Casey Kasem Still Unburied a Month Later

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The feud between Jean Kasem and Casey Kasem's children has gone on for years. The whole thing came to an ugly head a couple of months ago when Casey's kids declared publicly that Casey was missing. He had been in a care facility and needed medical attention. Their concern was that she had taken Casey out of the country to keep his kids from seeing him in what could have been his final days alive.

The children then went to court get legal help finding out where the ailing actor had been taken by Jean.

After police located Casey and Jean traveling in Washington state, the court battle raged on over whether Jean could spirit him away from his kids when he was in failing health.

A judge allowed Kasem's daughter, Kerri, to have him admitted to a hospital. The family feud got really bizarre when Jean Kasem threw raw hamburger meat at Kerri.

It looked like everything had finally come to a close when Kasem died in the hospital on June 15. He was surrounded by his children. Everyone figured the battling was finished. Maybe there would be an inheritance dispute, but it was all over but the paperwork and lawyers.

Guess again.

Casey Kasem's daughter, Kerri, who has been in the vanguard of the fight with Jean, has now announced that her father's body has not yet been buried. She claims that it is at a funeral home in Tacoma, Washington. She says that Kasem's kids want to bring his remains to California to be buried in accordance with his wishes.

St. Anthony's Hospital in Washington says that Jean Kasem did claim Casey's remains, but they have no idea what happened with them after that.

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