Casey Kasem: Conservatorship Denied In Case

    November 19, 2013
    Emily Greene
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In early October, Casey Kasem’s children filed a petition to gain control of the ailing American Top 40 radio legend. On Tuesday, a judge denied their conservatorship saying Kasem was receiving adequate medical care.

Kasem’s children filed for conservatorship because they said his wife of more than 30 years, Jean, was keeping them from seeing their 81-year-old father.

Kasem’s daughter Julie filed the petition to get temporary conservatorship of her father to make sure he was being properly cared for while suffering from Parkinson’s disease and to allow his children from his first marriage to see their father whenever they could. In October, Julie told ABC News, “I don’t want any of the money. She can have all of it…all of it and then some. Just give us our father.”

The conservatorship was denied because Superior Court Judge Lesley Green received reports from doctors that Kasem was receiving the medical attention he needs from his home with Jean.

Lawyers for all parties were urged to reach an agreement that would allow Kasem’s three adult children, Julie, Mike and Kerri, to visit with their father by Judge Green. While Judge Green admits there is obvious “bad blood” between the parties, Kasem has told a doctor who evaluated him that he would like to see his children.

Jean Kasem is denying that she was completely keeping Kasem’s children from visiting with him. Her lawyer Marshall Grossman said Kasem’s children denied an arrangement allowing them to see their father once a month and on all major holidays. “Jean has offered Casey’s other adult children visitation rights on major holidays, Casey’s birthday and every three weeks. They have declined this offer and it remains open,” said Grossman.

Grossman told Judge Green, “We’re looking to bring peace, not piecemeal,” and he hopes an agreement can be reached to keep from further court action.

A court date for December 20, 2013 was made by Judge Green where she hopes an visitation agreement for Kasem’s children has been reached.

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  • http://nationalshowtickets.com Susan

    He is a good man, they need to settle their differences. He of course wants to see his kids, do not wait to long.

    • jodi

      THIS WOMAN IS A FRAUD>>>please judge green, see through her and her ridiculous demands. visitation once every 3rd sunday for 1 hr. WITH a security guard. WHAT IS THAT??? RIGhT there it’s telling you she is SICK!!!! these upstanding children of his are hurting to see their father. why did you set another court date for dec. 20??? get the job done now and get casey kasem to his children. this is a travesty. she is controlling, manipulative, and narcissistic who knows what goes on behind closed doors. scary. someone needs to be an advocate for casey kasem now. do the right thing please.