Catherine Zeta-Jones Slammed By Douglas’ Ex-Wife

    August 13, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas may be back on top as one of the world’s favorite couples and proprieters of one of the rare Hollywood marriages that stand the test of some time, but not everyone thinks they’re great.

Take Michael Douglas’ ex-wife, Diandra Douglas, for example. She had some very thinly veiled insults targeted at Catherine Zeta-Jones and ex-husband Michael Douglas during a recent interview. The interview, ironically enough, took place at the home in Majorca, Spain that Diandra Douglas still shares with Michael.

When asked why she is “less visible” at the Spanish resort than Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, she had a pretty harsh reply,

“That’s because I don’ t believe in showing off. I’ve never sold photos or kept money from anything and I’ve always given everything away to charity. I’m proud to be able to say that I’ve never turned my private life into showbusiness.”

She then added, “Too much public exposure affects children.”

Is she insinuating that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are show-offs? Surely not.

There was a rumor floating around that Zeta-Jones was trying to buy Diandra Douglas’ share of the home in Majorca, but Diandra swatted that down fast.

“It’s not true. Sometimes people say things without the slightest proof. Why would someone who doesn’t speak Spanish or the local Majorcan language or knows nothing about this culture want a house here? She doesn’t even come here much.’’

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas married in 2000 and now have two children, Dylan and Carys. Michael Douglas has a son, Cameron, 35, with Diandra Douglas. He is currently in prison for selling methamphetamine and heroin possession.

Despite Cameron’s woes, Douglas seems to be a great dad to his children with Catherine Zeta-Jones.

“I love kids and I love having had this second chance to have a family,” he said. “There’s something about the innocence and unequivocal love that children have. You’re just their dad and there’s a complete love without them having any judgment, so I can enjoy that a lot.”

Will Diandra Douglas ever find peace with her ex-husband and Catherine Zeta-Jones?

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  • eryche

    Much ado about nothing. But I’m curious, why were they interviewing her?

    • sandirs

      That was exactly the question I had in mind, too!!

  • The Interrogator

    Come on—CZJ went after Douglas for the money & fame, nothing more, nothing less. She is obviously a total embarrassment to him publicly. She embarrassed him at the Oscars, and well, what a MESS he’s made of his life, imho.

    • taylorbradley

      That may or not be true about CZJ – apparently he saw here in the Zorro movie years ago and went after her, actually, as he tells it – but what do you think the first wife did when she met him? He was already an established actor from an iconic acting family. She jumped in with both feet, for sure!

    • Anno

      I suppose we’re all supposed to feel sorry for Robin Williams for being depressed but when a woman like Zeta Jones has emotional problems (bi-polar), she’s a “total embarrassment”. She didn’t need to go after Douglas for money and fame because she already had both. You’re only embarrassing yourself when you assume to know either one of these people, imho.

  • Fantasy Maker

    I would like to slam Zeta Jones myself, in bed, on the kitchen table , over the couch, in the shower, on the beach etc. : )

    • PolkaDots


    • Donald Smock

      who cares ?

  • mellow yellow 919

    And she is such a good mother that her son is in jail now?

    • BlondieKnox

      Diandra and Michael’s son is in jail : )

    • Guest

      It’s not her son that is in jail it is her husband’s son (from another marriage),reading and comprehending what you are reading goes hand in hand when you are going to add a comment

      • Danie Hamilton

        Cameron Douglas parents ARE michael douglas and Diandra Luker Douglas…so this is her son…who is in jail

      • Lynne C

        You need to practice what you are preaching, since YOUR comprehension is deplorable.

      • Suska

        You are wrong – Cameron IS Diandra’s son. Her only child in fact.

      • Leslie

        I “comprehended” Mellow Yellows comment as a reference to Diandra, not Zeta Jones. Practice what you preach!

        • Sassy

          why do people always have to fight and argue on these comment sections? Some people are so argumentive and critical – correcting spelling mistakes/grammar.. what is up with ? BE happy! happy and secure people don’t slam others!!

    • xxx

      You have it right. CZJ was the wife and step Mother to Cameron during the time he was going down the wrong path. What did she do to make him a part of the family and give him or encourage Michael to give time to him. Not much.
      All you -people making comments b4. It does not matter who his biological parents. She was with Michael and should have included ALL his children. They are filthy rich….why did is son have to sell drugs? She cut him out of the family as much as she could.

      • Carol Campbell

        I repeat, CZJ has to look after the welfare of her own children first and having a drug addicted felon in the house is not a good idea when there are younger, impressionable kids living there.

      • astroguy54

        His father is half of that familial power. Don’t blame her; HE had the responsibility for HIS son.

      • sandirs

        He had already been in trouble more than once when Michael and Catherine married. His problems are sad but assuredly not of her making.

      • debra

        He is a Professional junkie ! he recently got caught smuggling in drugs(or something equally Stupid…..selling?) in jail and got more time added to his sentence IN JAIL !!!!! This kid just won’t get it.

    • Carol Campbell

      It is not Michael’s current wife, CZJ, who is the mother of Michael’s older son who is in jail. His mother is Michael’s ex wife. Re-read the article, if you even read it the first time!

    • RHO1953

      The best parent can have a child go bad.

      • Sassy

        yep RHO1953! you are correct on that one!

  • Wanderer125

    Is Diandra Douglas an actress or something? Both Michale & Catherine are actors, which in and of itself makes them more visible. Diandra on the the other hand – who is she?

    • Sophia

      for sure she is not a slut that got pregnant from a famous actor

    • Tigerfan

      She is a movie producer

    • xxx

      It is the sorry reporting that has twisted this story to trash. Writer did not show anyone iun a good light current or ex wife. What a negative illiterate she is. Nothing in this makes a point. Because she was just digging for trash to get readers…….. poor poor pathetic reporting. She raises chickens.

  • lindanica

    She sounds like she’s holding a grudge. A fit fat grudge of jealousy. Her one kid is in jail, why is she criticizing Catherine’s kids???

  • RickT

    Sour grapes, it’s been going on two decades since he divorced you, move on. I’ve been divorced 19 years, and NOBODY has EVER heard me say ANYTHING about my ex’s (now 2 ex husbands) or anybody she is seeing. Quite frankly, it’s NONE of my business.

    • what?1324234

      you have 2 ex’s? hmmmmm

    • sabastian442

      Ricky, Quite telling stories. Gay marriages were not legal 19 years ago.

    • I-think-this-is-what-he-meant

      I think the ex wife has two ex husbands now, not RickT.

  • Charlotte Coachman

    the media turns everything into a scandal; why did they even interview this lady……

    • Mari Mason

      I think your answer is in the question, Char….

  • youknowit

    really don’t care

  • Guest29384893

    Another misleading title… she did not get slammed. She just said wat she does and what they do. End of story…. Dafqu with this article… Besides,whom is she?!!!

  • Danie Hamilton

    amazing…she GAVE ? everything away ..except the house…and her son is in prison..for substance abuse…does she want michael douglas back perhaps? whatever. why is she doing any interview? such contradictions

  • Kate Stotler

    She was his wife for many years. She put up with all his cheating and nonsense while he was becoming famous. She deserved what she got. You don’t know who she is exactly because of what she stated……..she doesn’t show off and flaunt her money!

    • astroguy54

      She’s not a movie star. The other two are, each with Oscars.

    • debra

      B.S.They had an OPEN marriage i recall all the press. Diandra was quite active with other men, lots. He found Cath. and cut that out, all the crazy partying and one night stands.

  • HarleyGirl

    CZJ is a homewrecking, talentless, gold digger. May Karma get her.

    • Carol Campbell

      Really! And you are in the position to know this how? CZJ has her own money from doing successful roles in movies. Why would she be a gold digger? I have seen her in some of her movies and I would not rate her acting ability as “talentless”. I would also like to know how she could be a “home wrecker” without Michael’s cooperation? I have respect for these two who have worked through some troubles and come out on the other side looking pretty good as a married couple and parents. If anyone has done some rotten parenting it would be Michael, who was pretty wild during the years he should have been raising his son.

  • Suska

    She shouldn’t throw stones; after all, it’s her kid who’s in jail.

  • Sophia

    So, when Zeta-Jones came out pregnant with him, he was already married? Not different than Mick Jagger prostitute Luciana Giminez that got pregnant while he was married.

  • NG

    Interesting thing about this interview is that Elizabeth Torres also dated Michael Douglas and they were a couple for a period and then broke up. He then met Catherine Zeta Jones.

    • Debi

      Thanks for the info NG! Definitely changes the swing on the story!

  • DrAlan75209

    This has been no longer married prune, has to get her name mentioned by sliding like a python on her belly and puking this garbage? She must have been a real fun gal when she was Ms Michael Douglas. HAHA

  • frankly1

    Michael Douglas grovels over his new kids, so it’s no wonder his first kid is in jail. Now he’s too old to chase all the women like he was when his first born was being a kid.

  • Laura Lewis

    Money does buy awards cause czj is a horrible actress. Never should have won an oscar and most def shouldnt have won the Tony.. did you see her painful performance of send in the clowns?

    • astroguy54

      She was great in the move All That Jazz and certainly deserved the win.

      • debra

        She was Good,Renee Zellweger was robbed, she was Great !

        • astroguy54

          Renee Zellweger was miscast.

          • debra

            Oh, you’re just facestruck. Yes she’s beautiful and Zell is an odd duck, but she out sung and danced Diva Jones.

          • astroguy54

            Did you see the movie?

  • 1Max_Wedge1

    I’d love to pound her, not slam her.

  • Bil Janski

    I love the way Wife #1 talks about giving money away. It’s easy. After all, she got it in the divorce settlement through all his hard work. She wasn’t in the business so she didn’t have to turn everything into show business. Stars need a good business sense as well as good ol’ deductions. Look at the many who don’t and end up with nada.

  • Coco

    I always liked Diandra.She went trough hell with MD and their son is a factual evidence of their hellish environment..He were never a father either husband.And yes,K..Zeta married to the Douglass clan//// family we know why….but the end of the story should be still written……lets watch…..

  • dentss

    so just who gave Michael throat cancer ?

    • Carol Campbell

      No one. It’s not a disease you can “catch”, like a cold or mono. People who get cancer might have gotten radiation poisoning or just have a genetic pre-disposition towards it like women who get breast cancer.

  • Joe

    Another example of selfish irresponsible parents who divorce and ruin a family, causing a child’s life to destruct. The son in prison and having problems now was just a teen when they fell apart and divorced.. then his father goes off and starts a new family in the limelight. A ‘second chance to start a family.’ ?? Really Michael Douglas? Disgusting what selfish adults do to their kids.

  • Carol Campbell

    CJZ is a beautiful woman and a wonderful actress. I can understand why Michael Douglas is crazy for her. Michael’s EX wife sounds like the typical let down ex who is angry at the younger, more beautiful CZJ. The ex wife needs to mind her own business and try to get help for her own son, who is in jail. I don’t blame CZJ for not wanting Michael’s older son around her young children. They do not need that influence while they are growing up. Younger kids always idolize older kids and look up to them and in this case, that is not a good thing.

  • olu

    Thanks for keeping it classy!

  • RHO1953

    Zeta Jones is definitely a diva.

  • haveasay

    Does she not realize that insulting her ex husband and his wife does nothing but make her look jealous? And very low class.

  • dontworrybehappy

    She’s also got a kid in prison. Oh lord this family. So glad I am me.

  • astroguy54

    Whoa, mama. You got a 35-five-year old son in prison for selling and possession of narcotics. Your glass house seems a little weak to be casting stones.

  • astroguy54

    I love all these comments from guys who so boldly say “I’d love to pound her” and “I’d diddle her,” but if some gay guy said about a male movie star “I’d do him,” we wouldn’t hear the end of of comments like “Why do they have to flaunt their sexuality,” etc.

  • unclevito

    All total airheads. Cameron in prison for Heroin possession. There is a great guy. And Micheal Doublas got throat cancer from eating out Zeta Jones. Kooks all.

  • Dinah’s Friend

    Zeta Jones and Douglas have a lasting marriage of about 14 years. Diandra and Douglas had a lasting marriage of about 23 years…while it lasted!

  • fuskiegirl21

    Diandra Douglas is a well known bitter old Bitc#. And for her to take a dig at the children is hilarious considering her own son turned out to be a meth addict and dealer. The best thing she could do is get on with her life, be happy and stay out of the press.

  • ines

    Who the hell is she to criticize anyone?! Instead she should be engaging in some serious introspection as to why her kid became so outrageously messed up.

  • Sue

    It’s funny that she says CZJ would know nothing about Spain or Majorca. She’s Welsh and it’s an hours flight from the uk…it would be harder to find a Brit who didn’t know Majorca than one that did….Majorca May be a big deal to Americans but it’s costa del cheapo for vacationing Europeans!

  • Jaynmoore89

    Diandra Douglas was beautiful and as I recall she did stay under the radar when married to MD. Their son has problems, but so do a lot of kids in this country. I know kids, with great parents, that still manage to get “messed up”. So I try not to judge.

    • ines

      Then she shouldn’t be judging CZJ. And her kid is beyond messed up. Yet she’s whining about a fancy house, plus suing her husband to make money off a sequel made well over a decade after they divorced. Introspection is a valuable process for a person with skewed values.

  • Donald Smock

    I agree that it’s much ado about nothing too.Could also be a bit of residual anger that MD left Deandra for the gorgeous CZJ.

    Deandra is really nothing special in the looks department.CZJ is one of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen.

  • Donald Smock

    who really cares what you would like to do pervert?

    • Boofalicious Washington

      you did, apparently :)

  • ines

    Furthermore, CZJ has to keep up a public profile because it’s part of her job. It’s probably not a part she cares for. But it helps her do the work she loves, is good at, and been very successful in. The first Mrs D didn’t have to do publicity because she didn’t have that kind of career. Her job was to raise just one frigging kid and she couldn’t even manage that.

  • Colene

    Stay out of Catherine’s life with Michael, get some help.

  • Eyesadummy

    And Diandra should know what happens to children that are raised in Hollywood. Isn’t her son in prison?

  • banana

    Wow! What a shock!!! NOT. It’s Hollywood marriage. In today – out tomorrow. They don’t know what love really is. They move on to others and get married and do the same thing again. Let’s not act shocked and move on with our own lives.