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    March 9, 2005

This week sees an eclectic approach for the travelling business show, recognized by one and all as Carnival of the Capitalists makes a stop at a blog where opinions from far and wide, on many topics, are routinely very well presented.

This week’s tremendous lineup of posts feature a political and economics, as well as a business side and handbags too, as we visit Eric Olsen’s multiple contributor opinion and review blog called

When isn’t on the hosting business, there are daily features from the worlds of politics, music, film, and books.

This week’s edition of Carnival of the Capitalists highlights some of the best bloggers writing on the internet today.

Blogging topics presented include entrepreneurship, management, education, legal issues, spam, insider trading, internet commerce, marketing, the national and global economies, politics, and technology.

As you would expect from there are many discussions of politics and eclectic ideas.

It’s always great to read Carnival of the Capitalists and discover the many high quality blogs out there in the blogosphere.

We don’t always get to them all, and this edition of Carnival of the Capitalists has introduced many of us to some brand new ones.

As I am always privileged to do, I have an entry in this week’s Carnival of the Capitalists as well.

My entry post this week is entitled “Interviews: Success is only a few words away” where I discuss how being interviewed by the various media outlets will help to establish you and your blog, and also your business itself, as an expert in your industry.

If you wish to submit an entry to next week’s, or any Carnival of the Capitalists edition, e-mail your entries to the new address:

cotcmail -at- gmail -dot- com

You can always use the handy entry form at where all you have to do is fill in the blanks. Talk about making it easy to be included!

Another brand new form for sending entries to all of the internet carnvivals is provided by The Conservative Cat. This is a great one stop entry drop, for all your blog post entries, for every blog carnival.

If you are searching for new and exciting ways to expand your blog’s readership, you should seriously consider sending an entry to Carnival of the Capitalists.

Merely being included in the company, of the first rate regular Carnival of the Capitalists contributors, will enhance the reputation of your blog.

The extra visitors can’t sent to your blog won’t hurt either!

The growth and staying power, of Carnival of the Capitalists, is beginning to catch the attention of people outside the blogging community. Each hosting, brings a fresh assortment of new readers, to the various blogs involved.

The visitors aren’t only bloggers anymore.

Readership is expanding to include the mainstream media, various government and private organizations, many businesses, and other interested people from beyond the blogging community.

Many people are introduced to some tremendous blogs that they might otherwise have missed.

Next week’s Carnival of the Capitalists will make a visit to my good friend Anita Campbell’s business and technology blog known as The RFID Weblog.

In the meantime, click that mouse over to the hosting of Carnival of the Capitalists.

If the great posted entries don’t convince you to click, or the possibility of finding some brand new blogs to read doesnt do it, then Carnival of the Capitalists certainly will offer you a chance to try to test out some new opinions. (groan)

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