Cats Pretending To Be Dogs Are Kind Of Adorable

    July 4, 2013
    Zach Walton
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The Internet loves cats. The Internet loves dogs. Would the Internet love a cat pretending to be a dog? Well, I certainly think they should.

An ad from O2, a mobile carrier in the UK, has created a new ad simply titled, “Be More Dog.” It has cats, dogs, cats pretending to be dogs and Queen’s Flash. I’m not one to usually praise advertising, but O2 has melted my cynical heart and won me over with its adorable canine cat.

If you want more adorable animals doing adorable things in advertisements, check out Beneful’s latest “Dog Goldberg” machine ad. It’s almost as adorable as the above cat – almost.

[h/t: Reddit via Caelestic]

  • lindsay macgregor

    What breed of cat is in the new o2 advert??

    • Lynn

      Well in its non-mashed stated it looks like a Maine Coon to me.

      • Alan

        I thought it was a Maine coon, but the cat looks a little small compared to the ones I’ve seen/had.

  • Alex

    I think it could be a Norwegian forest cat.

  • lizzy


    • david spencer

      This cat may be a Somali

  • Jackie Hulme

    Turkish Van or Turkish Angora