Catherine Zeta-Jones Gets Daily Visits From Michael Douglas

    December 2, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Is Catherine Zeta-Jones and her estranged husband, Michael Douglas, heading for reconciliation? It looks like the couple may be mending their relationship, as reports tell us that Douglas visits his wife and children almost daily. Douglas’ way back into Zeta-Jones’ heart…pancakes!

According to a family friend, Douglas shows up at Zeta-Jones’ home nearly every day and makes his wife and two children, Dylan, 13, and Carys, 10, pancakes. Zeta-Jones still has not ruled out a divorce, but it seems that she may be warming up to Douglas’ attempts of getting his family back. “Michael would give his right arm for a reconciliation but Catherine’s warned she is not ready to commit and she’s still not ruled out divorce,” said a source close to the couple.

Apparently Zeta-Jones is still upset about a comment that Douglas made about the reasons behind his battle with tongue cancer. He allegedly blamed his illness on oral sex, which infuriated Zeta-Jones. “Catherine is making him suffer,” the source added. “She nursed him through those dark days when cancer almost took his life and she feels the comment about oral sex was like a kick in the teeth.

However, Zeta-Jones is welcoming him into the home and is loving that he is being so hands-on with the children. There is one rule though, he must return to his house to sleep at night.

“When he’s in New York, he makes the kids breakfast and comes back in the evening to watch TV with them before bedtime,” the source continued. “Then he gets his marching orders from his wife and returns to sleep at his own place in Manhattan. Michael is very bothered about spending regular downtime with Dylan and Carys rather than just seeing them for dinners and days out. It’s very sweet when he turns up at the apartment to cook for them because he so desperately wants to be back as part of the family’s life. Catherine thinks it’s really touching he’s being so hands-on with the kids – and he’s praying it’s the key back into her heart.”

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]

  • http://reverbnation.com/coreysteele michael

    his baloney about oral sex is right up there under “stupid” whether true or not…Catherine IS ENGLISH IS HE GROVELLING YET(HIS OWN LINE FROM THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT)

    • doris

      I don’t care if he makes breakfast. He is who he is. His remark as far as I am concerned was totally arrogant and stupid. I don’t know how much he was screaming in his life..how hot he was drinking his coffee and how often, and how hot spiced he was eating and how often..or none of these…cancer is tricky and can come for some unknown reason . And I don’t know how many times his head was between someones…..l^%$s. And Jones should move on. He is healthy now, and doesn’t need her for an ornament anymore….find someone else.

    • Robert

      She is Welsh not English and if he made her Welshcakes it would go a long way to smoothing the waters and getting him a cwtch or two!

  • Jack

    She looks oriental. Does she have a Chinese grandparent or something?

  • doris

    First of all I never took it he meant by this remark Zeta Jnes, he fooled around plenty before he met her. I thought it was a dumb remark on his part regardless. In fact the same virus in his mouth could cause in my opinion cervical cancer, so there!!!!!!!!!! If Jones wants to get back at him. But that is not the only reason, In my opinion, it’s hard to live with a Douglas…and her mental problems in my opinion have to do with living with this guy. He is healthy now, and it’s time for her to move on. He made the remark live with it. Over.

  • M. Smith

    He’s a pig. She needs to take all of his money and get a real man.

  • MvdG

    She is gorgeous – he is too old and (f)ugly for her.

  • Mark

    His comment about the “possible” cause for his oral cancer has to rank as among the most stupid and most indiscreet comments anybody could make. Of course, she’s going to be justifiably thinking that his comment was directed at her(regardless of how many sexual partners he had prior to that). I’d bet his excess smoking and drinking(even if he gave that up years before) and stresses in his own life(i.e., divorce settlement with prior wife, son’s predicament with drugs)and just plain genetic predisposition were the real culprits behind the cancer. If I were her, I’d be understandably reluctant to allow him back into her life regardless of the pancake “overtures.”

    • http://TimeWarner Geronimo

      Douglas doesn’t want to ADMIT to himself that he is a SICKIE. His drinking and SMOKING is most likely the cause of his cancer. Now, at first I thought, that poor man.. After his comment about is EXCUSE for *C*, I thought, boy, there has to be a STRONGER POWER that has put this disease into this POOR EXCUSE for a man. He has EARNED it, and most likely it will be right around the corner, in the FUTURE…

  • http://TimeWarner Geronimo

    I wonder if Katherine has ever even CONSIDERED that maybe it is Michael Douglas that is one of the CAUSES of her bi-polar episodes. He is a DISGRACE, and she should move FORWARD w/o him. When I heard him say that he got CANCER of the throat from ORAL sex, I could of PUKED, on him of course. That statement should of EXILED her from that marriage right away. He seems to be placing the BLAME on everyone except HIMSELF…She would be glad and thankful that she had the COURAGE to seek help, only to go home, to more DISGRACE from her husband…. what a true friend he AIN’T.

  • helena whitington

    Hi catarine and michael. Do not give a full plate for publicity and paparazzi. Michael stop in tell stupid things you are to old for this. Your wife care a lot in your dark times about your cancer finally gone. You both should for all brodcast bo6h love each either e in specially the children. Catarine do not destroi your marriege about imature and stupid words of your husband. I am a woman and I understand you. My husband in the beginning of our marriege us to be say how good my vagina was and more. Tell for everyone I was using wig. Americans men sometimes are idiot. At my 17 years of marriege. My husband. At ( 63 years. Old) lovely still be the best part of my every day. Go girl back to your husband and children together. I know what I. Am talking about. I am originally from rio de janeiro. Brasil take time all your family for vacations there! Helena whitington. Wisconsin .