Carmen Electra Still Sexy In A Bikini


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Carmen Electra may be 42 years old, but that doesn’t mean she can’t show off her amazing figure.

The model recently did a swimsuit spread for Galore magazine and showed that she is just as fit and attractive as ever.

Carmen was so eager to pose in the swimsuit spread that she couldn’t choose just one swimsuit or look.

She posed in numerous monokinis and proved that she still knows how to rock a bikini.

Carmen is no stranger to a swimsuit, she did after all star on Baywatch.

She admitted that she still has her famous red lifeguard swimsuit from the show and that it is framed and something she cherishes.

Showing off her good looks isn’t the only thing that Carmen likes to do, she also loves music. In recent years, she has started recording music and recently released her new single, WERQ.

She also still likes to act and will be appearing in a few upcoming films, Lap Dance and Party Pieces.

So what is Carmen’s secret for looking great after 40?

"Try to stay stress free and wash up your makeup at night," the model and actress advised fans.

What do you think of Carmen Electra's photo shoot?

Image via Wikimedia Commons