Caroline Wozniacki Dumped Over Twitter Pic?

    October 14, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Caroline Wozniacki and Rory Mcilroy–one of the golden couples of sports– have reportedly broken up, and at least one source says it’s because of a photo that Wozniacki posted on her Twitter account.

According to the Irish Independent, the couple began having problems after Wozniacki posted a photo of her beau sleeping with his mouth open, with the caption “Jetlag? Lol”.

“Rory was very upset by it and even Serena Williams pointed out – albeit in a joking way – it was a pretty mean thing to do,” a source told the paper.

Wozniacki is one of the top figures in tennis, while Mcilroy is a well-known golf star who once unseated Tiger Woods from the number one spot; the couple have been dating for two years. World Golf Hall of Fame member Gary Player recently weighed in on the breakup, saying that Mcilroy needs to focus on his game with the help of a woman who can dedicate herself to him without the worry of her own career.

“If you’re a young man like Rory, you can’t play with worries,” Player said. “You can’t have managerial problems, you can’t have women problems. You’ve got to be out there and have a free mind. And that’s why Arnold [Palmer], Jack [Nicklaus] and I won something like 55 majors between us. Because we had three wives that were very, very special. I can tell you, many of the pros that have done well divorced several times and they never quite reached the heights they could have if they had the wives that we had. So I’ve experienced this and seen this. Now I think he’s on the road to success. He’s got to find himself a wife that’ll help him, actually almost dedicate her life to him being a success. And that’s hard to find today, because women are extremely independent today. It’s a very different time than when we were around.”

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  • enuabk

    It was kinda dumb but it’s not something you break up over. Half the world sleep with their mouths open or closed , who cares? and everybody sleeps. What’s the big deal? There must have been something else.

  • Hmmmm

    It seems harsh, but when you are one of the world’s premiere golfing professionals who happens to be a private person, this is quite offensive. What’s next? I don’t doubt there is more leading to his decision….and most of it probably has to do with her childishness and inability to respect his boundaries. She used him to garner attention on her twitter account- pretty selfish if you ask me…..

  • Mary Coleman

    She just strikes me as immature and self centered. I think the photo is just one of several issues with the relationship. She’s obviously not what he needs. Simple as that.

  • http://recourse-loans.com Gary Anderson

    You have to be kidding. She is better off without the prima donna. Rory is the Prima Donna here.

    When you love money more than life you get upset with pictures like that. What a colossal jerk.

    • freia


      as has been pointed out


      ITS OVER

      • http://recourse-loans.com Gary Anderson

        Sorry, if this violates trust Rory needs to rethink “trust”.

        Good grief.

  • Come on People

    Come on people — there is more going on than just a picture. People break up over little things all the time but really behind those little things are big issues. Once things are out of control in a relationship, people will use the littlest of things to break up.

    Twitter is also the second coming of the anti-Christ — not really, but close. Privacy has gone out the door and that is not a good thing. You should not be able to post pictures of another person without their consent.

  • http://none medman

    Alot of folks in here are missing the point. If you’re a celebrity and you value your privacy, the last thing you want is to have people around you who don’t respect that. It’s a picture that opens the man up for all sorts of ridicule, and the worst part of it is it’s your own girlfriend that puts you in that position. It’s a violation of trust. Simple and plain. I don’t think in and of itself it’s worth ending a relationship, but I’m sure there are many other factors about Caroline that may have been bothering Rory and this is just the straw that broke the camels back. I’m sure Caroline would be none too pleased if the situation were reversed and he snapped a pic of her sans makeup and drooling on her pillow in the morning. I think you’d be hard pressed to find too many folks who would be pleased about a picture like that released for all to see.

  • Twitter is Stupid

    Twitter is so stupid. It gives nosey people the forum to harass other people. Would you really want to be friends with someone who uses twitter constantly? A person who likes to break your privacy? On the internet today, we have people setting up others, creating totally false stories, publishing revenge porn, etc. There should be a law that protects people from stupid internet users.

    Yes, this picture is relatively harmless. I guess she thought it was “cute”. However, the principle behind it is that the person you trust the most, should not be posting any of your business on the internet. It is all about trust. What happens if she gets mad at him and she runs to twitter with it? You can ruin people’s lives on the internet.

  • AMP

    The guy needs to get a sense of humor about himself.

  • Mel

    Sometimes girlfrieds do stupid things. Lindsey Vonn did a real stupid thing to Tiger Woods at the Presiden’s Cup. A golfer, who had a squirrel in his bag took it out and Lindsey got hold of it. Even though Tiger had completed the course and was just a spectator and cheerleader for the American team, you could see him, with annoyance, swipe the squirrel off his shoulder. It was the squirrel that Lindsey put there. That was a real stupid thing for Lindsey to do. My guess is that Lindsey and Tiger will split and it will just be a bump in the road back to Tiger’s competitive spirit to win at golf.

  • Matter of Trust

    It is a matter of trust. Do you want the person you trust to most posting things on the internet about you?

    The internet is a bad place and is not safe. People get setup and slandered on the internet all the time. Many of the people doing the setting up are literally crazy people with criminal backgrounds. Just go out to some of these vigilante sites and you will see the insanity.

    In this day and age, privacy is very valuable and if someone breaks your privacy you should consider getting rid of that person.

    On the internet, once it gets out there is nothing you can do to have it removed. The only good thing is that you would have to be a fool to believe a lot of what you see on the internet. People literally just make up things.

    • jme

      I am SURE she would be just as forgiving if HE had posted the same pic of HER sleeping with her mouth hanging open, not likely. This was a moron move that you wouldn’t expect from someone that cares for you.

  • Bob Leonardi

    Gary Players mind must also be free and clear of math ……. 55 majors ..? Between he and Arnold and Jack ….?? Gary … Jack has 18 … Arnold has 7 and you have 9 ….. let’s see here …. 18 + 7 + 9 + = …………………………141….no that’s not it ……………63……..no that doesn’t sound right…….

  • About Trust

    It is not about the photo. This photo is relatively harmless. It is about trust.

    Do you really want a girlfriend who runs to twitter with things? Doesn’t matter if you are famous or not. Trust extends well beyond whether a person cheats or not. It extends to knowing that your partner will keep your thoughts, feelings, and emotions private.

    • http://webpronews JMcG

      this is all over a picture being put on a social media site- nothing about keeping anything serious private like or as you are suggesting. If it were, that would be different

      • @JMcG

        One day it is something harmless, the next day it is something not so harmless. Open your eyes and look at all the damage being done to people on the internet.

        People are committing suicide over the cruel things people do and other people are going to prison because some nut job decides to set them up.

        Bottom line is that you are better off being private and if the person you trust the most cannot respect that, then you may want to get rid of that person.

  • http://webpronews JMcG

    it shows how immature and self centered people, young people especially, are in todays world. any little thing an and usually does set them off. What is especially sad is that many of those who exhibit and/or develop this trait or behavior shows up more often in younger person who are getting large amounts of money thrown at them for being good in sports where immaturity is seemingly acceted without question. it really i a shame

  • Ron Jeremy

    Rory is the next David Duval !!!

  • Bart

    If this is true and he broke up with her over that, she’s better off without him. It would demonstrate his sense of ego and lack of humor. There’s no way this was mean-spirited. In fact, it feels like she’s just being fun and playful to me. Can’t imagine her getting bent out of shape if the roles were reversed.

    • http://Webpronews.com Kwesi

      You are absolutely right about that. It just seems to me that he takes himself a little too seriously for my liking. She seems to be one of the nicest players out there with such poise and character for such a young lady that I could hardly imagine her doing this out of anything other than jest and playfulness. If he hated her doing this, he could make his displeasure known to her, succinctly perhaps, to get the message across but don’t leave her. And if he could leave her over something like this then he probably doesn’t deserve her anyway.

  • ted

    Within a couple, it would be cool to take the picture, and share it with him and their closest friends. However, Tweeting it to the world destroys the intimacy and trust within a couple. In today’s world is nothing private and personal? That is the problem.

    • @Ted

      Yeah Ted, your ideas are normal, logical, and in my opinion, it is morally right to keep your partners life private.

      Unfortunately, it is 2013 and normal, logical, and doing the right thing just doesn’t happen. Look at the morons in Washington for an example. The government is shutdown and our country is literally hanging in the balance and yet some of those morons took to twitter instead of doing their jobs.

      Yes, the picture overall is harmless, but you know there are hundreds of incidents out there every day that are not harmless. You ever read twitter? The BS is just staggering.

  • Remember

    Remember when you were in high school and there would be nosy people who did nothing but gossip about other people? You hated those people because they were jerks, but you tolerated them because you knew high school would pass and those nosy people would just grow to be fat, miserable, and you would never have to hear from their sorry asses again. They would just grow to be a PTA member or go into small town politics or something — but at least they would be contained. Well, times were good for a while … then came Twitter and Instagram. Now, all those people without a life, can run to twitter and let the world know what is on their minds.

    What ever happened to minding your own business and keeping things private? What ever happened to just leaving people alone? If someone isn’t bothering you, don’t bother them.

    I hate technology and the lack of privacy that comes with it.

    • Yes

      Yes, I know the people you are talking about. I knew a girl like that. She is now a volunteer for an online vigilante group and she spends her days setting people up. She was literally insane in high school and now she lives in her insanity by playing pretend on the internet.

      Problem is that people have gone to prison because of her. She was a liar in high school and is a liar now. One guy she talked with for over a year and invited 5 times to meet —- I have never know a victim to pursue their attacker for over a year and I never met a victim that invited their attacker to meet on 5 different occasions. Funny thing is that she herself has a criminal background and is getting paid for setting up other people — yet her testimony holds up in court.

      That is the problem with the internet. Nothing has to be truthful — it can be a lie and still be considered the truth. Someone really should arrest her instead of the people she is entrapping.

      Privacy is important in today’s world. People protect yourself. Protect yourself.