Cancelled Shows 2012: Several Fan Favorites Won’t Return Next Season

"House", "CSI: Miami", "Alcatraz" are counted among the casualties

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Cancelled Shows 2012: Several Fan Favorites Won’t Return Next Season
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Cancelled Shows 2012: The fallout has been quite stressful and a little traumatic for fans of those shows that won’t be returning for another run next season. It’s always hard to say goodbye to the characters you’ve grown to love, even if the universe in which they dwell has only been in existence for a few short months. “Terra Nova” fans, for example, probably won’t have as hard a time dealing with the anguish that comes with a cancellation as, say, those who have been following “House” and “One Tree Hill” since the beginning.

Judging from the Twitter responses surrounding the demise of “House”, fans aren’t quite ready to say goodbye. In fact, some of them are downright angry about the news. David Shore, the show’s creator, was actually looking to wrap things up last year, though the decision was made to stretch out the storyline for one more season. Because the decision to cancel the show came early, Shore plans to give the characters the proper send-off they deserve.

// I’m just now finding out that #House has been cancelled. Truly sad news… but I think it’s time to let it end. Great show.(image) 15 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I still can’t believe #House was cancelled, that show could have easily made it for 8 more years(image) 3 days ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Gutted that #House has been cancelled! Great show and Hugh Laurie is brilliant in it. Will be sadly missed!(image) 22 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Fan favorite “Alcatraz”, the brainchild of uber producer/director J.J. Abrams, failed to hang onto the numbers generated during its debut last fall. However, Abrams devotees shouldn’t collectively kick FOX in the keister just yet; the network has apparently renewed “Fringe” for one more season. The animated version of “Napoleon Dynamite”, which also had a home at FOX, has been cancelled, as well.

A few other long-running shows are also parting ways with their networks. NBC’s “Chuck”, ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, and CBS’s “CSI: Miami” have also been kicked to the curb. “Desperate Housewives” won’t be back next season, either, though this was announced sometime last year, which should, in theory, have allowed fans to properly prepare for the show’s upcoming departure.

However, despite all of these cancellations, there are numerous reasons to keep watching the small screen. “Big Bang Theory”, “30 Rock”, “Family Guy”, “Glee”, “New Girl”, “Modern Family”, and, my personal favorite, “Nikita” have all been invited back for another season of televised entertainment. What’s amazing to me is that “America’s Funniest Home Videos” keeps chugging right along after being on-air for what seems like ages.

Additionally, several new shows have been picked up to essentially fill the void left by the programs that won’t be returning this fall. “The Carrie Diaries”, CW’s prequel to the HBO series “Sex in the City”, should be arriving next season, as well as the reboot of “Beauty and the Beast”. FOX, meanwhile, is hoping to ensnare grieving “House” fans with the medical drama “The Mob Doctor”, which stars Jordana Spiro. The trailer for the upcoming program resides above.

Below you’ll find a complete list of all the cancellations, renewals, and new arrivals, which are provided courtesy of the good folks over at TV Guide.

90210 (CW)
2 Broke Girls (CBS)
30 Rock (NBC)
The Amazing Race (CBS)
American Dad (Fox)
America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC)
America’s Next Top Model (CW)
The Bachelor (ABC)
The Bachelorette (ABC)
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
The Biggest Loser (NBC)
Blue Bloods (CBS)
Body of Proof (ABC)
Bones (Fox)
The Cleveland Show (Fox)
Castle (ABC)
Community (NBC)
Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)
Cougar Town (moving to TBS)
Criminal Minds (CBS)
Dancing With the Stars (ABC)
Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (ABC)
Family Guy (Fox)
Fashion Star (NBC)
Fringe (Fox)
Glee (Fox)
Gossip Girl (CW)
The Good Wife (CBS)
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
Grimm (NBC)
Happy Endings (ABC)
Hart of Dixie (CW)
Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)
How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
Kitchen Nightmares (Fox)
Last Man Standing (ABC)
Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
The Mentalist (CBS)
The Middle (ABC)
Mike & Molly (CBS)
Modern Family (ABC)
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)
New Girl (Fox)
Nikita (CW)
The Office (NBC)
Once Upon a Time (ABC)
Parenthood (NBC)
Parks and Recreation (NBC)
Person of Interest (CBS)
Private Practice (ABC)
Raising Hope (Fox)
Revenge (ABC)
Scandal (ABC)
Shark Tank (ABC)
Smash (NBC)
The Simpsons (Fox)
Suburgatory (ABC)
Supernatural (CW)
Survivor (CBS)
Touch (Fox)
Two and a Half Men (CBS)
Undercover Boss (CBS)
Up All Night (NBC)
The Vampire Diaries (CW)
The Voice (NBC)
Wife Swap (ABC)
Whitney (NBC)
The X Factor (Fox)

Cancelled or Ending
Alcatraz (Fox)
Allen Gregory (Fox)
Are You There, Chelsea? (NBC)
Awake (NBC)
Best Friends Forever (NBC)
Bent (NBC)
Breaking In (Fox)
Charlie’s Angels (ABC)
Chuck (NBC)
CSI: Miami (CBS)
Desperate Housewives (ABC)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)
The Finder (Fox)
The Firm (NBC)
Free Agents (NBC)
A Gifted Man (CBS)
H8R (CW)
Harry’s Law (NBC)
House (Fox)
I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Fox)
Man Up! (ABC)
Missing (ABC)
Napoleon Dynamite (Fox)
NYC 22 (CBS)
One Tree Hill (CW)
Pan Am (ABC)
The Playboy Club (NBC)
Prime Suspect (NBC)
Remodeled (CW)
Ringer (CW)
The River (ABC)
Rob (CBS)
The Secret Circle (CW)
Terra Nova (Fox)
Unforgettable (CBS)
Work It (ABC)

New Series
666 Park Avenue (ABC)
1600 Penn (NBC)
Animal Practice (NBC)
Arrow (CW)
Beauty and the Beast (CW)
Ben & Kate (Fox)
The Carrie Diaries (CW)
Chicago Fire (NBC)
Cult (CW)
Do No Harm (NBC)
Elementary (CBS)
The Family Tools (ABC)
First Cut (CW)
The Following (Fox)
Friend Me (CBS)
Go On (NBC)
The Goodwin Games (Fox)
Golden Boy (CBS)
Guys With Kids (NBC)
How to Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life (ABC)
It’s Messy (Fox)
Infamous (NBC)
Last Resort (ABC)
Made in Jersey (CBS)
Malibu Country (ABC)
The Mob Doctor (Fox)
The Neighbors (ABC)
The New Normal (NBC)
Nashville (ABC)
Next Caller (NBC)
Partners (CBS)
Red Widow (ABC)
Revolution (NBC)
Save Me (NBC)
Vegas (CBS)
Zero Hour (ABC)

CSI Miami got cancelled after 10 years, anyone sad? Did your TV shows survive the cuts?(image) 1 hour ago via Facebook ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Its shocking how many good tv shows gets cancelled yet all the reality tv bullshit remains. What do they say about small things? Yup.(image) 17 minutes ago via Twitter for Android ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Every TV show I watch after Prison Break finished gets cancelled after 1 season. Now The River is done(image) 29 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Cancelled Shows 2012: Several Fan Favorites Won’t Return Next Season
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  • Ginny

    My husband and i love The Finder, Unforgettable, and Missing. I can’t believe that more people watch that fake reality stuff then a decent show with a plot and characters.

  • Marg

    Most aggravating is the cancellation of Harry’s Law. IT WAS THE SECOND MOST WATCHED SHOW ON ABC BUT DID NOT CATER TO CORRECT DEMOGRAPHIC. In other words it starred a fat older woman and had a bunch of intelligent characters. The MEN WHO RUN TV couldn’t understand why people watched it so they cancelled it. That is why I now pay for STARZ, HBO, SHO, etc etc. Don’t tell me that my demographic does not spend lots of cash. We just spend it on what we want.

  • lori

    wow I can’t believe that unforgetable, the finder, GCB, missing, harry’s law are going away first they take away soaps now primetime get rid of stupid reality shows bachelor & bachelorte they can crawl up & die.

  • Cheryl

    They took some of the best shows and left the stupidest shows. I cannot believe they cancelled Finder and Alcatraz. Those are the only shows I watch on FOX. What they have left now is dumb. So I bet FOX ratings plummet. No more FOX for me. The shows they are listing look BORING. Finder and Alcatraz were unique. I loved them. I bet FOX will regret these two cancellations

  • Darlene Abbate-Struss

    I agree that shows that appeal to the elders of our population have been cancelled. I am a fan of Harry’s Law and loved that it was set in Cincinnati. Pan Am, a well written show with a great cast got better with every episode. All baby boomers should protest!

  • http://5550101 She who should be obeyed

    Please don’t cancel The Finder. It is a lovely perky/quirky show with a great cast and really likable characters with a twist that don’t offend my delicate sensabilties.

  • Thumpa?!?!

    It’s sad that all the great t.v. shows get cancelled. I tend to findit very sad.

  • Victoria Bennett

    I will really miss CSI Miami. Have been a fan since the beginning. I love all of the charictors esp. H. Most of the shows are so stupid that I don’t bother much. Reality shows and adult cartoons? Really?

  • Dave Lidyoff

    The Finder and Unforgettable are great shows and they were cancelled. Yet crap like Wife Swap, Suburgatory, Vampire Diaries, Celebrity Apprentice, Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Americas Next Top Model will still be around to clutter up the airwaves. What is TV coming to?

  • Ricquietta Buckley

    It’s really a shame that Harry’s Law is being canceled. The show tackled real life law issues that were currently faced with today. And of course the trash reality shows live on to see another season. WHAT A WASTE!!!!!

  • http://www.yahoo.com womanhead

    This is B.S.My favorites shows being cancelled c.s.i. miami didn’t have a chance on sunday at 10pm,ringer left with a cliffhanger, who in the heck runs these stations? , this is totally wrong we want to watch out favorite shows not what the neilsen people say!

  • http://aol.com Lilynn

    None of these surprise me because the good shows are getting axed by this so called reality TV!! And it’s killing me. Reality TV Sucks!! Give us back the TV and the good shows you keep cancelling for this reality mess!

  • Nikki

    Please do not cancel Missing or Harry’s Law any chance of another network picking it up?

  • Marcelle J Walsh

    So disappointed that “Missing” has been cut…besides being a great travel piece on numerous European countries, Ashley Judd put her all into the role…..she not only showed tremendous appropriate emotion, she did her own stunts throughout the series.

    So tired of the same old thing……what has happened? If a show doesn’t appeal to the younger set….it is axed. When a reality show and sit-com continually get better ratings, something is wrong. I buy the same connection, yet have to pray that something of meaning and significance holds on. Very little bang for my buck!

  • Nikki

    12 out of the 37 shows that are being canceled or ending, I actually watch!! Granted, I understand some of them have been on forever and are ending, on a good note. But some of the shows they get rid of to bring in these other dumb ass shows!!! it’s ridiculous!!!! I bet money that at least half of the ‘new’ shows dont make it past episode 5!

  • Desiree

    I can’t believe that The Finder is being canceled. NOT COOL!! It is an awesome show that deserves to get another season! My favorite. (next to Bones)

    • Brad


  • Kathy

    I hate that A Gifted Man was canceled. Loved that show and also PanAm – both something very different from the usual crime shows.

  • tv hawk

    Wow, Ringer got the ax?!Sometimes I got confused with the plot, but it seemed to be an exciting show. Sara is a good actress. So glad Chelseas show did not last!!

  • Fran Day

    I’m very disappointed with the cancelation of Missing. Becca Winstone is kick butt woman,& was one of my favorites.

  • Brad

    I am really disappointed that The Finder is cancelled, although I do watch some reality tv, there is waaaay too much of it. I really enjoyed this show, it was something different, I guess in the end that’s why it got cancelled..

  • Caroline

    Noooooooooooooooooooo……… I want it to see what happen next with the RINGER series. WHYyyyyyyyyy…… This sucks!!! :(

  • Fran Day

    disappointed with cancelation of missing! my favorite show!

  • tv hawk

    Another wow, GCB not lasting longer, although I never watched it. But it got so much hype even b4 it aired, that I just knew it would last at least 2 or 3 seasons.

  • Opinionated_Bookworm

    Most of my shows got renewed, but I am sorry to see a few go. I love House, but agree that it is time to wrap it up. VERY sorry to hear that GCB got cut, that show cracks me up! Makes me laugh every time, has a great cast and writers. Also I really like Unforgettable, don’t get why they are cutting it. And they barely gave NYC 22 a chance, seemed very promising. Don’t know why they would cut it after such a short run. But stupid shows like The Bachelor seem to live forever, just makes no sense.

  • Heidi


  • Karen

    I really enjoyed Ringer and The Secret Circle, and I am sorry they are not returning. Guess someone’s trying to tell me to watch less TV…It will probably hurt the ratings, but…


    Here’s the whole thing in a nutshell… reality shows don’t take any writing actually. You come up with a premise and that’s it. Producers tell the cast what, when and how to do things. They cast the people on the show based on their loudness, naivety, assertiveness and other negative traits rather than taking the time and effort to look for good writers and good actors to put together a good show. You can’t expect for the networks to cancel reality shows entirely. These shows are proven world-wide. They didn’t get their start in America. We’re piggy-backing off of world-wide dumbness. When you feel you have a good show, you really have to voice it. Take the time to write the network and tell them that you like this or that show. The Nielsen Ratings a slanted. Do any of you participate? Case closed.

  • Judy G-P

    I can’t believe that they cancelled GCB. It is the only show that both my husband and I liked and watched together. He is from Texas and I’m from Alabama so we really enjoyed it. I sure hope another network is smart enough to pick it up.

  • steve

    What’s gonna happen with 16 and pregnant?

  • marcia

    The Bachelorette, or Bachelor, is already not that great of a show, but specialy this season, with that Emily, it sucks even more……Comon!!!!!!!! Now is really not worth watching.I don’t what the producers where thinking….

  • Jake

    Sad the Harry’s Law is being cancelled. It is the only one I watch with concistency.

  • gloria

    I agree, Harry’s Law was very enjoyable to watch, i evev dvr it. Ifeel the shows like the bachlor or bachlerett are very demeaning too women and should be taken off the air. I also would enjoy a Playhouse 90 type show, or does everything have to be reality shows.Don’t we live that every day. We need some good entertainment and Harrt’s Law with Katy Bates and company was it.

    • Francie

      harry’s law was one of the shows that surprised me on the cancellation list. it’s very enjoyable.

  • Francie

    some of the shows on both lists surprise me. others don’t.

  • leetlebeetle

    Harry’s Law is the BEST! Where do I sign the petition for its renewal? Or do we need an “Occupy” for Harry’s Law??

  • Janie

    I am devestated that GCB is cancelled! With Housewives gone, what CRAP will fill those time slots?

  • richard

    Sorry about the cancellation of Harry’s law (with the exception of the talking monkey episode).

    Who watches 30 rock? Anybody?

  • Ty

    Well this BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!! Awake, Harry’s Law and House (even though I heard Hugh Laurie was over doing it) were GREAT shows. The concept behind Awake was fantastic. Really good acting and well thought out story lines. Harry’s Law is fantastic, so bummed its leaving, but David. E. Kelly is a genious so he’ll give us something else wonderful. House was a great show but on for allot of seasons. I could see how there’s really nowhere else to take the characters. I’ll miss them all

  • Brenda

    Gifted man was one of the best shows to come out in a while. Why on earth would they canceled it, stupid people, I guess all we are going to be able to watch are reality show, I guess thats what TV is coming to. Personally I’m going to start buying DVD set of all the shows I like for when TV goes to the reality shows, I just cant stand most of them, it too bad TV has no imagination anymore:(

  • Jimmy_Doors

    I could give a crap what these idiot network programmers do, since FOX took off 24 and THE CHICAGO CODE.

  • mysticfallsdoc

    can’t believe the secret circle was canceled! they should have at least done another season to see where it goes from there. the show was really good… people say it moved slow but i totally disagree! and the season finale left everyone wanting more: adam with the crystal skull, diana leaving town, her relationship with grant, the other balcoin children, cassie’s battle with her dark magic, faye’s mom having her magic back, diana’s dad and the demons… it was honestly getting really good! what should be pointed out is that the only reason i knew about the show was because i am i vampire diaries and nikita fan… i only seen promos for the show on the CW and the only time i watch the CW r for the few shows that i like. maybe the show should have been promoted better!!

  • Sandy

    I can’t believe they cancelled Missing or The Firm! Stupid shows they kept! I will never watch 2 1/2 half men without Charlie!! And Harry’s Law!! It’s a great show.. so mad! Unforgettable!!

  • karen nalezny

    Harry’s Law and House How sad is that?

  • shelly O’Keefe

    I will miss unforgetable. Shows are never given a chance are they?

  • beamup scot

    If “House’s” ratings were still high it would be on next year. Granted, much of it was little more than a soap opera, but the medical symptoms presented and the philosophical questions posited were often spellbinding. Let’s be honest. It stayed on because of the soap opera draw. If it were only philosophy and medicine it would have been gone the first season. Idiots rule the universe. Just be glad we had House for as long as we did.

  • http://Webpronews Raylene

    THIS SUCKS!!!! GCB, Harry’s Law, Missing, and The Finder all cancelled. My eight year old son is going to be as devastated as I am over the The Finder. WEB CAMPAIGNS HERE I COME!!!!! I guess I should cancel my basic cable subscription and just subscribe to the movie channels at least they don’t cancel my favorite shows!!!!!!!

  • Lynn

    Everything I cared about is canceled except for Community. I won’t be bothering with much television last year, too disappointing when cliffhangers go unresolved.

  • David

    Can’t believe they are cancelling the shows that I watch and many of others that I know watch as well. Biggest quik is the ones that they are keeping (especially the comedys) shows I see on the list. I only watch certain shows each week and unfortunetly they are the ones that are being cancelled. Bah humbug!

    • David

      Oh also what about the cliffhangers they have left us with….sheesh! We will never know what happened now… time to get another hobby going.

  • Maritza Stancil

    Shows that Should Have Been Cancel:90210,30Rock,The Amazing Race,American Dad,America’s Next Top Model,The Bachelor,The Bachelorette,Blue Bloods,Body of Proof,The Cleveland Show,Castle,Celebrity Apprentice,Cougartown,Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment 23,Family Guy,Fashion Star,Glee,Gossip Girl,The Good Wife,Grey Anatomy,Grimm,Happy Endings,Hart of Dixie,Hawaii Five-O,Kitchen Nightmares,Last Man Standing,The Middle,Modern Family,NCIS,New Girl, Nikita,The Office,Once Upon a Time,Parenthood,Parks and Recreation,Private Practice,Raising Hope,Revenge,Scandal,Shark Tank,Smash,The Simpsons,Suburgatory,Supernatural,Survivor,Undercover Boss,Up All Night,Wife Swap,Whitney.They need to take off alot of those reality shows.Its just too many.Some shows I have never heard of.

    • Brianna

      So, what you are saying is that most of the shows should have been cancelled. I agree about the reality shows, but if you read the newspapers, and watch tv, you would know that NCIS, NCIS LA, and the Big Bang theory, are consistantly among the top 10 shows watched every week!. Some of the others are good too.

  • Sandy Sandberg

    What is wrong whit you NBC. Cancelling “Harry’s Law” is absolute nonsense. The writing and subject matter is above and beyond excellant!! Since alot of people do not read newspapers or watch the news, this program gets people involved and make them aware of inequities in our system. DO NOT CANCEL THIS PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Milton

    I did not see “Rules of Engagement” on any list. What is the status?

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