CBS Drops In On YouTube

    October 18, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Several content channels from CBS have appeared on YouTube, which signed a licensing deal with CBS just before announcing Google had acquired YouTube.

CBS Drops In On YouTube
YouTube, CBS Collaborate

It is a natural extension of the CBS-Google video alliance. CBS has placed a variety of content on Google Video, some of it available for free and some for a fee. Google now owns YouTube, and CBS quickly grabbed the opportunity to get its content in front of thousands of that site’s visitors.

The videos appearing in the initial run announced by CBS run very quickly. Most of the videos from shows like NCIS and David Letterman, and sports highlights from NCAA March Madness, run less than three minutes, and none are longer than four.

CBS News also gets a push on YouTube. “With “First Look” Couric offers a web-exclusive rundown, on-camera and from the newsroom, at the stories being considered for coverage on that night’s “CBS Evening News,” and some perspective on what is going on in the world that day,” CBS noted in a statement.

CBS Sports, News, and Entertainment content appears on the YouTube channel. CBS also runs promotional clips from some series that are on Showtime. Those include “Dexter,” “Brotherhood,” “Sleeper Cell,” and “The L Word.”

Essentially the YouTube channel serves to promote offline entertainment to an online audience that may otherwise ignore it entirely. Much of the typical TV viewing audience has opted to spend more time online, enjoying the control they have over the viewing experience, instead of being at the mercy of a network schedule.

By giving YouTube visitors a taste of the programming available, CBS hopes to draw attention to programs those visitors may like, but are not aware of due to being on the Internet more frequently. If they aren’t watching TV, they can’t see commercials, and that includes promotions for new series.

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