Casey Anthony Found In Florida, Slapped With Defamation Suit

"Most hated mom" is still in Florida

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Casey Anthony has been in hiding for several months now after the intense and highly publicized trial regarding the death of her 2-year old daughter, Caylee. Although she had to remain in Florida after the trial because of unrelated check fraud charges, no one knew exactly where she was until now.

Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman Anthony named as her daughter’s kidnapper when police first began investigating Caylee’s disappearance, has filed a suit against Anthony for using her name in association with the toddler’s death. Anthony initially claimed that Gonzalez was a babysitter and had kidnapped Caylee, but in reality the two had never even met. It was brought out during the trial that the story was fabricated, but Anthony still hasn’t said why she made up such a story during a crucial investigation. She was later acquitted of the charges related to her daughter’s death.

Investigators working for Gonzalez tracked down Anthony in order to serve her papers for the lawsuit, and she will likely have to take the stand next January, something she refused to do during the first trial.

“Ms. Gonzalez is happy to hear that Casey Anthony finally will be held accountable just like everybody else,” says her attorney.

Casey Anthony is still living in FL, eh?
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Casey Anthony Found In Hiding..WAS she in a trunk w/ duct tape & ether like her kid? NO? Then who cares? Try hiding like Hoffa next time
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I know it’s been about a year…. But it still blows my mind that Casey Anthony was found not guilty. #yesimstillbitter
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Casey Anthony Found In Florida, Slapped With Defamation Suit
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  • Disgruntled American

    Karma is a B!tch!!

  • Conni

    too bad she cannot get the death penalty for the civil case. she deserved it in her murder trial and the 12 jurors, who were iundoubtedly dumber than a box of rocks or tampered with, one or the other, and perhaps both….let this killer walk free. i hope she has to pay for the rest of her life, and continue to have to hide for her own safety. her freedom is not important to me….just as her daughter’s life was not important to her.

  • Tyler

    You so called Christians spewing out hate are disgusting and vile. If that is Christianity, I prefer hell.

  • Mina

    You folks need to study up on the law. Casey Anthony was acquitted in a CRIMINAL trial. This defamation suit will have a CIVIL trial. No jail time for ignoring subpoenas etc. If she loses the lawsuit there will be a judgement against her which she can pay or not as she chooses. If you are looking for “justice”, you won’t find it in this lawsuit.

    • CJ

      She will get hers one day when she is out walking , and someone comes up behind her. She will pay one day . She can’t hide forever.

  • janice grinstead

    I never would care if i heard her name again..rip caley

  • http://yahoo.com justme

    i wish the b*tch would do what she should have done all along, instead of murdering Caylee she should have taken her own worthless life.

  • CJ

    You can only hide for so long. You better hide your whole life, because there are many people after you.

  • Cassie

    Let’s face it – there is no justice in this country anymore, if there ever was.

  • Cassie

    Let’s face it – there is no justice in this country anymore – if there ever was any.

  • Pattie

    I agree with most of your comments however in the end we have a dead baby who had her entire precious life in front of her- I say DO NOT buy Jose Biaz book or anything that pertains to this case- hit her where it will always hurt her and those that surrounded her.

  • http://yahoo.com justme

    i hope nothing but bad stuff for snotmom. i hope she is found in the same way Caylee was found, wrapped up in garbage bags and thrown out like trash for the animals to eat. i dont care what lies Bozo and company told in court ( and that the 12 village idiots bought) all evidence pointed only to her and that it was murder, not an accident. i hold the jury responsible for freeing a murdering felon so that she may go out and reoffend. the sooner she screws up and lands back in jail, the safer we will all be.

  • Ivan

    Casey was just holding her ground when she killed her baby

  • richard van orman

    get over it she won.like it or not.she can never be tried for that.she one and it was 12 pelope that let her go.thats our system and it is the best in the world.

    • Jen

      Get over it! Are you serious? A child is dead, she was at blockbuster, arm and arm with her unknowing boyfriend. And her daughter just died? Then she’s out like bar fly for 30 days? Avoiding her family, lie after lie. The jury failed Caylee, Casey failed Caylee. You must be heartless to make such a comment!! Why don’t you hook up with Casey, just don’t have children unless you want to find your child thrown away like trash! While Casey on to the next man….sorry excuse of a mother!!

  • SondraDee77

    Look at it this way…I hope she lives to be at least 100. Right now she is in Hell. Her partying days are over, she has to stay in hiding the rest of her days. And when she finally leaves this Hell she will then go to the other Hell for eternity.

  • Erik Haun

    Good Hope they slam her. Couldn’t happen to a nice “BITCH”

  • Gary Lennon

    Simple! Casey Anthony is guilty and she knows it!!

  • Erik Haun

    Good Hope they slam her. Couldn’t happen to a nice “BITCH” She killed that child! She is USELESS! Dead to the world in my opinion!

  • Jen

    Burn in hell Casey…baby killer!!!

  • I Love Casey

    I love you Casey. Don’t listen to the haters. Let’s hook up after you are proven innocent of the nonsense this maid is claiming.

  • Jason

    Man, Casey Anthony is hot!!!

    • http://webpronews elizabeth

      you need glasses sir

  • Karen Hall

    My daugher is 31 years old and still my thoughts daily are for her happiness and safety. That is what a Mother does, put her Child’s needs first. A mother has the gift to Give Life, not to take it away.

  • http://webpronews elizabeth

    The jurors had no choice but to find her not guilty and you can blame the prosecution for that. They charged her with first degree murder which means she planned it ahead of time. If they had charged her with a more realistic charge like second degree or manslaughter she would not have been found not guilty. Put the blame where it belongs…on the prosecution.
    I hope in Jan. she is found guilty and has to shell out big bucks for the rest of her life.

  • k-dub

    Kinda make u wish Dexter was real, huh?

  • Dan

    I think she did it but I also think she is hot !!

  • Dan

    How does a hottie like that do something like that??? What a shame …

  • david G

    here we go with god,what if he dont exist she gets off scott free. im aithyist, so in my eyes she needs to pay dearly and we know she wont. so why give the attention to her sorry azz.

  • Dave O.

    The Jurors where right in what they did. Casey did not do this check her father out again. I love her & hope her all best now. To all the world just let her be now. To Casey if i can be any help to you fine ok. i’m in Fla as well. Love Dave O.


    she did not do it the easter bunny told me so

  • michael martin

    a court found her innocent. why because they had zero evidence. in this country you need that in order to convict not your silly she did. and your holy then though bs. god this and god that get over it. you need EVIDENCE NOT EMOTION MORONS.

  • angry

    The trial has been decided and let Casey Anthony, go. If she’s smart she would live with her mom for a while take a new name and social security for her own protection. Again, I still feel in my heart that the real murderer will be found. I know it was NOT Casey Anthony i however do know for a fact that she probably had some shady friends or her boyfriend that might have done it for some jealous payback or stupid motive drugs maybe or that Mr. Anthony’s girlfriend didnt look like a prize package and lord forbid, girlfriends and their friends do stupid things if they cant get their MAN false complaints, blackmailing, threats on other family member who knows!

  • http://none garandmama

    Well, You all know that killer reads these posts. So this is for you Ckasey AH Hope you remember the smell. The look. The innocence that you took away. There are many of us in the U.S. That would have adopted her. Hope every time you see a plastic bag. Shovel, Smell something. You think of her. You will be your own worst enemy. You will never have any peace in your life because of what you did. And if you say you didn’t fine. But you are still as guilty as hell. None of us are as stupid as you. Anybody that would haul anything like that around in your car is guilty as hell. And should have got the death penalty. God Bless little Caylee. She was loved by many at least she will have a large family in Heaven.

  • Charles

    I’m surprised she’s still in Florida. I thought she’d chicken out of the country after her release from jail. Sergeant Joe Friday would’ve done a much better job on this case. Today’s courts bleed on guilty people’s hearts. “Just the facts, ma’am…”

  • lee

    She did it! Enough said……

    • adam guzzan

      your did not whatch the trial you just listern to the news you are so wrong

  • adam guzzan

    cant you guys leave cassey alone she was never guilty the only person that only nperson that killed cally as cassey dad

    • Mel

      Really difficult to side with you when you’ve mangled the English language. That said, you likely didn’t understand most of what was said during the trial, printed in the papers (real not rags) or on the actual news (not gossip/sensational news). The facts are plain as day. It’s evident you’re one of those men who happen to find a lack luster looking woman (Casey), attractive so the way your logical mind works is to acquit her (try using your upstairs head even if I don’t see much hope there either).

      Based on your posts alone, you’ve not grasp enough of the English language to understand what is & was said during & since the trial. Despite how it may sound contrary, this was not meant as a slam against you personally; just highlighting the obvious.

  • Elijah Holder

    She needs to sat her ass down

  • http://www.facebook.com/georgevhill George Vreeland Hill

    Casey Anthony is one messed up woman.
    It is a shame that she got away with murder.

    George Vreeland Hill

  • http://facebook beverly

    i hate you die! i hate u

  • gwen

    You are the biggest bunch of dipshits on the web. You believe what you are told to believe. In this case…it’s the comman enemy tactic. All of our newsertainment is done this way in order to control you through your emotions. Evil vs good. As above so below….Wake the fuck up. Please!

  • J

    Why so religious? For pity sake, you can’t in 1 breathe tell us not to judge someone & then right behind it, say everyone has a right to his opinion. Leave religion alone. It’s personal for most. But if youre forced to require a religious response, then some higher power will “judge” Casey Anthony and in time, she’ll pay for the crime of murder she perpetrated upon her daughter Caylee. THAT is my opinion & tough, THAT is also my judgment. If the higher power doesnt like my exercising my free will & freedom of speech given me, may they crash the internet before I hit send & destroy all comment boards that ask for opinions!

    In the end, I hope with all that is love & light, that gentle Caylee is resting in peace & truly in a better place, whatever that means to each of you. A short, bittersweet life cut short & ‘unlived’ when it likely should have blossomed. I hope whatever future (if it exists after we die… I dont know) is meant for Caylee’s soul, that it finds love, kindness, peace & fulfillment the next time around, if in fact, that one thought is a possibility. Id like to think so, especially for those who are struck down by deranged humans who decided to take what was given them… the gift of LIFE.

  • Therese

    It is the way of florida….they trumped the final charge to Capitol Murder….had they gone with manslaughter…they would have gotten their conviction….and we wouldnt even be discussing this…..that prosecuting attorney screwed it up…..my personal opinion….she wasnt the only mastermind her father helped with the cover up…..i was in florida during the trial….its a sad day when you cant even convict a child murderer….maybe the jurors had a lil too much sun that day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anne

    casey is a living human devil! she must perish forever!

    • charles

      blah, blah..blah:) Casey rocks!!

  • AFrayedKnott

    It surprises me to read all the comments that still say something like,” I can’t believe she got away with murder”. I watched every minute of the trial. Never once did I ever see or hear ANYTHING presented by the prosecution that proved Casey Anthony killed Caylee… or had ANYTHING to do with Caylees death. NOTHING! NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE!! Do I think Casey Anthony IS guilty of Caylees death? I don’t know and neither do you. You can thank the prosecution for dropping the ball on getting her convicted for that. As for our justice system regarding Casey Anthonys case… there was no other verdict that could have been reached, given the evidence presented.

    • john

      Wake up. No one who watched that trial and had a shred of intelligence doubted for a second that she did it. They detailed lie after lie after lie – including that her father molested her. How many weeks passed before she reported it to the police and only because she was forced to. Then she says the child drowned and her father helped dump her body? She’s guilty and deserves to die.

  • MJohnes420

    She can only “hide” for so long…… My daughter came face to face with her about 2 to 3 months ago in Citra / Anthony Florida area. Unfortunately my daughter was 8.5 months pregnant at the time. My daughter said Casey just stared at her in shock, I bet she did (when she saw my daughters belly it probally brought back terrible memories for her / the kid it took her so long to get rid of / Caley) I wish It would have been ME that had “run into” her….. It’s only a matter of time before someone get’s to her…… R.I.P Caley, Im SO SO sorry that you were born to THAT monster, you were and will always be a lil’ angel!!!

    • charles

      We all live in this same country and live by the same laws. She was tried, found not guilty, enuf said.. you all need to get over it. Unfortunately the little girl is dead and not returning, hating on someone, what does that prove?

  • john

    There are two kinds of people in the world: People who know Casey Anthony is a lying child killer and morons.

    • charles

      Morons? your a joker. I just look at the evidence and see that the not guilty verdict was just and deserved…Long live Casey….yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….Long live Caylee, ooops maybe not.

  • charles

    who cares anymore, maybe the little girl did die by accident. If so then god is taking care of her now. I don’t believe Casey killed her, if she did, so be it.

  • Matty


  • http://yahoo.com amanda

    ok this shit pisses me off i hope they hang the bitch by her toes and make her suffer she desrves the worse fate of anyone i have ever heard of. And i believe the idiots that are posting that she is innocent must not have children because if they did they would know in their hearts that she is a monster who stole her precious angels life i believe she desrves to burn in the bottom pits of hell then and only then will caylee see justice. But until then i hope that every day of her miserable existence is pure torture

  • Nancy Miller

    Stupid jurors were too incompetent and ignorant to figure out that a mom does not go out and party and laugh day after day and night after their child dies by accident. It doesn’t take a lot of smarts to know she got rid of Caylee so she could party. If that was an accident Casey would have been curled up in a fetal position sobbing the 1st night ( not partying and doing body shots ) after she called 911. Casey is pure evil, selfish and a user, look what she done to her dad. It was a game of winning for that lowlife attorney of hers. Baez was as dirty as he could be with the tactics he used. He came out looking like a sleaze to a lot of people. I hope Casey is punished soon.

  • Smith88

    What did she do

  • Smith88

    I hope that God isn’t dumb enough to fool with Casey. If she can get to heaven nobody should worry about going to Hell!

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