Car Seats By Volvo May Be The Most Amazing Thing Ever

    April 17, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Sometimes a company comes along with a concept or idea that is so absolutely amazing and yet surprisingly simplistic, you wonder why in the heck we’re just now getting it.

This is the best description of Volvo’s take on the car seat.

That’s right the car seat—that clunky piece of plastic that is meant to keep your kid safe, but is otherwise a cumbersome pain in the rear.

Volvo‘s version of the rear-facing car seat is a jaw-dropping affair when compared to today’s standard models.

It almost makes one want to run out and have children just to have an excuse to use it.


The Volvo car seat looks like it will be a lot of fun for parents and kids alike:

Volvo’s unique concept involves a car seat that can be inflated and deflated with the press of a button.

The item inflates or deflates in about forty seconds. Once deflated, it folds neatly enough to be carried around in a simple backpack.

The item is easy to store and can be carried around discreetly. When a parent is ready to use it, they can have their child buckled in within the span of about a minute.

With the Volvo prototype being so simplistic, some expect that the design will prove lightweight.

In actuality, the car seat is meant to be rather sturdy.

The fabric is made to withstand high internal pressure due to its military origin.

Originally the fabric was made as part of an “inflatable plane” concept. While the plane prototype never worked out, the material is currently a staple of the boating industry.

The fabric of the car seat is thought capable of withstanding serious damage. All this while being able to fit into certain over-sized handbags.

Power and convenience? Yes, please!

There is no word as to when this concept car seat will be available for purchase, but the prototype has generated a lot of buzz on the internet.

Image via Volvo Car SA, Twitter

  • Jon

    So what happens in a crash when a piece of glass or something puts a hole in the car seat and it deflates while my child is in it? They are then thrown all over the car during a crash?

    • notinittowinit

      The car seat really is supposed to help at the moment of impact. If after impact, it is hit by a glass piece (from where, I dont know, because car glass shatters into harmless circular pieces), I would assume your car would have come to a complete stop, with all air bags deployed.. and a deflated car seat wont matter, because it would have done its job.

  • John Berk

    I guess that’s cool. Although it seems to me that if you’ve got a child that small, you really don’t need another backpack to carry around with you. What you really need is a child seat that turns into a stroller – which already exists in several different forms.

    • notinittowinit

      This seat is great for people who travel, and need to take it on planes, and in foreign cars, where there are no car seats available (3rd world countries). I’ve lugged car seats before, and unless you have done it, you wouldn’t know.

  • Ic0mment

    What about a robot that turns into a skyscraper?

  • Dee

    So what happens if there is a hole in the car seat and you can’t use it because it won’t inflate or there is an issue with the mechanism and it won’t inflate? In theory this sounds like an awesome idea but I think there are too many variables that can make it too dangerous or somewhat of a gamble (assuming poor design or if it’s just unreliable).