Carlita Kilpatrick, Wife Of Former Detroit Mayor, Loses Home

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Carlita Kilpatrick, wife of disgraced former Detroit mayor Kwame, has lost her job and her home, which she's shared with her three children since Kwame was charged with 24 corruption charges in March. He is accused of racketeering, fraud, and extortion.

Kilpatrick lost her public servant job in Duncanville, Texas, after employers said she failed to meet the requirements of her probation period, and now she's losing her rented home. Although a real estate agent denied rumors that the family was evicted, a neighbor says there was furniture and several other items sitting outside on the lawn.

“A lot of stuff was out on the curb for trash day — stuff that people wouldn’t throw — like a computer desk,” neighbor Malinda Carter said.

Carter also said that Kilpatrick couldn't keep up with taking care of the home and eventually, the neighbors stepped in.

“Neighbors cut the grass because it was getting too long,” Carter said. “Flower beds were out of control and it looked like there was no one in there. “I never saw a female or any man out there."

Kwame Kilpatrick is currently being held in federal prison to await sentencing; he faces up to 20 years.

Amanda Crum
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