Casey Anthony: Lawyer Speaks Beyond The Trial

    July 3, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Casey Anthony was in her early 20’s when her 2-year old daughter, Caylee, disappeared. A massive search began for the beautiful little girl, whose picture could be seen just about everywhere. Her face was soon burned into the minds of just about everyone who owned a television, and as the days went on, it became clear to some that little Caylee wasn’t going to be found alive. Suspicion soon turned to Casey, who lied to officials about where she worked and about the fact that her nanny had taken Caylee, and it didn’t take long for the death threats to begin. When Caylee’s remains were found in December of 2008, talk began of seeking the death penalty. After that, talk turned to plea deals, but Anthony wouldn’t hear of it, says Florida Attorney Cheney Mason.

“Casey got very angry about that. She got very angry to hear talk about it. She didn’t want to hear it. Casey would fight it ’til her last breath. She didn’t kill her daughter,” Mason said.

According to Mason–who spoke with Anthony on several occasions while she was incarcerated–Anthony fears for her safety and lives in virtual seclusion in Florida, afraid to live a normal life after being acquitted in 2011.

“She has to live constantly on guard. She can’t go out in public. I think Casey has a lot of world left to have to deal with. She hasn’t been freed from her incarceration yet ’cause she can’t go out. She can’t go to a beauty parlor, she can’t go shopping to a department store, she can’t go to a restaurant, she can’t even go to McDonald’s. She can’t do anything,” he said.

Added to Anthony’s concern is the paparazzi; TMZ reported that she was on a shopping trip soon after she was acquitted and had been spotted in Ohio. Her high profile case and the strong public reaction against her have kept her from speaking out, although Mason says he believes she wants to. For now, what happened to Caylee remains a mystery, although the remains were allegedly found with duct tape on the skull, which contributed to the homicide investigation. There was talk during the trial that Caylee might have drowned and Casey and her father, George, panicked and hid the evidence, but both denied that on the stand.

“I do think she wants to speak out. I have never asked her that, but I know she has very strong feelings for what has happened to her. I also know she’s very saddened by her loss and she will never forget her daughter Caylee, ever.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Ms Betty

    If she EVER comes out, she’s a dead woman and deservedly so. She knows that and Cheney isn’t going to live forever. Her time is limited.

    • Sandy Underpants

      Really? Who would harm her, and why? You’re really going to go to jail to hurt someone you THINK killed her kid? I think she’s guilty, but she had a fair trial and the idiots on the Florida jury made the wrong decision like usual. Oh well. She should be able to live her life now.

      • MurphyG

        It was the prosecution that was at fault! The jury had guidelines to follow! It was surreal hearing the verdict , but I wasn’t THAT surprised. The prosecution did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she was guilty!

        • Patty

          I agree, the prosecution presented a ridiculous case. When they rested, I remember saying…… “That’s it? That is there case? She will be acquitted. Can’t blame the jury because the prosecution failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt!

          • MurphyG

            Who knows if we will ever know what really happened! It’s funny how the masses fault the jury.

  • Ms Betty

    I stick to my original comment. I didn’t blame the jury or the defense for the poor job they did. I blame Casey for killing her kid and lying and lying and still lying about it. She better stay hidden if she wants to see another day cause there are a whole lot of angry people who would gladly set the record straight.

    • MurphyG

      I have not read your original comment. You do say that you don’t blame the jury or the defense “for their poor job they did”. In actuality, you should have blamed the prosecution!!!!I for the poor job that they did.

      • MurphyG

        SteveN-Constant lying does not equal murder. Like I said, the prosecution did NOT prove their case. If you want to fault someone
        It’s them.

    • SteveN

      If the Jury didn’t hold her to blame like you and I for the constant lying then who does?…..this whitewashes our justice system for a cute white female….which is running rampant in our country….

  • Mirae

    Not a likable or sympathetic person…just remember that OJ was also acquitted but is now in jail for another out-of-control act. Hopefully, he will stay there to his own dying day. An individual like Casey Anthony likely will get there via another route, as well. She obvioiusly did something to her child or she knows what happened. Either way, she let her little girl down. It won’t be long until she does something else and as they say, another day…another jury…another verdict.

  • Sassychick17

    They will find a lame reason to charge her with something & put her away (double jeopardy) just like they did with OJ. IF anyone killed her they would get out of it because of the out cry of people LET THEM GO People OR Countries do not have respect for America & this is part of the reason why!