Carol Costello Takes Atlanta’s Mayor to Task [VIDEO]

    January 31, 2014
    Daryl Nelson
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By now, most people have probably heard about the city of Atlanta coming to a halt after it snowed earlier this week, and believe it or not, the snow accumulation was only two inches, but it still caused plenty of havoc.

To this day, people are still fighting traffic, kids are still out of school and some folks are just now reuniting with their families after a tumultuous commute.

One of the people who had to combat the weather and traffic was CNN anchor Carol Costello, who lives and works in Atlanta, and when she sat down with the mayor, Kasim Reed, things got heated pretty quickly.

Especially when the CNN anchor mentioned that people could have died after leaving their cars and walking on the highway. “That’s easy to say from your anchor seat,” said Reed.

“No! I was out stuck in the traffic,” Costello replied. “I was one of those people…..I’m just expressing the frustration of a city, as a person who was stuck in traffic for hours and hours and hours.”

And when Costello asked Reed how come schools remained opened after weather reports indicated there would be snow, he said that it’s not his call to close the schools, it’s the Atlanta Public School System, and throughout the interview, the Mayor remained combative and chose to pass the blame instead of taking it on himself.

“I was amazed that he kept passing the buck,” said Costello after the interview was over. “Pointing fingers everywhere but at himself. I think that’s where my frustration came from. I wanted him to say, ‘I’m angry and frustrated at the response and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.’ He didn’t say that. Being a citizen of Atlanta and caught in the mess, I know what it felt like…I wanted to get answers from the man who was supposed to be protecting me from that and I didn’t get that.”

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  • All You Need to Know

    Here is all you need to know about Georgia. They arrest and incarcerate the most people in the history of the world. If you want to know the place you need to be to go to prison for the simplest of things, Georgia is that place. I am not talking about just the year 2014. I am talking about the history of the entire world. Their incarceration and arrest rates are nearly triple that of any other state in the US. They run 23 prison industrial plants that are staffed by human beings that on average serve 10 to 50 times the amount of time that people do for similar crimes committed in other states.

    The second thing you need to know, is that last week, I had a conversation with a Georgia man and he literally talked about the civil war in the present tense. He also thinks the South will rise again. Now, normally I would chalk this up to a crazy person, but no, I have lived in Atlanta for 20 years and have heard this time and time and time again.

    As for Atlanta the city itself — Atlanta is a great city. There are good companies there. It is spread out. The weather is nice. The traffic sucks though. But the problem with Atlanta and Georgia is the good ole boys. The only hope for Georgia and Atlanta is if all the northerners keep moving in the state and take it over. Otherwise, Georgia will remain as backwards as hell.

    I am Christian. You want to know how the devil works? Well, in the middle of the Bible Belt, the state that is the heart of the Bible Belt, has the least compassion for human beings. Jesus said to forgive, turn the other cheek, love, and show mercy. Georgia does none of this. The make money off of locking people away in the hell of prison. That is how the devil works. He works through hypocrites.