Candace Cameron Bure Supporting Sadie Robertson

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Candace Cameron Bure remembers what it was like to make a mistake while competing on Dancing With the Stars, so she has taken Sadie Robertson under her wing, and has offered up support to the young Duck Dynasty star. No, Candace didn't win a mirror ball trophy, but she did well on the show. Now she's hoping to see her young friend do the same.

Last week Sadie Robertson forgot of bit of the choreography during one of her performances. She really beat herself up for it after the show.

"So I had a little blackout Monday night and that never happens to me and I was texting [Candace]…she was so sweet about it and very helpful," Sadie Robertson said during a recent interview.

Candace Cameron Bure told Sadie that she had experienced the same thing a few times while on Dancing With the Stars. She admits that helping Sadie cope during her times of stress makes her feel good.

Sadie has also become very close friends with Candace Cameron Bure's daughter Natasha.

“Natasha is my age and so we’ve been hanging out a lot, she’s become one of my really good friends," she says.

It must be heartwarming to both Sadie Robertson and her family to know that someone like the former Full House star is looking out for Sadie's best interests. The families share the same strong Christian values, so there's no question that Candace is providing Sadie with the same caliber of advice one of her parents might give.

Sadie Robertson has made it to the finals on Dancing With the Stars. Do you suppose Candace Cameron Bure and her daughter Natasha might be in the audience next week, watching Sadie as she competes for that mirror ball trophy?

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