Carrie Underwood Pens Heartfelt Essay For Veteran's Day


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Carrie Underwood recently shared how one military family changed the way she sings "See You Again."

The 31-year-old singer penned a heartwarming essay for Time magazine in honor of Veteran's Day.

She opened the essay with explanation about the basis of lyrics in country music. One of the things she loves about the genre is how most songs are based off stories.

"It’s all about the stories. That’s what I’ve always loved about country music. And now that I am blessed enough to make my own contributions to country music, it’s still the stories that I love," Carrie wrote.

"But the only stories I love more than the ones I get to write and sing about are the ones that I hear from those who listen my songs," she wrote.

Of course, "See You Again" is no different. However, the song now holds more sentimental value to the Grammy Award-winning. She went on to reveal why.

"I’ve been blessed enough to get to perform for and be involved in various events and projects that support the amazing men and women of our military," she wrote.

"I’ve done everything from touring with the USO in Iraq and Kuwait, to playing shows at military bases in the U.S., to writing songs for special projects used to benefit our military members and their families," the singer-songwriter recalled. I’ve met countless brave souls that sacrifice their time and effort to keep us safe here at home."

She continued, "And I’ve met many spouses and children of those who don’t make it back home. Those are the stories that I could never and would never want to forget."

The Blown Away singer also delved into makings of "See You Again," and how the song has had such an impact on her life.

“See You Again,” a song I co-wrote and included on my last album, tells different stories to different people. It often means something different to each person who hears it," Carrie explained.

"To many it’s a song about moving on after the death of a loved one—about wanting to see that person again, and knowing that eventually they will. But I never dreamed that so many would relate to it in such a powerful way," she wrote.

Carrie Underwood also performed at The Concert for Valor on Veterans Day.