Casey Anthony Sued For $3 Billion, Nancy Grace Involved

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Casey Anthony, who made international headlines when she was accused and then acquitted of the murder of her two-year old daughter, Caylee, is now being sued by a woman who says Anthony caused her emotional and mental distress and threatened to kill her.

Naomi Riches claims that between 2009 and 2011, Anthony called her at her home and threatened her life, telling her that people were watching her and had poisoned her drinking water. RadarOnline has published some of the alleged claims from the suit, which Riches hopes will net her $3 billion.

“Casey Anthony is an Illuminati actress who has used the summers 2009-2011 to mock and harass my current circumstances,” the lawsuit reads. “Casey Anthony and Nancy Grace are working in cahoots with one another to fill the media with propaganda so that American Citizens believe there is Justice in this country‚Ķ Casey Anthony called my house August 2011 and told me that my life was being exploited and that I was a hated nation wife, she told me she would come to my house in Fort Collins, Colorado and kill me just as they did Peggy Hettrick in 1987. She let me know that my left eye would be stabbed out as a part of the Illuminati symbolism. She told me that the government was going to find a way to tap into my water pipes and poison my water supply. I was terrified to shower and drink water for months. I had to spend $600.00 on bottled water….She (Casey Anthony) told me that there were cameras lodged in the back of my eyes and that my life is a reality show for the Elite. Because of her, I suffer from severe psychological damage. For months I couldn’t use the bathroom to go number 1 or 2 without thinking there was some sick wealthy pervert watching me through cameras Casey Anthony claimed were lodged in the back of my eyes.”

It’s been reported that Judge David Baker has dismissed the case–as well as a temporary restraining order–on the grounds that the allegations against Anthony are “fantastic” and don’t meet the plausibility standard. However, this isn’t the first time Anthony has been sued; a defamation lawsuit was brought against her by Zenaida Gonzalez in May after Anthony testified that a woman by that name had been babysitting Caylee and had kidnapped her. In reality, the women had never met.

More on Casey Anthony here.

Casey Anthony Sued For $3 Billion, Nancy Grace Involved
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  • Jen

    This woman is a monster who got away with murder. In no way did she show remorse for what she had done. At no time did she show any sign of missing her beautiful little girl. She put her baby in a bag with a heart sticker on it and buried her as if she never mattered. She is the devil.

  • Henry Childs

    If you think that is strange, you should read
    Dr. Ty’s Strange Fiction Volume I & II on Kindle!
    Seriously, check these books out!

  • Jazzbabe

    Naomi Riches is obviously suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, or some other psychosis. She needs help.

    • Kiara

      I agree. She is obviously mentally ill.

      • http://yahoo steve

        Most people that are mentally ill are “NOT” running around filing law suits. I think there’s more to the story, perhaps???

  • http://yahoo Rickie Bower

    I hope she rotts in hell for what she did. She’ll kill again wait and see. She is syco and so are her parents for supportig her.

  • Will

    Hey, if this is a problem? Imagine Casey Anthony coming clean, and giving the World another secret. Who was the Father of her child? Too bad, only if the Father knew he had a child, perhaps this kid could have been saved. What another lawsuit that would be. Not disclosing the father of her child. Hey just saying

  • http://yahoo steve

    I noticed as I scanned over the comments that about 90% are judgmental based on what they heard from the media about Casey Anthony.It’s quite amusing and disturbing that people are so quick to judge someone from what they hear from the biased media. I doubt anyone making comments were on the jury. What comes to mind are the Salem witch trials from the past and the hypocritical nature (aka. “mob mentallity”) of society in general along with judgments based on hearsay and speculation instead of credible evidence. I’m not taking up for her ,nor condemning her. I wasn’t on the jury to hear the trial and therefore can’t come to a conclusion one way or the other.

    • Sheila

      I agree with you Steve. Nancy Grace had her tried and convicted the day after and all the sheeple followed along. I wasn’t there when this tragedy happened nor was I on the jury so I can’t say for a fact what happened.

  • Annette

    Most of the ppl who make comments regarding casey anthony have watched the trial on tv, have watched the faces she made during testimony and the incrediable lack of remors regardless if the baby died drowning or murdered.

  • George

    So, this woman believes she is entitle to 3 billion dollars? really? And how does she think Casey is going to come up with 3 billion? Can we say that this is a absurd and firvolious lawsuit and a woman that is on the get rich quick band wagon? Smoke a blunt and get over it!!!

    • Vanessa

      doesn’t sound like the woman has clarity right now psychologically to be on any sort of money-grubbing bandwagon.Woman’s lawyer–if they’re being paid–is taking advantage of someone clearly not in their right mind when statement against Anthony was made,what with Anthony supposedly planting a camera behind her eyeballs and all..

  • http://Yahoo Gary

    Well, I can certainly believe Nancy Grace is to blame but Casey????

    NO WAY !!!!!!

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