Cara Delevingne WITHOUT Her Famous Eyebrows?


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Cara Delevingne may credit advice from Kate Moss and walking like she just had great sex for her success.

However, it must be said that Delevingne owes a great deal to a trademark look that no one else has going for them right now—an absolutely distinct pair of eyebrows.

Whether it's in magazines or on the catwalk, it doesn’t matter; you only need to see the eyebrows first to know it’s Cara.

It was for this reason that fashion fans were perhaps stunned when Givenchy forced Cara Delevingne to abandon her distinct brow look.

Don’t panic!

Delevigne didn’t shave her eyebrows or anything THAT crazy.

For Givenchy’s Paris Fashion Week show, the 22-year-old model’s eyebrows were painted over by Pat McGrath to give them a flesh tone color. As close to invisible as you can get.

After seeing Cara's famous brow-line subdued, it must be said that responses were somewhat mixed.

While E! exclaimed that the look was “stunning”, commenters seemed less than impressed. One individual commented, “We obviously have a very different definition of ‘stunning.’”

The good news is that if you simply were not a big fan of Cara’s surprising makeover, it was only temporary.

Models would kill to have a marketable trademark in an industry as notoriously fickle as the fashion industry. Unique brands lend towards longevity.

As the "It Girl" of the moment, Cara has featured in the news quite a bit recently.

In addition to discussing her walk, she also mentioned that she struggles to develop meaningful connections with men.

According to the model, good guy friends are hard to find since guys end up wanting to get sexually involved.

Cara Delevingne may worry that men and women just can't have platonic friendships, but at least she can rest easy knowing that at least her famous eyebrows will always be there for her!