chief marketing officer, CBS Interactive. “We are well aware that the Internet is the world’s best laboratory.”

The professionally-made clips are ultimately destined for CBS’s online advertising networks, and be geared toward “simultaneously market CBS shows and entertain viewers.”

CBS is working very hard to allow its fans to use their copyrighted material in an “acceptable outlet,” and for that I applaud them. But what are they going to do if when someone uploads a clip that’s half CSI and half The Matrix?