Casual Day Doesn’t Mean Sumo Garb

    October 13, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A project staffing firm surveyed 250 advertising and marketing execs about the weirdest outfits they’ve seen people wear to work, and not on Halloween.

The Creative Group posted responses to an informal survey about employees and how they dress. The question “Other than on Halloween, what is the strangest outfit or article of clothing you have ever seen someone wear at work?” garnered some odd responses.

Scuba gear, clown suits, a full body banana peel, and sumo wrestling garb made the list. In the latter example, we can only hope the Yokozuna wanna-be wore a silk robe over the mawashi.

“Professionals in the creative industry often enjoy some freedom when it comes to office attire, but these examples show it’s possible to go overboard,” Tracey Fuller, executive director of The Creative Group, said in the report. “Employees should dress in a way that ensures their ideas — not their fashion choices — stand out.”

The report goes on to mention several other fashion choices made by staffers, but the most creative must be this person referred to by a respondent: “One of our graphic artists designed his own employee of the month T-shirt, which he now wears on the first Monday of each month.”

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