Catherine Zeta-Jones: Friends are Concerned With her Mental Health

    September 1, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have split after 13 years of marriage, and Anna Walker, Zeta-Jones’ former maid of honor is speaking out on her best friends mental health instability.

The news of their separation comes only two and a half weeks after Douglas’ latest check-up for throat cancer. Friends and the family of the couple believe that Douglas’ has decided to re-examine his life, and his marriage is one of the things that he knew just was not right anymore.

A source close to the couple told The Daily Mail: ‘He concluded that his marriage was over in all but name and he saw no point in continuing to live a lie. He knows it is incredibly tough on their children, but he has no intention of seeing any less of them. He’s still their father and he’ll continue to play a full part in their lives for as long as he is able. But his marriage had become a cold, dark place and he wanted out so he could find some peace.”

Zeta-Jones’ has been battling a mental disease for years and has discussed openly her life living with bipolar disorder. Walker believes that her friend’s marriage falling apart may push Zeta-Jones over the edge.

“The next few weeks will be very tough and I’m very worried about her,” says Walker. “This is a very traumatic time and mental health could be adversely affected.”

Zeta-Jones recently had in-patient treatment for her disorder in April and now the separation has her friends and family worried that she could sink into a deep depression.

“I’m sure it’s not been easy for her to cope with the stress of Michael’s illness. She’s just had another round of treatment for her bipolar and if she can keep that in check under all this stress it will be a miracle,” said Walker. “Her mother Pat is with her at the moment, so I know she’s in good hands. And nowadays there is very good medication that can help.”

Although it is confirmed that the couple is separated, a decision has not yet been made on whether they will divorce. Douglas’ rep would only say, “Michael and Catherine are taking some time apart to evaluate and work on their marriage.” Walker says that she knows that Zeta-Jones does not want a divorce, and if there is any way to make it work, they will.

“Catherine is very old-fashioned and never wanted to ever go through a divorce,” says Walker. “Her parents have been together for more than 50 years and are her role models. She wanted her marriage to be like theirs.”

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  • zaff

    very sad but you only live one life I can see how Michael Douglas wants to end it because he says it is a lie the trouble is that she has a mental problem and you really don’t know how she reacts to such a traumatic situation that people who has no mental disabilities can hardly deal with. A divorce is the hardest thing you can go thru it took me two years just to barely recover so what I want to say is my heart goes to both of them and I hope her mom stays with her every minute

    • Guest

      the self-less, idealist in me asks whatever happened to “for better or for worse”? the self-interested, pragmatist totally understands where Michael Douglas is coming from.

    • http://ro1846@yahoo.com ray

      this is stronger,than a divorce,it mental

    • Alice

      It was not too long ago that Michael was saying that his throat cancer was caused by too much oral sex. With different women? That will drive a wife to bipolar situation. Bipolar is easily cured with the right medication. What kind of a husband is he to not wait ’til his wife is cured before he runs out on her.

      • Daisy

        Right, I totally agree. Michael is not the only “Fish in the Sea”! She can do better then him. Someday she will find her true soul mate. It’s just a matter of time. Bipolar is nothing to be ashamed of. What a beautiful woman she is!

      • J.

        Bipolar is not easy, nor curable.

        • Hunter

          If they can’t heal together, taking a break is smart.
          Healthy. No fighting. Stop the grudge match.

      • Merri B

        My dear Alice – Mr. Douglas’ sexual habits did NOT, repeat NOT – cause Ms. Zeta-Jones’ bipolar disorder. Nor is it easily “cured.” It is managed with the right psychiatrist and the right medications to even out the mood swings between depression and mania. Geez – educate yourself.

      • Doris Pasilis

        Alice, Bipolar is not easily cured with the right medication. Read up on it.

  • http://ro1846@yahoo.com ray

    my best wish es go to catherine zeto jones,on her heatlh.

  • p ddavis

    Emotional AND mental illness rob you of your life…But? They also rob those closest to you as well, of being able to manage THEIR OWN LIVES…How long does one deal when nothing works? Or people don’t take their meds? Or don’t go to counseling? Or, are simply TOO difficult to deal with day in and day out? I love Catherine Zeta-Jones Douglas, but I certainly understand where Michael is coming from…Each person must decide for themselves when another takes MORE “bits and pieces” from their own well being, than gives. It’s wrong to bring down TWO lives due to ONE in my opinion.

    • CL

      Every illness robs a family and friends of something. What about a cancer patient? Can they help what the family goes through? Diabetes???? With mental illness drugs stop working. There is not a set of rules on how to treat it. What works for some may not work for others. I was raped and now suffer PTSD. Every day is a struggle for me. Something happened that just snapped the day that happened and I will never be the same. So should I be shunned by my family. Lose support from them and family. I don’t know what to do any more. I take the drugs I am supposed to. There are days I am a zombie because of the drugs. Unless you have lived it you have NO business judging because I have been to hell and back. I would do anything to get back to the person I was before it happened.

      • Rob B.

        I know it’s gotta be rough. I suffer from depression myself, though I can’t point to single incident that caused it like you can. I wonder, and this is not a criticism or commentary on your situation, but I wonder sometimes if medication is just a crutch that’s used to keep us from having to confront and process what happened to us. I mean in your case it would come down to having to ask some uncomfortable questions and deal with some painful facts (why would someone do this to me, could I have fought back, would it have changed anything). It does cause us to deal with the fact that real evil does exist and we must confront it on a daily basis. Just a thought.

        • Doris Pasilis

          Rob: Sometimes I think medication is making people worse instead of better. Some Drs. over prescribe, thus making patients into Zombies. Many bi-polar & depression medications are exceptionally dangerous. Some end up drug addicted. Drs putting patients on 8 to 10 strong drugs are literally killing them. If you don’t take the medicine you have episodes, take them & then you are zoned out half of the time. Until they start treating mental illness we will keep seeing bad things happening. Police should all study how bi-polar & prescription drugs can effect patients. Many people end up in jail simply because of the medications they are on.

  • http://webpronews.com ………………….

    She has mental illness, he has throat cancer, and he humiliated her in front of millions of people telling them how he got throat cancer. How would you feel? They both need such help and now really isn’t the time to break up. I pray for both of them.

    • havasuhottie

      He spoke the truth. If someone had spoken the truth sooner, I would have been better informed, and better able to make healthier decisions for me – and I wouldn’t have gone through my cancer nightmares. HPV lies dormant until it can blossom through a compromised immune system. No one knows who gave him that HPV. We only know how the virus entered his sytem. Stop making assumptions and stop judging.

  • myra

    when you take your vows it for better and worst,I’m sorry it didn’t work GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.

  • Doris

    My impression of Michael Douglas is that he is a pretty heavy-handed guy. He persued her relentlessly until he had secured her. He is also old enough to be Catherine’s father, and seems to have acted in the role of father/husband to his wife. Seeing him interact, at intervals, with other members of his family, I get the sense that he is a dismissive, bullying autocrat. No wonder Catherine developed mental health problems. I hope she will recover fully and find true happiness in the future with someone nearer her own age.

    • Mark

      Doris: Most issues with mental illness are rooted in genetics. Others come from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries). She can “maintain”, but that’s about it. “Recovery” is a fallacy.

      • Hunter

        Good point, Mark. TBI is unrecognized risk factor in health and aging.

        Need a supportive partner, bottom line. All heck breaks loose, as ultimate betrayal, when “for worse” happens, and
        there’s no trust.

        Mother’s give their life to their family. Betrayal is not a welcome chapter in any marriage.

    • D Hall

      I am not here to defend Michael Douglas but bi-polar disorder was not caused by him. That is a condition she has had all her life, and it is not up to you to dictate what will make Catherine happy, i.e., be with a man nearer her age.

    • vickiecovington

      oh my god!!! I feel like this is me.!!!!!! looking for answer’s. IS GOD the only answer?

  • duane

    It is wholly saddening that the uber-beauteous actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has a serious mental disorder. Ever she first smouldered and sizzled in the “Zorro” films, she has been an intensely ravishing and intensely charming presence upon the big screen. Hang in there, Catherine! Your many, many admirers, including me, are fervently pulling for you and are fervently hoping that you recover from this monumentally tragic happening.

    • GramCat

      @Duane –
      Do you seriously think CZJ is reading these comments ??
      Seriously ???

  • chloe

    They had a life without worries…welcome to our world!

  • C

    You can’t “cure” mental illness. You manage it with medications. I’m sure Michael’s admissions threw her over the deep end. I’m sure he was a “player” back in the day. I’m also pretty sure she was impressed by him pursuing her — and his forwardness taken as love instead of lust…admittedly, though, there was some sort of mutual love. Admitting your cancer came from a sexually-transmitted disease is honorable, and a good wake up call for the public, but seriously, I would be a basketcase if I had a spouse that did the same thing — people would infer that you had it, too. (Id rip a guy’s head off if he ever gave me an STD!)

  • ricardo

    He’s acting out just like his father did most of his life. There’s a lot of nasty baggage.

  • butchybaby

    My ex was bi-polar, obsessive compulsive, paranoid, and she knew it, but she didn’t know what to do about it. They put her on meds that made her sleep a lot, gain weight, and made her feel emotionless.
    I decided to try to get her off the drugs and try some things that I felt would REALLY work.

    The thing that prove to be the miracle was the “thought processes”.
    We made a commitment to work together to see if we could cure her, and we did, and it was easy. We worked on the thought processes because that’s where the trouble starts.
    If you can understand why you are thinking the way you are thinking, then you can change the way you are thinking, which affects your feelings, and gives you something to work with.

    We eventually both met someone else. She started dating a co-worker, and I met a woman who inspired me. So we left on good terms, and we haven’t seen or spoken to each other since the day I left 20 years ago. I don’t know if she is alive or dead.

    Her biggest problem was one-upmanship, that was the root of her problems. When we teamed up on her problem, she would turn red trying to keep from exploding, but she learned to measure her responses.

    • bobby

      I believe you discovered what Eckart Tolle was talking about conciousness and the ego-mind controlling thought processes.

    • Rob B.

      You’ll probably catch a lot of flack for your response, and I don’t necessarily think that it is the best approach in most cases, but for some people your solution really does work. I’ve always been a very process oriented individual myself and I realized in my early 30’s that I exhibited all of the classic symptoms of clinical depression. I have always feared the side effects of psychotropic medications, so I decided to see if I could deal with my problem without resorting to drugs. The most effective self-treatment was to remind myself whenever I got down that what I was feeling wasn’t a reflection of what was actually going on with my life, but a distorted reality viewed through the psychological lens of my “illness”. I’ll grant you that it doesn’t work perfectly all the time and I still struggle from time to time, but the tradeoff is worth it in my opinion in that I don’t have to fear what I’m putting into my body. Glad it worked out for you and your ex and it just goes to show that it can be done.

  • http://yahoo john

    Are’nt we all rather tired of celebrities,who gives a damn?I met a few during a career in the airlines,-most of them are a bunch of ego maniacs,many overpaid and under talented-rude in many cases-dont forget they go to the bathroom,put their pants on one leg at a time.personally speaking I think they should all take a strong enema,and we should stop idolising them

  • Marta

    When he was sick she was with him, when she is in trouble what is he doing? Shame on you Duglas

  • Dex

    My gf is bi-polar, and for the last 4 to 5 years is been a real struggle.
    In the last 3 years shes gone thru about 4 episodes, that have caused her to….. i cant even explain it other than hearing voices and leaving the house because she thinks its wired with explosives or something.
    Ive exhausted all my resources and even worse, ive exhausted all my savings to figure her out. Nothing has worked.
    Im really starting to think like Michael Douglas now. Seeing what he’s going thru with his own illness, and then having to struggle with someones bi-polar is way to much.
    Luckly I dont have kids with this woman, but I do live with her. And my thinking is I have a house to take care of. If she doesnt want to figure herself out, control herself and contribute (she hasnt paid rent in almost a year, she doesnt split electric or bills) Im going to have to take a step back and re-evaluate this because I dont want to lose my house.
    Ive dont all I can people, but this bi-polar stuff is serious! For her friend to say theres great medication out there is a understatement, because there probably is but it costs over $300+ (without insurance obamacare!). Something us Non-Movie stars cant afford!

    • janice vincent

      Zeta-Jones not only has the money for the meds, but she has been willing to check into facilities to help her, and has spoken out about her illness to draw attention to understanding it. I think she deserves all the love Michael Douglas can give her…she had two children, despite her illness, they have her mother to help, etc. My gut feeling ( judging from the way he ditched his previous wife of many years) is that he is totally self-involved and it is ridiculous of him to think that the children will be alright after a divorce. He ‘messed up’ with his adult son from an earlier marriage, but is sticking by him despite the fact he is in jail, sells drugs, does drugs, etc…..hardly a model father. You work on a marriage together – not apart. He is selfish and narcissistic.

    • kristiek8

      Dex, I too am Bi-polar type 2. I don’t know if your girlfriend is type 1 or type 2 but it is a very long road as a couple either way. But sometimes the pressure of the relationship is just too much, for both of you. To be honest, she sounds like she may also have a few other conditions that may have been overlooked. Is she taking medication and being treated and evaluated by a licensed provider who specializes in mental health? There are so many people out there that claim they can treat this illness but until she finds one that she “clicks” with, its impossible to accept the help and stay on the meds or keep up with the appts. There are many medications that have been around a long time and are proven helpful and are actually pretty affordable considering the alternatives. You have done more than most would have done, but for your own mental health it may be better for you to go your own ways. I don’t know if you ever planned on having children with her but I promise you that after the baby is born (and/or during pregnancy) there can be a whole new side opened up as far as the disorder goes, and not for the better generally. A few months after my daughter was born, I checked myself into a behavioral facility for 2 days. It was pure hell, but it was better than going into a full blown episode at home and possibly hurting myself physically and the ones I loved mentally. The biggest help I found was being able to turn off my mind and endless thinking when trying to fall asleep, Seroquel helped that so much, sleep is the understated “medication” that truly helps regulate the time in between episodes. It is so hard to explain that endless analyzing and thinking process to someone who has never felt those “racing thoughts.” If she hasn’t accepted treatment or medication regulation in the past 5 years (or stuck with them for an extended period of time) then it is most likely she never will. Also she may like the ups and downs of the disorder, emotionally it is a roller coaster that some thrive for. With help from meds and therapists, she may be able to live a very happy and functional/productive life, I am a nurse and you would be surprised at how many healthcare workers deal with this in themselves or at home. Do what is best for you, you cannot help her if she is draining you. If you choose to stay with her, then begin to see a therapist for yourself too. The partner of a Bi-polar spouse needs the help and support to help understand and cope with the rather unfavorable rough times. I can’t even tell you how hard this has been for my husband, but if you want to stay with her then just smother her with love and understanding that it will pass, but may hurt like hell until then.

  • Yolanda Martinez

    I can only pray for both of these people I truly adore both of them regardless mental or divorce its a hard thing to face. No one in this case win’s wish them the best and pray they both can come to a conclusion to this battle this type of situation till death due you apart.

  • Linda

    She should be with someone her own age. It was destined to fail. 25 year difference.

    • Merri B

      Age is NEVER the ONLY determining factor. To really believe that is total ignorance.

  • archer

    unconditional love, marriage only works if you have that for each other, if it becomes a black hole, change it, it has to start with you, when one person makes a change the other has to make a move, or you give it time, small changes, if you love each other, and you work on it, you can make it. What ever happened to commitment, just because it isn’t easy, doesn’t mean you get a divorce, you try different things until it works.

    • Bryan Ryman

      A few years with a Bi Polar person who can push all your buttons is a daunting task to take on.
      Archer, if you have indeed done that and still love and live then God Bless you.
      Yes…Love is all you need, and sometimes that means parting with a loved one.
      I know.

  • Gotta

    I feel sorry for Catherine being trapped in a body where the chemical/electrical pathways fail to connect properly.

    I have always viewed Bi-Polar as more of a physical illness rather than a mental illness. It is most probably labeled a mental illness because that which is obvious to others is the behavioral component.

    Yet by all accounts, it is really a physical illness in that the transmitter nerves are unable to relay the electrical impulses to the receiver nerves due to a failed synapse (or conduit).

    Since this condition is transparent to most, it is often times faked by people motivated to collect disability checks.

    I assure everyone that this is a real condition. Imagine being trapped in a body that for all intensive purposes is short-circuiting (somewhat likened to epilepsy in some instances). This short-circuiting may manifest itself with various output behaviors ranging from depression, mania, impulsivity, etc.

    Can you imagine that some people even self-inflict pain (like cutting) to temporarily escape the 24/7 terrors of this illness?

    These are just my opinions and observations. If it were me, I would rather be missing an arm or a leg. At least people could then relate on some level of empathy due to the visuals. But when something is as transparent as Bi-Polar Disorder, nobody understands it unless you walk in their shoes.

    • Gotta

      I could personally give a raggedy-rats-ass about Michael Douglas.

    • Elizabeth Roberts-Berg

      PLEASE do not feel sorry for those of us with Bipolar Disorder. I was diagnosed at 21 years old and I am 64 yrs old now. My illness has become so much better over the years that my meds have been cut down to two pills a day. On young people when they are going through a manic episode it can be very difficult but with the help of a good Doctor they can have a very wonderful life. I have a Masters degree and a Ph.D. that I am very proud to have obtained. A Bipolar individual must have discipline and take their meds on the regular basis their Dr. has instructed. You can never give up because there are people in this world so much worse than you are.

  • Bryan Ryman

    Recently, in the last year or two, I have had 3 friends who I found out suffered from Bipolar problems. With each one I’ve had confrontations that seemed to come out of nowhere so I did some research about it with another friend who’s a Psych and now I understand. It seems Modern Psychiatry as yet, cannot cure this problem but it can modify it with medication. But, it seems, one of the problems with this decidedly bizarre illness is that many don’t feel they need the medication and don’t understand their predicament
    When these confrontations happened I went into an emotional tailspin because they were friends and I couldn’t understand why they insulted and trashed me as much as they could. NOW I understand the illness and feel sadness, not anger, for my friends. This does not make it anywhere easier to deal with but at least I don’t ‘get into it with them and scream as they do.

    I feel the sadness of Michael and Katherine’s split: they always seemed like a ‘together’ couple but I would, in no way, put the blame on either of them because I wasn’t there to judge. All I read and understand is they both have emotional, mental and physical baggage so let’s leave them alone to work out their problems and let’s stop trying to do it for them.

    • Barney

      I too had a wife who was bipolar. After 17 good years, she suddenly didn’t want me anymore for no reason. So, my experience with bi-polar is that it can really affect a marriage. As to CZJ, I really don’t know her. I’m just making an observation.

  • classicshar

    Michael Douglas revealed his arrogant perverted self intensely in recent months. SHE should have been kicking him out the door for his immoral displays and comments for their children’s sake, if not her own sanity. She is such a classy, amazing lady. He is such a pig. Age is not the difference, it is ‘class’ and he has none.
    Bipolar can be helped and she certainly has the means to do so. She should look to her parents as role models, not just length of marriage, but actions of each person. Michael cannot measure up, and she should honor her father by welcoming his departure.

  • goodluck

    shes a nutcase.. any ass who would have their tits cut off when they don’t show cancer. is SICK IN THE HEAD… he’s whacked shes nuts….. next shell have her colon cut out with no cancer showing.. stupid mental case idiot!

    • Gotta

      I find your pettiness and shallowness overwhelming.

      • goodluck

        too fucking bad isn’t it.. shes a useless titles bipolar whacko.. and you like them. so makes you a FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKING IDIOT.. BYE BYE NOW ASSHOLE

        • Doris Pasilis

          Another cruel person labeling bi-polar as nutjobs. They are human beings just as you supposedly might be.

          Go troll somewhere else.

      • cuntlover

        they are both nuts! shes a fruitcake

        • Doris Pasilis

          I think your label pertains more to you than to them.

      • cuntlover

        I find you to be a trailer trash moron

    • Hunter

      Wrong woman. That was Angelina Jolie. Not Catherine.

    • http://yahoo kim p.

      @goodluck-get ur facts straight that was Angelina Jolie. As far as the bi-polar goes, bi mean 2 polar means direction. EVERYONE

    • Marlene

      Are you mixing her up with Angelina Jolie? I don’t remember Catherine having a prophylactic mastectomy. I might be wrong, but I think your vitriol is directed at the wrong person here. As if Angelina’s choice affects you either…

    • http://yahoo Sandy

      What are you talking about …..that was Angelina Jolie that had a mastectomy eventhough she had no cancer. I agree she wanted to be around for her kids for a long time she had several family members who died young from breast cancer. Do you have breasts or nuts wouldnt you cut them off if it would let you live longer for your kids?????????????????

    • Doris Pasilis

      You have no idea what you are talking about.

  • goodluck

    he got what he wanted her…. hole. now her hole is used up.. onto the next titless wonder woman

  • jerksalive

    laugh you are right they are both over the top sicko’s. titles lmao. good one. I wonder if hes dickless.

  • http://Yahoo mana

    sad at this time you need friends to pull you thru have been down that road but manage to pull through with friends speaking negatively about the sickness so come on .. Zeta you can do it

  • Hunter

    Prolonged stress triggers anger. Anger unresolved triggers stress.
    Celebrity is a full time job. Cancer is a tipping factor that many couples don’t survive. Recommend anti-inflammatory diet, and lifestyle
    to heal long term.

  • Hunter

    Children of divorce 2X likely to divorce. Michael 3X likely, and his children 4X likely. Couples need to address risks of divorce, head on. Children depend on parents’ communication for survival.

    • Bob

      Your math skills are pathetic.

    • lara

      Oh God my brain is inflamed.

  • januscatinhat

    Michael seems willing to throw in the towel on another mother of his children and this mother is a successful, classy actress of high acclaim who would make a classy man proud. Taking time to listen and care about a classy lady may bore Michael, but an intelligent equally classy guy would not want to run out on Catherine at this point in time. She sure hung in there for him. Is Michael ready to move on because of her embarrassment? He could make it up to her with a bit more time and attention, but if it’s not in him it cannot be manufactured. Hope Catherine gets through this successfully.

  • januscatinhat

    Michael seems willing to throw in the towel on another mother of his children and this mother is a successful, classy actress of high acclaim who would make a classy man proud. Taking time to listen and care about a classy lady may bore Michael, but an intelligent equally classy guy would not want to run out on Catherine at this point in time. She sure hung in there for him. Is Michael ready to move on because of her embarrassment? He could make it up to her with a bit more time and attention, but if it’s not in him it cannot be manufactured. Hope Catherine gets through this successfully.

  • http://joeymo.com JoeyMo

    Michael should know whats best. Wasn’t he in War of the Roses?

    • Kaytee

      Yes, he was. He was also the person who initiated contact with CZJ after seeing her in the very successful movie she had just completed. Just maybe Michael should man up and get back home where he belongs to validate that portion of his vows that said “…in sickness and in health….” Bipolar or not, a couple cannot work on their marriage if they are several thousand miles apart.

      • janice vincent

        Weren’t a lot of their problems also caused by his constant defense of his adult son who is in jail, on drugs, selling drugs, etc…….she app. wants M.D. to concentrate on their nuclear family, but he is still making excuses for this son from a previous marriage and expecting her to feel sorry for the guy. Michael seems to have a lot of guilt for not being around for this man from his previous marriage, but is putting his young children into the same position by wanting to divorce their mother. I think you stick by someone whom you have married ‘for better or worse’, and he seems to be overlooking the times she stuck by him.

  • http://Google Wanda Dietze

    Hang in there Catherine. When men like Michael Douglas marry beautiful young women, your health is not the issue. The issue is that he is typical selfish male and knows he is an old ugly never made a decent movie in his life want to be. He is the one who is mentally ill.

  • vic

    I believe it was recently revealed she was at one time a pole-dancer, that might carry some added baggage.

    • http://yahoo melinda

      you all are plain out nasty….im outta here.

  • Seraffa

    So she admires her parents’ 50 years marriage and goes to “live” with him before she gets married to him, and get blinded to who he really is at first….wow….that’s just serving her own lust from the start. That’s not doing things the way her parents did, is it? NO. That’s the way all her peers in Hollywood do it. Then she hangs in there and he gets worse, thinks his 13 years of marriage is a prison and wants out? Pray tell, who was he able to bed while he was undergoing chemo…..hmmmmmmmmm???? Someone in this picture is delusional. The media statement “they’ve taken time apart to work on it” while he’s saying he wants out tells you exactly what’s going to happen. He doesn’t want her illness to use up all his assets and net worth. But he’s getting towards the end of his life anyway. Now, who is going to come away with the children? (him?) He thinks he can save money by divorcing. What an idiot.

    • mysterioso

      Don’t you think she has enough assets and net worth of her own ? She’s much more in demand than he. You’re an idiot.

    • http://yahoo melinda

      yeah you are the delusional one here Serafina….cause you are a major bitch.

    • MD

      If you want a 50-year marriage, do not marry a man who is 60 years old.

  • http://yahoo melinda

    Wishing the very best in life to both of them…..they both are lovely people.

  • jim

    One the one hand she’s bi-polar and if you are not married to someone with this you have no idea what a nightmare the marriage can be. Bi-polar people are nut jobs who should sometimes be institutionalized. On the other hand she’s freakin’ gorgeous. What’s a guy to do ?

    • SueH

      People who have bipolar disorder are not nutjobs. They have a mental illness which can be successfully treated with medication and psychotherapy. I have bipolar disorder and the therapy and meds help tremendously. Most people with bipolar are on one extreme or the other. The goal of treatment is to bring us to a middle ground. I wondered if she had shock therapy which is used for people who are seriously depressed. With that being said, if I were married to a man with HPV, who gave it to me and now I was in danger of developing cancer I would be mad as hell. Nothing to do with bipolar and I would take him to the cleaners in a divorce.

  • pedolby

    Catherine Zeta Jones is a beautiful woman and deserves better treatment than the scumbag who relentlessly pursued her because of her beauty. I am in awe each time I see her picture.

    She is getting treatment and I hope she will prevail an shine again.

    MD now with your idiotic ranting about oral sex, I hope you never have another woman to abuse.WE don’t care about your cancer. What about all those cigarettes you smoked along with the wacky weed and drugs.

  • Art Rodriguez

    They should have been concerned when she married the Asshole Liberal!!!

    • Merri B

      Do you really, REALLY think politics has ANYTHING to do with this?? Seriously?? Not EVERYTHING is a political issue. I feel sorry for people who think that literally everything has to do with politics, ’cause they’ll never understand actual human issues. Maybe all they need is a little time apart to relax, get away from the stress (and each other for awhile), and then regroup. I wish the best for them at this difficult time.

  • cat c

    This is sad and people are cruel..I feel bad for her and understand about people who love each other staying together. Its hard when your example of a relationship of love happens to be your parents. That type of love is rare these days. My parents loved each other deeply and when my mom died my dad was broken for the rest of his life. I wish Catherine the best and send good vibes her way. It sucks she is in the public eye right now. I hope she can escape it if just for a little while and find some peace. I will always be a huge fan of hers. I hope she turns deaf ears to the public bullshit and covers her eyes from all the media crap. I honestly don’t know how any celebrity can stay sane with all the shit that’s published about them. Hang in there Catherine Zeta Jones…

    • nkolamayo

      I feel bad for her as well. It just seems that she’s been really trying to keep the disease under control by checking in clinics. That is commendable. Many bi-polars refuse to accept that they need ongoing medication and treatment…

  • TheBride

    Michael Douglass is an arrogant, self centered man. She may not know it now, but she’ll probably be much better off without him in the end.

    • kp

      And I am sure you know him..right? I mean you have met him and spent enough time with him to know that?


      I spoke with a movie set worker that said Michael Douglas was a good old boy that hung out and had drinks with the crew members. Most stars treat the set workers as inferior beings.

  • http://yahoo kim p.


    • drzoon

      Kim…. there’s really no such thing as “god”. don’t give up any part of yourself for a fantasy character made up by people who didn’t have answers, so they made it up.

  • Andy

    If I had HPV snatch, and had to look at a 65 year old wrinkled head slurping around down their, I would be depressed to0

    • kp

      So how old are the men you get BJs from?

  • http://yahoo kim p.


    • kp

      kim p. Take your meds and turn off the caps.

  • nkolamayo

    I know that there are three sides to every story (his, hers and the truth), but I am perturbed that Michael Douglas bailed out on his family after all they’ve been through. I realize that Bi-Polar Spectrum Disorder is not easy to live with for anyone, but here is a man who may have exposed his wife to HPV and was supported by her when he got throat cancer.

    • havasuhottie

      You do not know who exposed who to what. One of my lovely husbands gifted me with HPV and I just survived throat cancer and treatment. HPV lies dormant and then takes advantage of a suppressed immune system. I complained about my throat for 3 full years following radiation for treatment of a brain tumor.The cancer was discovered when I had to have my tonsils removed…please, learn to be kinder.

  • http://yahoo kim p.


  • justme

    ridiculous comment made … She’s just had another round of treatment for her bipolar”… no such thing as a “round” of treatment. bipolar II requires daily medication in order to stabilize the moods of the individual affected. these so-called friends obviously can’t be bothered to understand the condition but have no problem making ridiculous statements.

  • http://yahoo kim p.

    @drzoon–I know there is a God and I do respect your views but I m not in agreement with them. Prayin for u.

    • havasuhottie

      This is horribly inappropriate…not the forum for is there a God or isn’t there. This forum is about the Douglas’. Move on to a new “victim” to bully.

  • Danni

    I just read an article where he made similar comments about his marriage to Diandra. I think it’s Michael who has the more serious mental issues. I’m also wondering if maybe Michael is going through some post traumatic stress from his cancer and is pushing her away because he wants her to move on. He doesn’t look too good physically. Perhaps this is his way of freeing her so that she can find someone with more life ahead of him.

  • http://Google DEE

    …she stayed married three years longer than the pre-nup required her…now she can live out the rest of her days quite wealthy…and I guess Mike just got tired of being married to a “nutjob”…

    • Fred

      Dee, at least she sought help for her challenge in life. What are you doing for your psychopath ailment?

    • kathy

      Actually, I thought that she ended it because she is a beautiful young lady and he remind me of and old dried up scrotum sac. Turns out that he is the one to end it??? Go figure.

      • rex morgan

        We got your dried up scrotum sac!

        • AAW

          LMAO !!

    • Doris Pasilis

      Dee: You are very cruel to label her a “nutjob”. You may be born, but you are not buried yet. Who knows, you may be a bi-polar person someday yourself. It is a very debilitating illness for all involved with it. Cross your fingers, lady that you never have it. Bite your tongue before you castigate.

  • http://yahoo kim p.


  • Laura

    Even though Catherine’s only has the Bipolar 2 Disorder, which is the milder form of this mental disease, I knew that her life would never be the same again, despite all medical care, available to her. Someone may have the genes for this disorder, and you don’t have to develop the disease. However with the extreme stress of caring for a very ill husband, along with raising two young children at the same time, that would caused the onset of this medical condition which is considered a mild mental illness as it causes mood-swings which affects one’s daily life, both physical and mental.

    Unfortunately for Catherine she has a rough road ahead while her husband is well again, it’s unfortunate as this lovely lady will find herself alone in her distress, as there is no “for better or for worse” in marriages today. I have travelled this path myself and so my thoughts and prayers go out to Catherine. However, if she turn to The Lord Jesus Christ for His help and compassion, He will ease her mental pain and suffering.

    • lanna lane

      Laura, stress certainly can trigger an episode, but each person’s stressors are different. Where did you get the idea that BPII is considered a mild mental illness? It tends toward depression and suicide.

    • Linden Frank

      what about the person who lives with the person who has the disorder? I did…and it wasn’t a picnic…but guess SHE’S the one that filed for divorce…NOT ME…I was even trying to help her get the care she needed WHILE we were seperated and maybe he is too?

    • Gotta

      There seems to be a perception that Bi-Polar II is less severe that Bi-Polar I. There are other types of Bi-Polar illnesses (Bi-Polar Mixed Episodes, Cyclothymic Bi-Polar Disorder, Rapid-Cycling Bi-Polar Disorder along with various degrees of each).

      To indicate that Bi-polar II is any less severe would be like saying “a person got killed in a traffic only going 120 MPH instead of 200 MPH.”

    • veronica B Vale

      I object to you calling Bi-polar ll a milder form. It is listed as a severe mental illness which it is. It is just different than bi-polarl in that people have more depression than mania.

      The rest of your comment is wonderful.

    • Victoria

      I agree with Laura- Thank you so much for standing up for the Lord!! The ultimate physician!!! I have Bipolar and also believe that Jesus Christ has more or less cured me of the worst part of this disease. I will have this disorder for the rest of my life, but I’m hopeful.What I hate is that I’m so heavy because of the Depakote I need to take that has ruined my once beautiful figure. I feel that no man will want me now. I’m 53 and have had this disease since I was 30. Please pray for me that I find a Christ-centered partner soon to complement my life and accept my illness. I have never married- CZJ has a lot of help and luckily never lost her figure. Love and prayers to you!

  • Larry Mutzter

    So much for “In sickness and in health” huh Michael? You can’t handle your wife;s bipolar illness, but she was there for you when you were diagnosed and treated for throat cancer contracted from oral sex! You’ll be there for your kids, but not the woman who had your children? You’re a DIRTBAG OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!

    • GramCat

      @Larry — MD is NOT reading these comments.
      Get real and stop with the foolish grandstanding.

      • Jack

        He may not read the comments, but his publicists do and they let him know.

    • Rob T.

      I’ve been in counseling for years and years and you never know what the real story is behind closed doors. She may have been behaving poorly for years and only now he can address it honestly, as I suspect he is close to passing. I do agree, her “friend” seems more interested in being in the spotlight, but there is more here than meets the eye.

    • http://google Jack in the box

      Well! Aren’t you holier than hell. You don’t know these people but here you are publicly making an ass of yourself blowing smoke. People like you need to just Shut Up! Know what I mean…

  • lanna lane

    Nothing soothes stress like having your “friends” smear your business all over the media. This woman’s way of showing “concern” for her friend is toxic.

    • Linden Frank

      she didn’t “smear” her…she’s concerned..
      nothing toxic about that…get real…anything can trigger bipolar or any of those mental issues anything I was married to a borderline personality disorder sufferer and it’s no picnic let me tell you he was dealing with his cancer and that? give him a break people

  • chibichan_1999@yahoo.com

    Really? She is old-fashioned. OMG – Please!! Are you kidding me? She broke up Douglas’ first marriage by having an affair with him. Oh – I get it. She is old-fashioned when it suits her. Never liked her!

  • Bart Thornton

    I knew that Michael Douglas was a dirt bag after watching him in Wall Street and A Perfect Murder. His character is despicable.

    • Sammie

      The character’s he portrays has nothing to do with who he is as a person. Actors get paid quite a bit of money to do what they do on screen. Some of it is them but for the most part if any of them had all the people they portray in an acting part living inside of them 24-7, we would be in so much trouble. We need to separate the reality from the fiction that is ‘Hollywood’.

  • mojoje

    I have never posted a comment on an article. But, having said that, I felt the need to post on this one. I am bi-polar and it is not a “disease” it is a mental disorder which in most cases can be controlled with the correct medications. If you do not have bi-polar, you have absolutely no idea how it affects you and your “world”. Yes, stress is the biggest factor of how your brain reacts. There are times, despite medication, that a person simply cannot control their emotions and possibly actions. When I first heard the statement by Douglas that he thinks he got throat cancer from “oral sex”, I thought he was a total ass. Now that he has “recovered” from his cancer, and as many posted that Catherine stood by him throughout his ordeal, he wants to “clean” his life. WTH, stand by your wife and help her! Cancer is a horrible horrible “disease”, yes it is a disease. People can see the effects as a person goes through treatment. However, you cannot see bi-polar and when a person is having an episode (which is what my psychiatrist calls them), the people around that person think they are being weird, crazy or some other delusional thought. Leave Catherine alone, Michael should be totally ashamed of himself. He has a dirt bag son from a previous relationship/marriage, has been rumored to be unfaithful (maybe that is where he got is throat cancer) and in this instance totally selfish and insensitive to Catherine. People should not stay together if the marriage is empty, but he should not include his marriage in a public statement of how he is cleaning his life. The next time anyone wants to think a person who is bi-polar is crazy or demented, think about a time when someone you loved dearly passed away and multiply that by 100,000 and you will get a very small taste of the depression that can be suffered by a bi-polar patient. Or in the alternative, think about a time you had a very important deadline to meet and no chance of putting it off. But were only given a week to do it when normal turn around time would be anywhere from six months to a year. How nervous and stressed and lost for a starting point do you think you would be? That is the flip side of bi-polar and what it was originally given the name manic (stressed out of control side)/depressive(overwhelming depression). No wonder Catherine is having problems controlling the rollercoaster (that is what it feels like, but you can never get off), I would lose my mind if I were in her situation.

    • chibichan_1999@yahoo.com

      I agree with your comments about mental illness and supporting one another but you are talking about two selfish people.

      I have a family so it upsets me greatly that she broke up a family. Yes, he is also responsible but again, these two are suffering from bad causes they BOTH made.

  • catherine lobere

    Leave Catherine alone. Let her figure it out for herself; she’s strong and smart, emotional problems can be overcome. Too many knives in her back right now, she needs to get away from everyone and relax.

  • Helen De Almanzo

    Listen. . . .relationships are difficult;. . .Michael Douglas vs. Catheerine Zeta Jones. . . .yessssssssssss. . . very famious, very rich and all of the above;. . . .

    But the bottom line. . . .is. . .”are you happy”?. . .or “are you not”?

    It’s as easy as that;. . .if a marriage or a realationship is not working. . .get out. .!!!!!!!!!!!!. . . .Don’t pretend. .. .get on with your lives. . . .

    It’s tough. . . . .. . .but that’s what life is all about. . . .Helen De Almanzo

  • Spiked Philly

    I used to think Michael Douglas was a classy guy. My opinion has changed. When his son got in all that drug trouble, his ex-wife filed a lawsuit and then his throat cancer battle, Catherine was there. I understand she isn’t a vision of perfection, but who is?? Now she is having some issues and he bails?! Personally, I think she should have left HIM when he implied to the world that she had given him HPV then led to his cancer. That’s a pretty personal issue to publicly humiliate a person with. What a pig.

  • William Conlly

    My, my, my, whatever happened to love thy neighbor, as thy self? Let us not judge the people here, but the situation, at hand. She has some issues, which need addressed and is working on said. He has had issues needing attention and have been addressed. Now, they have issues, between each other — which need to be addressed. Nothing more, nothing less. Our Lord God never promised anyone an easy life, but with His help, all things can be truly resolved. We — you, me, the media, etc. bantering ideas, thoughts and ill wishes — name calling and placing blame to one side — the other — or both, will not aid in any form of positive resolve, much less reconciliation for both individually and hopefully corporately! If you are truly concerned…pray for both, in the same manner — individually and corporately. They need honest prayer, love and support, as do we all at times when our lives find turbulence upsetting the balance we wish to achieve. Balance comes through exhausting patience, love and hope. Hope does and can spring to eternal bliss, if one just confronts the truth…excepts it and works with it and not around it. God, dearest Lord, please grant them both peace.

  • Sammie

    My heart goes out to Mrs. Douglas. After 13 years it’s not working – it’s a dark place? I would say that Mr. Douglas’ diseased mind is working against him.
    This is not the way to be a concerned friend. Not so much because of any stigma associated with the bipolar sickness as it is because this a very private and difficult time and the ‘friend’ seems to recognize. Putting Mrs. Douglas’s mental health up front and center over the pain of separation and possible divorce just seems inconsiderate to my way of thinking.
    Good luck Mrs Douglas! You have made it though 13 years of marriage. No matter how this goes – you will make it to the other side. And maybe you could speak to your friend about talking to you before talking to the press about your relationship and mental health issues.

  • grothman

    I don’t trust the psycho-babble-head shrinks. Witch doctores all of them. Therapy is one thing but you know the missions–define us with ADD or Biporar disorder or Asperger’s or some psycho-(fill in the blacnk) then write a subscription for brain fertalizer fo big pharma can pay their dividends.
    What is bi-polar anyway? Too sad, too happy? Not mellow enough? What happened to co dependency? hmmm.

  • http://shilo.yuku.com David Brayshaw

    If we do things God’s way, looking to Him as our source of life, realizing that the hearts of all men are desperately wicked, we will find hope. For He only is our way of escape from ourselves….Saying she was “attending classes” to aid in her insurance job, my ex-wife was seeing another man and came home one night with him to announce her plans to divorce. We immediately separated and finally ended all contact after 1.5 years. Her mental condition? She has never been able to commit. For her, the grass is always greener with someone else. This same condition could be as prevalent with the wealthy as it is the poor. Since our divorce, I found a very good job where I’ve been working for 26 years and today I look forward to a wonderfully well prepared retirement shortly.

  • xxx

    its Obama’s fault

  • Enigma

    It is selfish of her husband to wanting as separation when she was there for him during his cancer treatment. He should be there to support her treatment as she did for him in years past. What a selfish and inconsiderate man.

  • nameless_one

    Beings that Mr. Douglas is a UN member, he might be taking orders from that organization. In the “American President” movie, he played the president who was going to get all the guns in America. Whereas, Catherine has Bi-Polar II Disorder, she has to be on meds. daily. They must be the right kind of meds. Hopefully, she has a good doctor. I live with a wonderful man who has a Bi-Polar I disorder. Bi-Polar I is a very serious disorder. Even though he is on good meds., there are no guarantees. My prayers are with them both. More to be revealed!

  • Laurie

    As Toby Keith sings, “He Ain’t Worth Missing”.

  • Jack

    First, MD is not a nice person.

    Second, CZJ needs to move back to Wales where it is peaceful and quiet, get back to her roots, change her lifestyle to a sane one, drop MD, take good care of her children, be near her family, look inside herself, seek God, reflection and meditation. She seems like a decent person from a good family. She just got caught up with him and we know what he is. His son is a mess and his first wife put up with MD’s ‘antics’ for 20+ years. He’s trying to act like a 40 yr. old. He needs to get over himself. He fathered CZJ’s children and now wants to go back to how he treated his first child and first wife. Let him go and move on with your life, CZJ. God bless you and your children.