Casey Anthony: Defamation Suit Goes To Federal Court

    June 26, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Casey Anthony is still locked in a battle with two people who are suing her over defamation of character, and now the suit is going to federal court.

Anthony, who claims she is $800,000 in debt, was found to be too destitute for the suit to go on in state court, and that’s exactly what her lawyers were hoping for. Once a federal judge reviews the case, he or she can decide whether it can be discharged.

The 27-year old is accused of defamation by Zenaida Gonzalez and Roy Kronk after being implicated by Anthony in the death of her 2-year old daughter, Caylee. Anthony claimed during the initial, crucial hours of the investigation into Caylee’s disappearance that Gonzalez was Caylee’s babysitter and had kidnapped the child, but it was later revealed that the two women didn’t even know each other. Gonzalez is suing because she says the accusations damaged her reputation. Kronk was implicated in the little girl’s death.

Anthony was in hiding somewhere in Florida after her highly publicized acquittal in Caylee’s death, but a judge ruled that she be tracked down and served a subpoena when the defamation suit was filed last year.

  • http://yahoo colleen

    I hope she gets hers like o j simpson did, come back and bite her in the ass. for at least 30 years.

    • skip green

      How do you sleep at night mother of the year? Wonder if she can look at her self in the mirror? DAM BABY KILLER.

  • Flatrocker

    Ok, so if she can’t pay in money because she’s destitute, she should make restitution by sitting and rotting in prison which is where she should be anyway. I personally hope they throw the book at her. This narcissist is still thumbing her nose at the system, basically laughing because she got away with murder, the murder of her own child!

    • karenb

      yep, she got away with murder, the whole world knows it. so what she is scrutinized on outside life. she would be better off in prison! But that’s Florida law. She is a swinger, her lil baby daughter got in the way of her fun and praise by her own family, Casey Anthony always wants the spotlight on her, no one else. Hell, I invite her up to NY. LOL (rotten no good worthless biatch) and I will “treat” her right. LMFAO!

  • Jay

    Don’t you feel as though her having to live the rest of her life in hiding a punishment? She can’t go outside, she cannot communicate with anyone besides the fact i’m sure no one wants too anyways? she lives in solitude. She may have gotten away with murder but her life is as good as over and the torment will never end. She will live in fear and in seclusion forever. I, like everyone else thinks she should be in jail but she is far from living free.

    • http://yahoo.com KatB

      Even Karla Homolka (Canadian murderer) married, moved to a tropical island and is raising a family. Someone out there will fall for her.

      • Lilmis2much

        It makes me sick that Karla is out of prison! She helped her husband kidnap, torture and murder all those girls. Even her little sister.

    • Sarah

      Get out of her a**!!!

      • Sarah

        TO: Jay

        • Jay

          Dont be mad at me, be mad at the Justice system! I wasn’t the one who said she was innocent!!!

    • Jay

      I am just saying I wished she would rot in jail or the get the death penalty but she didn’t …so I am glad she is going to live in misery! Karma finds everyone…

      • Sarah

        Much better Jay. I DO NOT SUPPORT BABY MURDERERS IN ANYWAY. Everyone knows she did it. The sad part, she was partying it up knowing her baby was in a ditch. I am a mother. Who does things like that? God rest that poor child’s soul.

  • MamaT

    Like everyone, she’ll eventually have to meet her maker

  • MAjustamom

    So, if this suit gets dismissed because she’s “indigent” then Casey later goes on to sell her story and makes money, the people who were defamed are out of luck? Can the court put a lien on her future income? If the IRS, medical professionals, insurance companies, etc. can, why can’t citizens also? I think it should be heard in court and a lien put against Casey until they are paid off, along with Texas Equasearch (sp?) and everyone else she owes money to.

  • sieben

    Good I hope they win .

  • Jenni

    I could not care less about her life. She is responsible in one way or another for her DDs murder. May God have mercy on her soul.

    • TJ

      Screw her soul, let it rot like she did to her child.

  • Lisette Drake

    Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be able give all of you who commented here 1000 thumbs up.

  • Diane DeMarco

    May she rot in hell where she belongs.

  • Sarah

    “Accidental” or not you don’t duck tape your baby and throw them in a ditch. I hope someone does to her what she did to her child.

    • mary

      don’t worry they will

    • mary

      don’t worry they will,I feel sorry for all involved. God will forgive her but only if she humbly asks for forgiveness. Caylee is in the arms of Jesus. The act of murder, is horrific, but in God eyes all sins can be forgiven. The act of judgement on earth is to be by her peers and spiritual(all sins) judgement can only be judged by him. Do not judge lest you be judge, if you judge harshly with no mercy that too shall come upon you. Her parents are to be blamed for her untruthfulness. When parents leave a child to themselves (in other words do not teach them right from wrong, they will grow a mock) and embarrass(bring shame) to the parents. The courts today have become so liberal. so that is why so much crime goes unpunished. I am glad that people get to post here their thoughts and I am sure that most of us are upset and shocked because of the outcome, but believe me, God has said that what a man shall sow he shall reap. ( in other words what goes around comes around) Do not be mocked God see all, and it is better to forgive then to hate…it sounds stupid but if we forgive then God takes over and will apply, either mercy or punishment (even if she asks forgiveness, the consequences), but although when a person commits murder, the laws of the land is then applied by the courts.

      • http://yahoo e. russell

        to Mary:..ur a religious whackjob..ur babbling on about god, punishment, mercy. way off the track!

  • Calif Pat

    Casey was found not guilty. In spite of the media convicting her and idiots throughout the country going right along with whatever the media feed them, the State of Florida never had a reasonable amount of evidence to even file the case.
    I was a cop for 20 years including homocide detective.. This case should never have been filed. I for one believe the system and the jurors did what is asked of it/them.
    Count me as a supporter of Casey!!!

    • Amanda Guzzi

      Are you crazy? I would like to know who you think did it, then? Why did she lie so much? Why did she act like she couldn’t care less when Caylee was missing and only she knew about it? You must be kidding…!

    • Bayli

      Really?! Is not what the media feed people, look at the facts! She even tried to pin it on people she didn’t even know, as a detective isn’t that a huge red flag? All this comment and the trial proved to me was how much the “justice” system fails us.

    • Joice

      I have NEVER seen anyone turn an accident into a murder

    • Pam

      For being a cop you sure didn’t pay any attention to all the evidence against her!

    • lisa

      Officer: I guess you are the person that finds a person innocent if there is no video tape to prove the crime. You should be logical to PROTECT the INNOCENT. That is Caylee – not Casey in this case.

  • julie

    Ok it has been two years now since all the CA story. Everyone knows she is broke.Why continue to try and squeeze a dime out of someone broke. Move on people!

    • Cindi

      At least get a judgement against her in case she wins the lottery or comes into money some other way.

    • Brenda

      Because when all this is over with court, she will be able to make money by writing a book or making a movie or any number of other ways that she has not done yet (or even tried). She is waiting until she thinks she can have it all to herself! She is hoping to go somewhere else when her probation is over, since she can’t leave Florida. She may even be able to go to another country and do what she wants, even if she loses these cases!

  • http://webpronews.com colleen

    She gets away with murder of her own child, then she gets away with bankruptcy, now she is trying to get away with ruining other peoples lives? What is this system we have? She deserves to at least pay for ruining these peoples lives because of her lies, why is she allowed to get away with all this? She is nothing, she doesn’t even deserve to breath our air. All of this makes me very angry with this nasty system we have here.

  • Lori

    I think Casey deservvers everything that she is getting. If she did not want the little girl put her up for adoption or let relatives do not kill her.How cold you kill your own child or anyone eleses for that matter.

  • Bostongirl

    I agree with the cop….do you really think she’s going to be acquitted by a jury if there was proof that she really murdered her daughter? The media is a bunch of article-selling, bottom-feeders who will feed you anything to get you to either click on their article or read their magazine/paper or stay tuned to their tv news. Don’t believe me? Over the next few days….read the headlines! All overly exaggerated for you to click into it (and be counted by their advertisers). This case is way too sensitive for anyone to make such strong statements w/o even being a part of the investigation.

    • Amanda

      It only takes a question of doubt to get off. Not the proof of innocence.

  • mark stevens

    She has been found not guilty by a court of law. Leave her alone.

    • Amanda Guzzi

      That’s right. And the court of law is flawless and perfect. It has never made a mistake.

    • http://bellsouth unique

      To Mark Stevens:

      The same sentence was used for O.J. Simpson.
      Let her pay for defaming peoples character.

    • mc

      only because the jurors didn’t hear the whole story till it was over and they now wish they had found her guilty, No!! she does not need to be left alone!!!!!

    • Steve

      Mark Stevens molests little kids and hides behind the law.

    • Maria Norris

      she was acquited not found not guilty >She is still the most hated peron as far as I’m concerned and many others. Hope the rest of her life is hell

  • cindy

    That idiot can’t be destitute forever,she is going to work some time
    in her god awful life. Let the lawsuit continue,she ruin peoples life
    god damn it.

  • Cindy

    I hope they make her pay. She killed her child and got away with it. I hope she never has any more children.

    • Steve

      Forget the court, if her location is ever publicly known I’ll have a little gift for her.

  • Beverly Russell

    Rot in Hell you Child Killing Animal. I do not give a damn about you. You need to confess to the killing of your Daughter, and your parents need to confess to the helping in the cover up of your Daughter. so in other words F U ANIMAL.

    • Steve

      She does not know Hell and will not put herself there. It’s up to each man to find justice for himself. Let this happen when her location is publicly known.

  • cindy

    Can they put her in jail once and for all and stay there. She is a
    creep,no one in their right mind would ever hire her for a job. She’ll be broke forever.

  • Steve

    Someone get a tracking device on her car or something, we need to know where this freak is lurking so she can have an accident.

    • Steve

      If I lived in Florida I’d have spent every day of my life looking for her…Come on now folks, you’re local, get on that.

  • Steve

    Clearly she was expecting to be found guilty and she’s shocked that she was let off…Someone find this bitch and cut her throat before I do.

  • Michelle

    Someone will get this sorry piece of humanity eventually and I hope it’s soon. There is no way evil of this magnitude can be kept hidden forever. Justice for Caylee!

    • Onlyme

      Instead of using that woman’s name in print…. the media should use “suspected child murderer” or “#1 Suspect of Caylee murder”…the Media is just keeping that woman’s name in the limelight…….WE SHOULD BE REMEMBERING THE INNOCENT VICTIMS IN ANY CRIME

  • Chi Chi Get The Yeyo

    I want to find her so that I can impregnate her….she is so hot!!

    • willa

      Please tell me you’re kidding

  • Pam

    She got the name Zeineda from the apartments her friend lived in Zeineda was looking at an apartment in that building and her information was left out, this is how Casey Child Killer Anthony found her name. When Kronk found the child, Casey decided to blame him at that point. I think she choloformed Caylee so Casey could party, but overdosed Caylee. She went to her parents and asked the neighbor for a shovel to bury her after she realized the drowning in the pool would not work. She was unable to bury the child, so she took duct tape from her parents garage and took heart stickers from the house wrapped the duct tape around Caylee’s mouth and put the heart sticker, then she took caylee’s blanket from the parents house wrapped Caylee in it, put her in a trash bag and shoved her in the laundry hamper that she all got from her parents house. Casey use to do this with her pets. She drove around and eventually threw her in the woods where Casey would bury her pets. She then parked the car next to a dumpster and put trash in the trunk of her care to try to mask the smell of death. This is when George Casey’s father came to pick the car up and it still smelt of death. I believe the parents had nothing to do with this. Casey is a liar, theif, child killer, and should be on death row right now…but we have a flawed justive system. It will only be a matter of time before Casey pays for what she did to Caylee…just look at O.J. Simpson.

    • http://sfcnorris@yahoo.com Linda

      You think her parents had nothing to do with it? Her mother took responsibility for all the google searches while she was sitting on the stand she would not say anything bad about casey. I do not think the father was involved, and the mother prob not involved in the actual death, but the mother I really believe knew in her heart casey had killed caylee. Then started defending her because thats what she had done her whole life – cover over casey’s lies.

    • Barbara Eriksen

      I totaly agree! That jury was a waste. She should be in PRISON.

      • Barbara Eriksen

        Oops, I agree with Pam. New to this site. Sorry.

    • Bostongirl

      someone is watching a little to many Lifetime shows….

    • willa

      I agree with you, Pam 100%. I don’t get why there are so many dislikes to your comment but I think the jury messed up big time.

  • chubaka

    She probably let the whole justice system gangbang her ass so that they would consider letting her get away with her lies.

  • http://sfcnorris@yahoo.com Linda

    She is a psychopath just like the Columbine shooter Eric Harris was. She does not care about others, she thinks she can get away with anything and she is a liar. She cries only for herself. I hope they come down so hard on her she will never dig her way out.

  • LeoMhk

    What’s with the B&W orgasmic photo??

  • Summer Hutzler

    She’s still alive?

  • Brody

    She is a narcissist. “Biotch” needs to die of slow death!

  • cindy smith

    Not all of the world hated Ms. Anthony. The media and lawyers speak for a huge silent majority when they imply this emotion on people who never voiced their opinions. Trial by media is a pure turnoff to decent people everywhere.

    • cindy smith

      She is right.

  • bondo guy

    ‘cindy smith,’ it is morons of your ilk who make possible the abattoir we now inhabit in amurrikkka. I am sure you also think DNA was not applicable in OJ Simpson’s case? Stupidity and utterly credulous naivete like yours are what has turned this country into Kardashianworld.

    • cindy smith

      We are a nation of laws. Respect it and stop with the bullying of calling people names. The media goes too far in influencing poorly educated low informed people. We should be more upset about our fellow Americans on 9/11/12 at our American Consulate.

  • willa

    I don’t get the dislikes on this page. Everyone is right; Casey is a liar. Even if she didn’t do it,she still didn’t report her daughter missing for 31 days!What kind of a mother does that? Are some of you forgetting that after Caylee disappeared Casey got a tattoo and went to go party? She did it, she knows she did it, THE WHOLE WORLD knows she did it and I hope she goes back to prison where she belongs.

  • Nursegeek

    I personally believe that she is directly responsible for her daughters death. For those that support her….shame on u! What sincere parent makes up lies about the whereabouts of their kid?? A real parent would have been pounding the pavement seaching after the truth. But nooo, she wasted valuable law enforcement time with a cat and mouse game. Which resulted in 2 lives being interrupted. She is the worst kind of person. Jus like OJ is reaping what he sowed, she shall as well. May God have mercy on her soul.

  • Shannon

    I think she’s guilty, of course she’s guilty of what she did to these innocent people. And I hope that finally she has to pay for what she’s done. She murdered her child, an innocent baby, she murdered her then spent her time partying and then blaming others, she needs to pay for her crimes. She has to pay for her crimes, no matter that a stupid jury let her off, it’s time for her to be punished. She killed that baby to pay her parents back because they couldn’t talk her grandmother out of taking her to court for stealing her checks and cashing them, it was pure venom on her part, it’s who Casey Anthony is, how anyone let her off or how her mother has let her behave and get away with, is just vile. They are two of the most disgusting people around, Casey for her actions and lie, and her mother for helping her get away with things, all her life, just feeding this bile right into Casey. So sad that that poor baby had to pay for both of their actions.

  • Name

    Nancy Grace crucified Casey in the media before any real facts came out in this case. This influenced a great deal of people. People like Nancy Grace – a vindictive woman who will do anything to further her career – are such terrible people. They distort reality greatly.

    All you have to do is look at Nancy when she raves to see the hate within her. Nancy simply isn’t sane.

    At the end of the day, I don’t know if Casey is innocent or guilty. All I know is the evil I saw within Nancy Grace made me sick.

    • Michael Hale Sr.

      Nancy Grace is not the person responsible for the death of Caylee Anthony and because you have formed an opinion of her doesn’t mean that everyone who hears her believes her. The jury did not know everything that the viewing public knew about Casey Anthony. You could have chosen not to listen to Nancy Grace.

  • Jay

    I heard she was offered $1million to do a porn after the trial…she turned it down…It doesn’t matter what a person does, if someone can make money off of their name they will do it…Sick!