Cancelled Shows 2012: Several Fan Favorites Won’t Return Next Season

    May 26, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Cancelled Shows 2012: The fallout has been quite stressful and a little traumatic for fans of those shows that won’t be returning for another run next season. It’s always hard to say goodbye to the characters you’ve grown to love, even if the universe in which they dwell has only been in existence for a few short months. “Terra Nova” fans, for example, probably won’t have as hard a time dealing with the anguish that comes with a cancellation as, say, those who have been following “House” and “One Tree Hill” since the beginning.

Judging from the Twitter responses surrounding the demise of “House”, fans aren’t quite ready to say goodbye. In fact, some of them are downright angry about the news. David Shore, the show’s creator, was actually looking to wrap things up last year, though the decision was made to stretch out the storyline for one more season. Because the decision to cancel the show came early, Shore plans to give the characters the proper send-off they deserve.

// I’m just now finding out that #House has been cancelled. Truly sad news… but I think it’s time to let it end. Great show.(image) 15 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I still can’t believe #House was cancelled, that show could have easily made it for 8 more years(image) 3 days ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Gutted that #House has been cancelled! Great show and Hugh Laurie is brilliant in it. Will be sadly missed!(image) 22 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Fan favorite “Alcatraz”, the brainchild of uber producer/director J.J. Abrams, failed to hang onto the numbers generated during its debut last fall. However, Abrams devotees shouldn’t collectively kick FOX in the keister just yet; the network has apparently renewed “Fringe” for one more season. The animated version of “Napoleon Dynamite”, which also had a home at FOX, has been cancelled, as well.

A few other long-running shows are also parting ways with their networks. NBC’s “Chuck”, ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, and CBS’s “CSI: Miami” have also been kicked to the curb. “Desperate Housewives” won’t be back next season, either, though this was announced sometime last year, which should, in theory, have allowed fans to properly prepare for the show’s upcoming departure.

However, despite all of these cancellations, there are numerous reasons to keep watching the small screen. “Big Bang Theory”, “30 Rock”, “Family Guy”, “Glee”, “New Girl”, “Modern Family”, and, my personal favorite, “Nikita” have all been invited back for another season of televised entertainment. What’s amazing to me is that “America’s Funniest Home Videos” keeps chugging right along after being on-air for what seems like ages.

Additionally, several new shows have been picked up to essentially fill the void left by the programs that won’t be returning this fall. “The Carrie Diaries”, CW’s prequel to the HBO series “Sex in the City”, should be arriving next season, as well as the reboot of “Beauty and the Beast”. FOX, meanwhile, is hoping to ensnare grieving “House” fans with the medical drama “The Mob Doctor”, which stars Jordana Spiro. The trailer for the upcoming program resides above.

Below you’ll find a complete list of all the cancellations, renewals, and new arrivals, which are provided courtesy of the good folks over at TV Guide.

90210 (CW)
2 Broke Girls (CBS)
30 Rock (NBC)
The Amazing Race (CBS)
American Dad (Fox)
America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC)
America’s Next Top Model (CW)
The Bachelor (ABC)
The Bachelorette (ABC)
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
The Biggest Loser (NBC)
Blue Bloods (CBS)
Body of Proof (ABC)
Bones (Fox)
The Cleveland Show (Fox)
Castle (ABC)
Community (NBC)
Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)
Cougar Town (moving to TBS)
Criminal Minds (CBS)
Dancing With the Stars (ABC)
Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (ABC)
Family Guy (Fox)
Fashion Star (NBC)
Fringe (Fox)
Glee (Fox)
Gossip Girl (CW)
The Good Wife (CBS)
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
Grimm (NBC)
Happy Endings (ABC)
Hart of Dixie (CW)
Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)
How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
Kitchen Nightmares (Fox)
Last Man Standing (ABC)
Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
The Mentalist (CBS)
The Middle (ABC)
Mike & Molly (CBS)
Modern Family (ABC)
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)
New Girl (Fox)
Nikita (CW)
The Office (NBC)
Once Upon a Time (ABC)
Parenthood (NBC)
Parks and Recreation (NBC)
Person of Interest (CBS)
Private Practice (ABC)
Raising Hope (Fox)
Revenge (ABC)
Scandal (ABC)
Shark Tank (ABC)
Smash (NBC)
The Simpsons (Fox)
Suburgatory (ABC)
Supernatural (CW)
Survivor (CBS)
Touch (Fox)
Two and a Half Men (CBS)
Undercover Boss (CBS)
Up All Night (NBC)
The Vampire Diaries (CW)
The Voice (NBC)
Wife Swap (ABC)
Whitney (NBC)
The X Factor (Fox)

Cancelled or Ending
Alcatraz (Fox)
Allen Gregory (Fox)
Are You There, Chelsea? (NBC)
Awake (NBC)
Best Friends Forever (NBC)
Bent (NBC)
Breaking In (Fox)
Charlie’s Angels (ABC)
Chuck (NBC)
CSI: Miami (CBS)
Desperate Housewives (ABC)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)
The Finder (Fox)
The Firm (NBC)
Free Agents (NBC)
A Gifted Man (CBS)
H8R (CW)
Harry’s Law (NBC)
House (Fox)
I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Fox)
Man Up! (ABC)
Missing (ABC)
Napoleon Dynamite (Fox)
NYC 22 (CBS)
One Tree Hill (CW)
Pan Am (ABC)
The Playboy Club (NBC)
Prime Suspect (NBC)
Remodeled (CW)
Ringer (CW)
The River (ABC)
Rob (CBS)
The Secret Circle (CW)
Terra Nova (Fox)
Unforgettable (CBS)
Work It (ABC)

New Series
666 Park Avenue (ABC)
1600 Penn (NBC)
Animal Practice (NBC)
Arrow (CW)
Beauty and the Beast (CW)
Ben & Kate (Fox)
The Carrie Diaries (CW)
Chicago Fire (NBC)
Cult (CW)
Do No Harm (NBC)
Elementary (CBS)
The Family Tools (ABC)
First Cut (CW)
The Following (Fox)
Friend Me (CBS)
Go On (NBC)
The Goodwin Games (Fox)
Golden Boy (CBS)
Guys With Kids (NBC)
How to Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life (ABC)
It’s Messy (Fox)
Infamous (NBC)
Last Resort (ABC)
Made in Jersey (CBS)
Malibu Country (ABC)
The Mob Doctor (Fox)
The Neighbors (ABC)
The New Normal (NBC)
Nashville (ABC)
Next Caller (NBC)
Partners (CBS)
Red Widow (ABC)
Revolution (NBC)
Save Me (NBC)
Vegas (CBS)
Zero Hour (ABC)

CSI Miami got cancelled after 10 years, anyone sad? Did your TV shows survive the cuts?(image) 1 hour ago via Facebook ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Its shocking how many good tv shows gets cancelled yet all the reality tv bullshit remains. What do they say about small things? Yup.(image) 17 minutes ago via Twitter for Android ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Every TV show I watch after Prison Break finished gets cancelled after 1 season. Now The River is done(image) 29 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

  • Edwin

    I finder was a great show and did not even get a chance, that so sucks.

    • Zach

      I agree! Loved that show, should avhe given it another season to get an audience like they did w./ BONES; and because it’s gone.. I will no longer be watching ANY shows on FOX… PERIOD! I’m done w/ network TV @ this point, only on-demand, cable networks, or netflix streaming for me!

      • Peg

        I so agree–The Finder was definitely one of Fox’s best shows, they should have given it a chance. Nothing else they put on is going to be much better!

        • William

          I agree, Finder was one of the outstanding
          shows of the season. Makes a person wonder what
          kind of executives run the major networks.

          • Stephanie

            Finder was so much fun… total crap that they do not give these shows more of a chance… One of the main things that hurt Finder was the fact that Bones was re-runs for to much of the time so there was no solid lead show!

          • KarinJoy

            I will really miss the Finder. It was a very entertaining show with good acting! I also loved the River and Terra Nova. Happens every year, a few of my favorites disappear.

          • mike s

            finder was a great show…had a good following considering no solid lead in. with as many people that watched it – like 4million….the CW should pick it up and put it on a good night.

            the firm – really liked it very smart show. both of these needed at least one more year.

            unforgettable…needed one more year.

            most bummed about the finder of these three…as it was great wholesome show. has to really pay attn to the firm as it was continuous like 24 the who way thru.

          • http://mmissing Simjo

            i am so mad that missing got canceled
            it was mine and my familys favorite show becca would do anything to get her son id do anything to get missing back on tv

      • terrier16

        Agree totally. Soon network TV will be all reality because it’s CHEAP to produce but stinks. Also now a 60 min show is actually 35 minutes the rest are ads–I DVR what little I watch. I think Netflix stream is great NO ads and cheap $7.99.

        • KassyVa

          I can’t believe that a lot of the shows I love got cancelled. The Secret Circle, Ringer, Finder, Missing and others. It never fails I love a show and it is cancelled. How about getting rid of the Bachelor and Bachelorette do I really have to sit through watching men and women being fake. People may love the show but I don’t. Others on the renewed list should go.

        • michelle

          i can’t believe they are cancelling missing. that is the best new show this year. it was the one show that i think everyone i work with watched. what is wrong with this network. they have lost their minds.

    • http://www.youravon.com/tabithawillette tabitha

      I totaly agree i love that show

    • JJ

      I agree! The Finder was great! They should have given it one more season. I knew when they moved it to Friday, it was dead though. It was such a qwirky show that should have been given another year!!

    • Radical

      The Finder was one of my favorite new shows. I can’t believe it’s not being renewed.

    • Roogie

      Try reading some books people, maybe even read the constitution, keep an eye on the police state growing around you. Morons.

      • ajm

        TROLL… If you don’t like this, go away. Read the Constitution? Ever heard of the 1st Amendment? You know, free speech? YOU go read the constitution! Talk about a moron!

    • Joni

      I really enjoyed Finders. It was different and not so dark as alot of shows are. It had comedy but dealt with some interesting cases. I also enjoyed Unforgettable and am disappointed that it was cancelled.

    • Peter of Guilford

      The Finder, Unforgettable, The River, House, Terra Nova, Alcatraz, A Gifted Man, Harrys Law, The Firm. Great shows gone! I hope they at least filmed a show that would tie up all the loose ends ahead of time especially for a show such as Alcatraz (WTF where did they go for all those years??)’Why should we invest our time if the networks have no patients to follow thru with their unwritten promise to continue entertaining us. Networks are not meeting my expectations and I will have a difficult time investing myself next season only to be disappointed again. HBO, Showtime, Cinemax seem to be the way to go if you want longevity and completion!

    • mk

      I couldn’t agree more. It was like Psych and House morphed! I’m really, really bummed.

    • Wendy

      I agree, loved that show!

    • sandy skjordal

      I agree the finder was an awesome show..

  • http://Yahoo JLR

    I hate that HARRY’S LAW is cancelled. I hope another network will pick it up. It’s one of my favorites!!!

    • dianne

      Harry’s Law is the best

      • Sue Anne Cummings

        I love Harry’s Law. Alot worse shows are staying.

        • Candis

          I love Harry’s Law. I was a joy to watch. Why take a good show off and leave shows that just have to substance.

      • Jim

        Harry’s Law was one of the best legal series on television! I hope it gets picked up on the USA network. NBC never promoted the show properly to build up viewers.

        • Doreen

          I couldn’t agree more. Shows like Harry Law deserve at least more than one season. It was more reality than reality is nowadays!!

          • Cindy

            I love Harry’s Law! This show is in a class of it’s own. Kathy Bates is a great actress. I am so sad to see this show go. I guess if you are not a reality show, or a show that has lots of sexual innuendo, then you are not good enough to keep (I also loved Friday Night Lights, and that got cancelled last year)

          • Gee

            Harry’s law was one of my favorite but I saw this coming. It was not one season but two. However this season killed the show the first season was amazing then this season the show turned into another round the mill legal drama witha totally diffrent cast. Watch the first season if you really liked this show. I promise the first season was the best.

          • JoAnn

            I was mortified to find Harrys Law was cancelled
            It was one of my favorites. Never missed an episode

        • Sherille

          Harry’s Law was the best new show! Kathy Bates is exceptional, not to mention the rest of the cast! Sometimes it makes you wonder if the “executives” that make the renewals and cancellations really know what they are doing!!! I love Blue Bloods, Person of Interest, Harry’s Law, it is such a shame to lose them all.

    • sonny

      Harry’s Law was one of the better shows this year’why did they drop it? They keep the stupid shows and drop the good ones.

      • BrxMan

        Harry’s law has been GREAT since they first appeared in shoe store and into full fledged law firm..with great characters and character..this is what happens when empty suits in tower make empty decisions..they should be held in contempt of court and sentenced by jury of associates in Harry’s Court..I just cannot believe this..it is unconscionable..Decisions made by shooting darts at dart board… and they keep some of the other worthless reality shows WHY ???

        • blanca

          Harry’s Law: too smart a show! Dumb Bachelors and Bachelorettes should go, this is the dumbing down of America.

          • http://yahoo deanna russell

            i agree with you blanca, i look for gifted actors on a show telling a story, like reading a book. not these ordinary people making fools out of themselves on poorly scripted shows. what is the education level of americans these days?

          • ajm

            Just like Boston Legal before it. I am starting to think NBC is trying to lose viewers. Whoever is creating the shows of this caliber needs to find a network that appreciates their work, and the fans will come along. Harry’s Law was the *most watched* scripted show on TV, and NBC dumped it. Real smart move.

            I guess we’ll all have to dumb ourselves down and start watching Bachelor[ette], Idol, Voice, Dancing With The Stars, and other mindless garbage.

      • jan mauzy

        Harry’s Law is one of the best shows on TV. It deals with the current happenings and the family feeling is good. It has no violence like other shows you keep year after year! I’m very disappointed!!! Jan Mauzy

        • Tracy

          I completely agree sick to death of these shows!!!

        • linda yanick

          I am so sorry about the cancellation of Harry’s Law. It is such an interesting and enjoyable show. Kathy Bates is such a delight to watch. Everyone on the show did a great job,I really looked forward to watching it every week. I can’t believe they would cancell just a great show.Whoever did this I wish they would reconsider!!!

      • cathy

        never watched it, never seen an advertised either

      • wilda

        I loved Harry Law

    • pat


    • Paul V

      Amen. Right up there with The Good Wife.

    • tv hawk

      I like Harrys Law!! I really just started watching it since they moved it to Sundays. Such an interesting show!!

    • tera gram

      Harrys Law would have survived many seasons as a Boston Legal clone….what is the matter NBC cant you see a hit when you make one!

      • shadow

        Suggest everyone contact the sponsors of Harry’s Law and say you won’t buy their product/service if show is cancelled.Money talks!

      • Jim


    • sneebster@yahoo.com

      Why Harry’s Law to be cancelled, one the season’s best shows last year.

      • Sheryl

        I agree!! I love Harry’s Law and I do not understand why it is being canceled.

        • M Coleman

          I love Harry’s law such a shame to be canceled. I know
          many people who feel the same way. Please find someone
          that will continue this great show. NBC you don’t know good shows thats why your last

    • Elaine

      Harry’s Law, The Finder, and Unforgettable were my favorites. I cannot stand reality shows….so guess these affiliates will lose my business, don’t think they care, though

      • Roseann Moser


    • Yvette

      I was just starting to like Harry’s law again. After they changed all the people in the storyline it took a minute to get me back….but i did come back..maybe to late.

    • Gabby

      I’m with you. I just love the whole cast. I’m very sad.

    • Annette

      I love Harry’s Law. The writing wasn’t as good last season but it still beats almost everything else out there. Especially reality shows – HATE THEM.

    • jazz

      I loved Harry’s Law… it was a great show. Kathy Bates was the best. Alof of the cancelled shows, the networks are making a HUGE mistake. And keeping the reality shows is nuts, along with the stupid “adult” cartoon shows.

  • Crimson

    Truly sucks that Alcatraz won’t be back. Great concept. Now I’ll never know what happened. Thanks Fox!

    • Lynn

      Yeah. I really liked Alcatraz. I was looking forward to seeing if Rebecca Madsen, the main detective, survived being shot by her grandfather. This sucks. I’m just glad that Sons of Anarchy did not get cut.

      • http://N/A Cody

        The problem with TV is that it has become pure money as long as a show gets some form of ratings they are happy. T.v shows like sons of anarchy,falling skies,and the walking dead will survive because they cut through the ratings crap and present an actual story its like watching your favorite book play out in front of your eyes. anyone wondering sons of anarchy will at least be around til their 6 season FX has renewed it til then.

  • LuAnne Schaper

    I can noit believe that CSI Miami,Missing and Harry’s Law are being cancelled.. Three of the best shows on T.V. and people watch them.. Are the excutives crazy.. If you want to cancel a show,then cancel Whitney and Don’t trust the B in Apt 23.. Can not stand either of them…
    Please do not cancel my favorite shows..

    • Loviee

      How can there really be a 2nd season for Missing? Once she finds her son the show will be useless. And if she never finds her son, the show will probably lose viewers… It’s an awesome show and one of my favorites, but I always wondered that about the show. Just like that show with Taye Diggs called Day Break. Shows like that really can’t go on for season after season without getting repetitive.

      • Susan

        I think you might be forgeting about the creative writing. As with 24, no one understood where it would go but the creativity was enough to get fans watching. As well as How I met your Mother, which is sort of along those lines. I mean one season simply isn’t enough. The character on Missing could have had so many options. Being CIA and getting her son back may have been the begining. Maybe a “missing” link to her past. Just wish they didn’t cut so quickly. Too much reality tv!!

        • Leigh

          Agreed!! Might as well not get vested into anymore TV shows. They will get canceled…

    • Sally Murphy

      NO WAY not Harry’s Law…. Really?????? That is a GR88888T show and will be truly missed. Darn the Luck!!!!!

      • tv hawk

        Exactly!! What do these execs want from a show??!! Renew Harrys Law!!!

        • http://adobeglobaldigitaladvertisingq12012update tom ayers

          will definitely miss harry’s law

        • PB

          Obviosly they don’t like shows that you have to have an IQ to watch!!! They rather you brain burns out on some of the CRAP that they r keeping on. Will miss Harry’s Law

          • http://yahoo deanna russell


    • Tv Fan

      I agree – cancel the shows that are truly annoying! A lot of the reality shows like Bachelor and Bachelorette should also be done with – quite annoying that people can be so desperate! Keep the good shows with good plots – not dumb shows!

      • Grandma4

        U R right. those reality shows can go. I love to watch Chuck, but it was getting stupid. I can’t believe The Batchelor and Batchelorette, The Cleveland Show, Cougar Town and some of those other shows are staying.

        • Matthew

          Cougar Town is an amazing show.

      • Ice

        I agree cancel all the reality shows. What do people get out watching rich people make idiots out of there selves. Put the cancelled shows back on and cancell the reality shows

    • memegee

      I gree, Harry’s Law is the best! I also hate to see CSI Miami gone too. I hate the Bachelor and the Bachelorette that’s just people trying to on TV!!…… They could easily get rid of all the reality shows!!! Who cares about their lives,heck, we all got lives to live that’s just as important as theirs!! LOL

    • sneebster@yahoo.com

      Agreed. Keep quality shows on tv like Harry’s Law. Get rid of trash tv like wife swap and 2 broke girls

  • http://all Pam

    I agree with Kobus Harmse. All of the reality shows are awful. I had to watch one survivor show. All those are so dumb. They do not look real and are just plain unreal. Who cares which brides dress or bridesmaid dress they pick. Who cares who gets picked out all the choices to be the next chef, designer, or singer. I do not find those shows in the least entertaining. I am really getting tired of watching reruns just because there is nothing worth watching on tv anymore!!!!

  • Jennifer

    Your article says Touch is cancelled, yet is on your renewed list.

    • Kathy

      I read it and checked on fox.com touch is coming back, but on friday at 8

      • peter

        Friday night is like a death row for shows. Touch is such a unique show with unbelievable writing. We will all be disappointed when it leaves us after next season.

  • Loviee

    I think American Idol and America’s next top model should go away. They are getting old and repetitive. I had a feeling ABC’s “Missing” would only air one season being that it’s more like a continuous movie rather than a show. It’s still a great one though!

  • Richard

    I can,t belive they cancelled The Finder and left on American Dad and that other crap cartoon show.Friday night was Fox night for me,not anymore! I’m giveing up on T.V. Shows too many ads on now anyway and anything you do start to wacth and is good they will cancel it anyway.Thank the geeks for DVD,s…end of line…………………

  • Chris

    Unforgettable was one of the highest rated shows on tv this year. What the heck people!!! I think someone got their wires crossed. Not good.

    • Toni

      I so agree…I LOVE Unforgettable. It is such a great show. Why do we need the cartoons and the unreality “REALITY” shows? Stupid.

      • LOUISE

        They appeal to juvenile minds which seem to be a good part of hollywood these days. Oh yeah, cartoons and reality shows are cheap to make.

        • Norma

          Harry’s Law is really a good show….NBC no wonder you
          can’t raise your ratings……keep the boring and get rid of the interesting…does that make since???Not good…

    • Brandy

      I LOVE Unforgetable! When Private Practice moved, it caused a conflict, but that’s why there’s dvr’s, right?

  • http://YAHOO.COM clayton hickey

    somebody out there make some tv westerns their no more violent than anyother drama shows thats on now. oh but thats what everybody wants to see these days that or sex,some young girl being raped or a child being molested.come on find some of the old writers from Gunsmoke,Bonanza,Big Valley,Maverick,Rawhide, the list goes on you know the good stuff not this crap thats on now.the sit-coms are not even funny anymore.it’s crap…..

    • TBTBM

      Here’s why the shows are dumber and dumber… WE WATCH THEM. Shows have to compete with each other and pressure the networks to air more and more filth. There was a time on TV when making fun of someone was not as common as seeing the person show themselves as funny to the audience. Now there are more and more one-liners used to put someone down. There was a time when sex was assumed and left to the imagination, now it’s soft porn spread all over the screen. Used to be a time when the violence was assumed and now there’s blood splattered all over the screen. There’s a saying that refers to drugs and alcohol… “If you’re dumb enough to use it, I’m dumb enough to sell it.”

  • Patricia Thompson

    I can’t believe they are cancelling Alcatraz. At least they can do is bring it back for a 2 hr finale. Now we will never know if Rebecca lived.

    • Gail Moreau

      I agree with you Patricia…they should have at least some type of finale to see if Rebecca lives and how the warden and how the prisioners & the guards came back from 1963. I found it a very interesting show.

    • mark

      I totally agree. I enjoyed Alcatraz. Bring us a 2hr finally!

  • JvilleSuz

    Seriously… some of the best shows on the tube are being cancelled??? Unforgettable – excellent show, Prime Suspect – not as good as unforgettable but really good as is Alcatraz… and my favorite of all time The Finder! Really Fox – why not try them in a better time slot – go a little mainstream and that show would be #1. Quirky, funny… make the reality shows go away.

  • cindy

    I am upset that GCB was cancelled! It was hilarious! My family loved Missing and were pretty pissed about that too. They finally gave us 3 decent shows and only 1 made it to season 2 (Revenge). All the crap is still on (Survivor, Idol etc) Come on ABC wake up!

    • Alicia

      I love GCB too! I was beginning to think no one else liked it since they weren’t commenting. It is soo funny :(

      • amanda

        I love GCB; Kristin is so cute and a terrific actress! I hats that they are canceling. Tons of my friends love it to.

        • dave

          I think GCB was the funniest show on tv. It shows how ABC will cave when some stuck-up bible tooting NUT writes in and threatens to boycot sponsers. ABC grow a pair. Dave

    • tina

      i love GCB. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!

    • Sheri

      I love GCB! I can’t believe they are cancelling it. They need to bring it back.

    • Angie

      I agree. I loved GCB even my husband would watch it with me and laugh. Now where will I get my laughs on sunday.

      • jazz

        I loved GCB too, the characters were hilarious. These networks have gone CRAZY…cancelling the great shows and leaving on the stupid ones. They need to pull their heads out of their asses.

  • http://armandonortez@yahoo.com Armando Nortez Sr

    CSI Miami Is Still Very Popular Show Canceling It is Stupid!!!
    I Watch it Every Week!!!

    • Kellie

      I agree, CSI: Miami was the second most watched of the CSI trilogy. They kept New York although it has lower ratings because it was less expensive to produce. They should have given Miami at least one more season to give the characters a proper good-bye.

  • John

    I agree with Loviee, Missing is a great show, but what happens when Michael is safely secured? I wonder if they’re filming a happy ending to this story.

  • http://WebProNews Carol

    It makes me sick HARRY’S LAW is being cancelled. This show has something to say and has a FANTASTIC CAST. To cancel a show just because the advertisers say the audience is older makes me sick!!! When a show is such good quality it seems to get the ax. My son is 25 and loves this show. Wake up advertisers, older people buy your products too.

    • CJ

      I fully agree. KEEP HARRY’S LAW! I am 34 and LOVE the show and have gotten my husband as well as my mom and husband’s mom watching it. We all buy products just the same as well. Get rid of the dumb, ‘fluff’ shows like all the ‘reality’ shows–really–have you ever seen anyone’s life like that? Want to get away from real life? Watch a good movie but don’t add more of these shows that “we” supposedly enjoy. Not even my younger friends in the 18-24 year old demographic watch all those reality shows!

    • Sonjiav

      They have done the same thing with many shows over the years. For instance, Dr. Quinn in the 90’s. Canceled because it wasn’t drawing the right group of people. Fans fought for years to get that back and it didn’t work. The top people think they know everything except they are not us. We know what we want and it isn’t all these reality shows, especially the Bachlor type trash. Give me a break and now CW canceled The Secret Circle. They built it up til you were on the edge of your seat waiting for next week and then – boom – it’s gone. Insane?????

  • Eric

    First off Im glad to see some of the shows go,but how in the world can Family Guy,Simpsons and The Office survive.And what i think is the best new show in a long time Touch gets axed,I agree American Idol needs to go same crap every year.Randy Jackson cannot think of anything else to say but Yo, He thinks he’s Simon and has to be the ass hole and Steven tyler is just a sleezy pervert.Networks need to re-think their decisions.

  • Robin

    Am I the only one that LOOOOVED GCB??! It was hilarious, witty, and down right funny. So sad! RIP, GCB! You will be missed!

  • Jim

    Sure gonna miss GCB…Loved the show. At least you kept some of the good ones….and many crappy ones….sheesh!

    • Nikki

      Agree. I actually really enjoyed Pan Am too, the least they could have done was move it maybe to ABC Family or they should have put it on there to begin with! I will miss them for sure. I’m surprised they kept “Don’t Trust The B” because I think that show looks stupid, but who knows it might surprise me and be hilarious.

  • Marilyn

    I am shocked that House is ending, although i figured it after they changed everything and HL said “He was tired of doing it”….But they leave those crappy reality type shows on, but always take off the good ones…or the really stupid shows that have no plot or nothing. The only shows i watched on normal channels was House,Vampire Diaries and Glee…nad the last show of House 21st is going to suck,..i think….putting House back in prision and Wilson going to die….geez…that is not a good way to end it..

  • Rick

    CSI: Miami was cancelled because it moved to Sunday nights where nothing is ever shown “on-time” on CBS. CBS needs to get there **** straight and realize that football never ends until 7:30. Stop scheduling shows beginning at 7:00. Start Sunday night programming at 8:00. Had they done this before, CSI: Miami may have survived.

    • Mike

      I agree with this 100%. A good show – just as good as the other CSI’s, but a horrible time slot.
      I DVR’d the show, but never got to watch it since the programs before it over – ran their time (i.e. football).
      Sad. No more “H-isms”!

  • Barbara

    I can’t believe the Terra Nova, Pan Am, Alcatraz, Ringer, The Secret Circle, GCB, Extreme Makeover Harry’s Law, The Finder, and Awake, and House are going to end. That sucks!

    • Glo

      Terra Nova was great….I DVR’d the whole season cause I was taking trips & too busy to watch. But when I did, I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode. This is one show that will be realized later on that it should have continued. Besides with Spielberg having part, how could it not be great

      • Gee

        Ringer was the best, I was so looking forward to next season. I really do not invest too much in anything NBC but I thought CW was more loyal. Ringer was the best new show. The one show that leaves you wanting more every single week, never a dull episode. I can’t believe it. I was a fan of Vampire diaries but it got stupid, they should have cancelled that instead and left Ringer.

  • Ryan

    Law and Order SVU should have been at the top of the axee list! The acting is some of the worst on television! This show is absolutely horrible.

  • http://cwtv.com Paloma

    i disagree for cancelling Ringer and the Secret Cirlce those shows were sp suspesful and they left it hanging on a good episode i really hope another network will pick it up oh please do i really loved those shows especially Ringer its so unfair they leave those ridiclous reality shows and that new one that is clearly boring (La Complex) cancels that one and bring back RINGER and THE SECRET CIRLCE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tracy G

      I agree completely seriously I am fed up to my eyeballs with reality shows and The Secret Circle was one of my favorites

    • Monique

      I can’t believe they left Ringer hanging like that!! I am soooo tired of ANTM, American Idol, American Dad (really, wtf) and omg those reality shows suck!! Who cares who’s looking for love or whatever. Bring back some quality TV. And seriously 90210, they should’ve left it in the 90’s and i’m 26. CSI Miami, Ringer, Vampire Diaries, House and Secret Cirle were the only reasons I watched tv. Guess I’m back to watching movies

    • Janet

      I agree that Ringer is such a great show. Does that mean we will be left up in the air with the ending? I would also love to see it get picked up by another network. Also, love the suspense of Circle of Friends as well.
      As Paloma said sbove, there are some really ridiculis shows on.
      Like some of the Housewives reality shows. And some of the stars putting out their dirty laundry for us to see. Must be getting desperate to be on television. What has happened to television? Put on som good old fashion entertainment.

  • Carolyn

    TV sucks! There are very few QUALITY shows. So-called reality shows should be banned.

  • Rhonda

    I cannot believe “stupid, mindless, cannot act” shows like 2 Broke Girls is renewed but good “use your brain” shows like Alkatraz are cancelled!? Really!?!?!?

  • Lisa

    Wow. No one mentioned A Gifted Man! I love Dr Holt!! It was like his conscience got to him, aka dead wife. And unforgettable?? But I’m glad Touch is on Friday at 8. Having it across from POI meant I never saw it.The finder is great too! Axe the stupid reality shows. Or is this our sign that intelligent life is fading quickly? Want a reality show, just turn on the local news!

  • Star

    I can’t believe I won’t get to see Horatio anymore~~I am such a huge fan of CSI Miami!! Sadly disappointed….

    • http://yahoo Betty Elder


      • dd

        The Gifted Man was one of the very best new shows this year. Classy plots, good writing, great actors. So they take that off and leave on stupid shows. I am so disappointed.

  • Diane

    I can’t believe that A Gifted Man has been cancelled. This was a great show with a wonderful cast. While I love many of the CBS shows, they goofed on this one.

  • Curtis Wilson

    Very upset over CSI Miami, The Finder and Harry’s Law. 3 of the best dramas on television. But they are keeping Glee – didn’t they graduate from high school this season. It should be over. Just like Fame. Once you graduate from the Glee squard – it’s pretty much over – right. Also, they have 2 Gordon Ramseys shows on. That’s not fair. I don’t know. I’m a little upset at Hollywood right now.

  • WTF

    WTH House should NOT be cancelled EVER!! i Dont care if Hugh Laurie is 98 yrs old i would STILL watch house. They pushed it expecially for me by cancelling CSI: MIAMI now Horacio’s signature shades will kick their a$$e$. Now i hate TV THANKS ALOT. YOU GUYS SUCK

  • Rita

    I will miss CSI Miami. I have love Horatio for years. I hope someone reconsiders this decision. I am heartbroken.

  • Jeff

    Cancelling Finder really sucks as well as cancelling Alcatraz. These were great shows. At least Fringe is still on. I guess that will be the only regular TV show i will be watching on Friday nights.

  • Karen

    I’m gonna miss Harry’s Law. I really liked watching this show, there were some surprises. My favorite show was when they were in competion with another law firm at an annual dinner. Enjoyed that immensely. Oh, well.

  • Lavonne Tippen

    What is going on? Cancelling House, CSI Miami, The Finder, and Harry’s Law is the wrong thing to do. You should have cancelled Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Suburgatory, and others instead. You should let the people vote on the cancelations. We know what we like, not you.

  • David


  • Cate

    I’ve got an idea….read a book!

  • brent guillot

    When GCB was cancelled the entire gay community GASPED!!!

  • littlewing

    I am getting sick and tired of the reality shows, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!! Clearly anything that is compelling, thoughtful and creative gets the ax. Come on, stop the epidemic of the ‘Dumbing Down’ of viewers. God, I’m am sick of it… This is why I own a Roku I don’t have to deal with the volume adjusted commercials, that blare out to convince us to purchase more crap. Get your heads on straight guys and stop serving us mindless and meaningless programs. At the rate you are going, television will be something of the past, I see it coming.

  • Tim Wallace

    They are just TV shows for god’s sake. Stressful for fans? Gimme a break

  • Ray Martin

    Harry’s Law cancelled. Here is another STUPID mistake made by NBC management. Well now I have no reason to watch NBC at all.

    • Shaina Weathersby

      The only 2 shows I watch on there is up all night & whitney what happened to NBC theyre horrible.

  • Shaina Weathersby

    WOW…Really going to cancel Missing, Alcatraz, and Prime Suspect well not happy about that. What happened to Detroit Blue I think it was called that good. Im with everyone else tired of these reality shows theyre so stupid. All those bachelor shows nobody ever stays together so whats the point. I love my on demand fast forward thru commecials & shift through all the retarded shows out there. Who does these ratings anyway they suck.

  • Len

    I didn’t see American Idol on any list. What’s their status?

  • Clair

    Absolutely CRAZY! GCB is one of the out-loud funniest shows on tv, Unforgetable and Missing are two really good dramas and my favorite CSI Miami, cancelled? Hey networks good luck with advertising and getting people to watch tv, the reality shows are too much and not everybody wants to see a reality show every night.

  • Craig

    I’m still mourning the cancellation of “Charlies Angels”. And now “Unforgetable”? That’s just unforgiveable!

  • Saydie

    Why watch the Bachelorette this season when you can read all about it on the internet. Jef and Sean are the final two. It has already been announced. Arie was in the final three until it was found out he had been previously dating one of the staff with the show. It’s nothing but a joke. It’s all over the internet. Why watch it.

  • Lili (W. T.)

    I will never understand why shows which are well written, directed and have incredible cast members are thrown by the wayside and yet garbage and bulls**t (including comedies needing canned laughter to prompt unreal responses)continue to remain! I tip my hat to Hugh Laurie (“You Go Guy!” :-) with your music, acting and directing–you’re a character and this world NEEDS characters!) and the entire cast of “House”. They ARE (Not WERE!) Superb! I also loved “Harry’s Law” and “A Gifted Man” I know in all cases, this will not be the last time we will see and hear about the actors involved. LOVE and GOOD WISHES to them ALL!



  • http://webpronews Donna

    I so agree with the disappointment over great shows like Harry’s Law that actually make a point while trash like Whitney and others that spend most of the show in bed or making raw comments prevail. I’d just as soon have less so called “reality” as well. They are so fake and have no point to them! Bring back good action and drama any time!

  • darlene


  • Ginny

    My husband and i love The Finder, Unforgettable, and Missing. I can’t believe that more people watch that fake reality stuff then a decent show with a plot and characters.

  • Marg

    Most aggravating is the cancellation of Harry’s Law. IT WAS THE SECOND MOST WATCHED SHOW ON ABC BUT DID NOT CATER TO CORRECT DEMOGRAPHIC. In other words it starred a fat older woman and had a bunch of intelligent characters. The MEN WHO RUN TV couldn’t understand why people watched it so they cancelled it. That is why I now pay for STARZ, HBO, SHO, etc etc. Don’t tell me that my demographic does not spend lots of cash. We just spend it on what we want.

  • lori

    wow I can’t believe that unforgetable, the finder, GCB, missing, harry’s law are going away first they take away soaps now primetime get rid of stupid reality shows bachelor & bachelorte they can crawl up & die.

  • Cheryl

    They took some of the best shows and left the stupidest shows. I cannot believe they cancelled Finder and Alcatraz. Those are the only shows I watch on FOX. What they have left now is dumb. So I bet FOX ratings plummet. No more FOX for me. The shows they are listing look BORING. Finder and Alcatraz were unique. I loved them. I bet FOX will regret these two cancellations

  • Darlene Abbate-Struss

    I agree that shows that appeal to the elders of our population have been cancelled. I am a fan of Harry’s Law and loved that it was set in Cincinnati. Pan Am, a well written show with a great cast got better with every episode. All baby boomers should protest!

  • http://5550101 She who should be obeyed

    Please don’t cancel The Finder. It is a lovely perky/quirky show with a great cast and really likable characters with a twist that don’t offend my delicate sensabilties.

  • Thumpa?!?!

    It’s sad that all the great t.v. shows get cancelled. I tend to findit very sad.

  • Victoria Bennett

    I will really miss CSI Miami. Have been a fan since the beginning. I love all of the charictors esp. H. Most of the shows are so stupid that I don’t bother much. Reality shows and adult cartoons? Really?

  • Dave Lidyoff

    The Finder and Unforgettable are great shows and they were cancelled. Yet crap like Wife Swap, Suburgatory, Vampire Diaries, Celebrity Apprentice, Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Americas Next Top Model will still be around to clutter up the airwaves. What is TV coming to?

  • Ricquietta Buckley

    It’s really a shame that Harry’s Law is being canceled. The show tackled real life law issues that were currently faced with today. And of course the trash reality shows live on to see another season. WHAT A WASTE!!!!!

  • http://www.yahoo.com womanhead

    This is B.S.My favorites shows being cancelled c.s.i. miami didn’t have a chance on sunday at 10pm,ringer left with a cliffhanger, who in the heck runs these stations? , this is totally wrong we want to watch out favorite shows not what the neilsen people say!

  • http://aol.com Lilynn

    None of these surprise me because the good shows are getting axed by this so called reality TV!! And it’s killing me. Reality TV Sucks!! Give us back the TV and the good shows you keep cancelling for this reality mess!

  • Nikki

    Please do not cancel Missing or Harry’s Law any chance of another network picking it up?

  • Marcelle J Walsh

    So disappointed that “Missing” has been cut…besides being a great travel piece on numerous European countries, Ashley Judd put her all into the role…..she not only showed tremendous appropriate emotion, she did her own stunts throughout the series.

    So tired of the same old thing……what has happened? If a show doesn’t appeal to the younger set….it is axed. When a reality show and sit-com continually get better ratings, something is wrong. I buy the same connection, yet have to pray that something of meaning and significance holds on. Very little bang for my buck!

  • Nikki

    12 out of the 37 shows that are being canceled or ending, I actually watch!! Granted, I understand some of them have been on forever and are ending, on a good note. But some of the shows they get rid of to bring in these other dumb ass shows!!! it’s ridiculous!!!! I bet money that at least half of the ‘new’ shows dont make it past episode 5!

  • Desiree

    I can’t believe that The Finder is being canceled. NOT COOL!! It is an awesome show that deserves to get another season! My favorite. (next to Bones)

    • Brad


  • Kathy

    I hate that A Gifted Man was canceled. Loved that show and also PanAm – both something very different from the usual crime shows.

  • tv hawk

    Wow, Ringer got the ax?!Sometimes I got confused with the plot, but it seemed to be an exciting show. Sara is a good actress. So glad Chelseas show did not last!!

  • Fran Day

    I’m very disappointed with the cancelation of Missing. Becca Winstone is kick butt woman,& was one of my favorites.

  • Brad

    I am really disappointed that The Finder is cancelled, although I do watch some reality tv, there is waaaay too much of it. I really enjoyed this show, it was something different, I guess in the end that’s why it got cancelled..

  • Caroline

    Noooooooooooooooooooo……… I want it to see what happen next with the RINGER series. WHYyyyyyyyyy…… This sucks!!! :(

  • Fran Day

    disappointed with cancelation of missing! my favorite show!

  • tv hawk

    Another wow, GCB not lasting longer, although I never watched it. But it got so much hype even b4 it aired, that I just knew it would last at least 2 or 3 seasons.

  • Opinionated_Bookworm

    Most of my shows got renewed, but I am sorry to see a few go. I love House, but agree that it is time to wrap it up. VERY sorry to hear that GCB got cut, that show cracks me up! Makes me laugh every time, has a great cast and writers. Also I really like Unforgettable, don’t get why they are cutting it. And they barely gave NYC 22 a chance, seemed very promising. Don’t know why they would cut it after such a short run. But stupid shows like The Bachelor seem to live forever, just makes no sense.

  • Heidi


  • Karen

    I really enjoyed Ringer and The Secret Circle, and I am sorry they are not returning. Guess someone’s trying to tell me to watch less TV…It will probably hurt the ratings, but…


    Here’s the whole thing in a nutshell… reality shows don’t take any writing actually. You come up with a premise and that’s it. Producers tell the cast what, when and how to do things. They cast the people on the show based on their loudness, naivety, assertiveness and other negative traits rather than taking the time and effort to look for good writers and good actors to put together a good show. You can’t expect for the networks to cancel reality shows entirely. These shows are proven world-wide. They didn’t get their start in America. We’re piggy-backing off of world-wide dumbness. When you feel you have a good show, you really have to voice it. Take the time to write the network and tell them that you like this or that show. The Nielsen Ratings a slanted. Do any of you participate? Case closed.

  • Judy G-P

    I can’t believe that they cancelled GCB. It is the only show that both my husband and I liked and watched together. He is from Texas and I’m from Alabama so we really enjoyed it. I sure hope another network is smart enough to pick it up.

  • steve

    What’s gonna happen with 16 and pregnant?

  • marcia

    The Bachelorette, or Bachelor, is already not that great of a show, but specialy this season, with that Emily, it sucks even more……Comon!!!!!!!! Now is really not worth watching.I don’t what the producers where thinking….

  • Jake

    Sad the Harry’s Law is being cancelled. It is the only one I watch with concistency.

  • gloria

    I agree, Harry’s Law was very enjoyable to watch, i evev dvr it. Ifeel the shows like the bachlor or bachlerett are very demeaning too women and should be taken off the air. I also would enjoy a Playhouse 90 type show, or does everything have to be reality shows.Don’t we live that every day. We need some good entertainment and Harrt’s Law with Katy Bates and company was it.

    • Francie

      harry’s law was one of the shows that surprised me on the cancellation list. it’s very enjoyable.

  • Francie

    some of the shows on both lists surprise me. others don’t.

  • leetlebeetle

    Harry’s Law is the BEST! Where do I sign the petition for its renewal? Or do we need an “Occupy” for Harry’s Law??

  • Janie

    I am devestated that GCB is cancelled! With Housewives gone, what CRAP will fill those time slots?

  • richard

    Sorry about the cancellation of Harry’s law (with the exception of the talking monkey episode).

    Who watches 30 rock? Anybody?

  • Ty

    Well this BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!! Awake, Harry’s Law and House (even though I heard Hugh Laurie was over doing it) were GREAT shows. The concept behind Awake was fantastic. Really good acting and well thought out story lines. Harry’s Law is fantastic, so bummed its leaving, but David. E. Kelly is a genious so he’ll give us something else wonderful. House was a great show but on for allot of seasons. I could see how there’s really nowhere else to take the characters. I’ll miss them all

  • Brenda

    Gifted man was one of the best shows to come out in a while. Why on earth would they canceled it, stupid people, I guess all we are going to be able to watch are reality show, I guess thats what TV is coming to. Personally I’m going to start buying DVD set of all the shows I like for when TV goes to the reality shows, I just cant stand most of them, it too bad TV has no imagination anymore:(

  • Jimmy_Doors

    I could give a crap what these idiot network programmers do, since FOX took off 24 and THE CHICAGO CODE.

  • mysticfallsdoc

    can’t believe the secret circle was canceled! they should have at least done another season to see where it goes from there. the show was really good… people say it moved slow but i totally disagree! and the season finale left everyone wanting more: adam with the crystal skull, diana leaving town, her relationship with grant, the other balcoin children, cassie’s battle with her dark magic, faye’s mom having her magic back, diana’s dad and the demons… it was honestly getting really good! what should be pointed out is that the only reason i knew about the show was because i am i vampire diaries and nikita fan… i only seen promos for the show on the CW and the only time i watch the CW r for the few shows that i like. maybe the show should have been promoted better!!

  • Sandy

    I can’t believe they cancelled Missing or The Firm! Stupid shows they kept! I will never watch 2 1/2 half men without Charlie!! And Harry’s Law!! It’s a great show.. so mad! Unforgettable!!

  • karen nalezny

    Harry’s Law and House How sad is that?

  • shelly O’Keefe

    I will miss unforgetable. Shows are never given a chance are they?

  • beamup scot

    If “House’s” ratings were still high it would be on next year. Granted, much of it was little more than a soap opera, but the medical symptoms presented and the philosophical questions posited were often spellbinding. Let’s be honest. It stayed on because of the soap opera draw. If it were only philosophy and medicine it would have been gone the first season. Idiots rule the universe. Just be glad we had House for as long as we did.

  • http://Webpronews Raylene

    THIS SUCKS!!!! GCB, Harry’s Law, Missing, and The Finder all cancelled. My eight year old son is going to be as devastated as I am over the The Finder. WEB CAMPAIGNS HERE I COME!!!!! I guess I should cancel my basic cable subscription and just subscribe to the movie channels at least they don’t cancel my favorite shows!!!!!!!

  • Lynn

    Everything I cared about is canceled except for Community. I won’t be bothering with much television last year, too disappointing when cliffhangers go unresolved.

  • David

    Can’t believe they are cancelling the shows that I watch and many of others that I know watch as well. Biggest quik is the ones that they are keeping (especially the comedys) shows I see on the list. I only watch certain shows each week and unfortunetly they are the ones that are being cancelled. Bah humbug!

    • David

      Oh also what about the cliffhangers they have left us with….sheesh! We will never know what happened now… time to get another hobby going.

  • Maritza Stancil

    Shows that Should Have Been Cancel:90210,30Rock,The Amazing Race,American Dad,America’s Next Top Model,The Bachelor,The Bachelorette,Blue Bloods,Body of Proof,The Cleveland Show,Castle,Celebrity Apprentice,Cougartown,Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment 23,Family Guy,Fashion Star,Glee,Gossip Girl,The Good Wife,Grey Anatomy,Grimm,Happy Endings,Hart of Dixie,Hawaii Five-O,Kitchen Nightmares,Last Man Standing,The Middle,Modern Family,NCIS,New Girl, Nikita,The Office,Once Upon a Time,Parenthood,Parks and Recreation,Private Practice,Raising Hope,Revenge,Scandal,Shark Tank,Smash,The Simpsons,Suburgatory,Supernatural,Survivor,Undercover Boss,Up All Night,Wife Swap,Whitney.They need to take off alot of those reality shows.Its just too many.Some shows I have never heard of.

    • Brianna

      So, what you are saying is that most of the shows should have been cancelled. I agree about the reality shows, but if you read the newspapers, and watch tv, you would know that NCIS, NCIS LA, and the Big Bang theory, are consistantly among the top 10 shows watched every week!. Some of the others are good too.

  • Sandy Sandberg

    What is wrong whit you NBC. Cancelling “Harry’s Law” is absolute nonsense. The writing and subject matter is above and beyond excellant!! Since alot of people do not read newspapers or watch the news, this program gets people involved and make them aware of inequities in our system. DO NOT CANCEL THIS PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Milton

    I did not see “Rules of Engagement” on any list. What is the status?

  • Naomi

    Eureka, The River, Terra Nova and Alcatraz are all great shows and I’m going to miss them!

  • Bonnie

    I hate to see a Gifted Man cancelled, I love that show. When I see some of the stupid stuff that is still on.

  • Naomi

    Eureka, The River, Terra Nova and Alcatraz are all great shows. And why create a show if you can easily pull the plug after one year? In the case of Eureka… if the middle seasons had been as good as the first couple and now it’s last, it wouldn’t be having a last season yet.

  • Janice

    Cancelled Harry’s Law and Unforgetable These were good shows

  • Nancy

    I can not believe that both Ringer and The Secret Circle are not coming back What the heck is wrong with you folks at CW? Two fantastic shows; the ones that you can’t wait until next week to see what happens next? Do I even bother giving credit because you are keeping on The Vampire Diaries. Who makes these decisions anyway?

  • http://twitter Sharon

    I am so sorry to hear that Missing is being cancelled. It is one of the best series that has come on TV since “24” Our whole family is so sorry to see it go. Why didn’t you put it in another time slot and give the show a chance. Get rid of the reality shows they are boring and the same old stuff over and over.

  • Fletcher

    I was going to complain but looks like enough people already are about the “Finder” it just started and it is better than half the garbage on already. Harry’s Law has started getting better. Must be too little too late.

  • keisha

    So much crap gets to stay while good, orginal shows get cut. A lot of these shows would have a better chance if they got switched to cable channels like Southland did.

  • Brianna

    Surprised that CSI:Miami is cutting the cut. But most of my favorites are still there….thought, with most, we’ve known all season….
    Big Bang Theory
    Once Upon a time
    New Girl
    Law and Order SVU
    Modern Family
    The Mentalist
    the Office

  • Morgan

    Personally the Secret Circle should be renewed for another season, like seriously, from the way the season finale ended?? Another network need to give that show a chance along with Ringer. Missing would be a blockbuster opening weekend at the movies it reminds me of the movie Taken but on tv. GCB I found those women funny I’m sad to see that go. Pan Am was good as well, you figure since it was talked about on morning shows just after the first couple weeks, the network would keep it on the air. The Batchelor/Batchelorette seriously ABC just stop what you’ve should have done years ago was made it more nationality diverse, reality show wise Bad Girls Club, Love & Hip Hop and Basketball Wives is more entertaining I won’t lie I love to see a good fight which is why I watch those shows. Again just my opinion

  • keisha

    Crappy shows get to stay while good, original shows get cut. They would have a better chance if they got moved to cable channels like what happened with Southland

  • dspicer

    I am really upset that CSI Miami and GCB got canceled. I dont understand how they keep these other stupid shows on that be off. I am shocked about house…lets only hope they replace with something good….

  • Jean

    I loved Harry’s Law. It was one of the better shows on TV. I looked forward every week to seeing it. Can’t believe they cancelled it. WHAT A SHAME!

  • Ann

    I love Harry’s Law. It is one of the best shows on TV. I have loved Kathy Bates since she did the movie Misery!!!!!! I hope another network picks up Harry’s Law. The person who made the decision to cancel Harry’s Law is downright crazy. The show had great story lines.

  • Laurel

    I don’t think House was cancelled. I think that Hugh Laurie and the bunch decided this was going to be their last season. I am sure I read that awhile ago.

  • Athena Bowling

    Yay all my shows stayed. I was worried about Once Upon A Time because it doesn’t seem to be too popular yet, but I love it. Grimm rocks too. Bones, Law and Order SVU, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries are awesome and safely on cue for next season. I’m sooooo happy!!! Sorry to all you who lost the shows you love. It’s happened to me before and it sucks. But this time my shows are on top!!!

  • Nikki

    How about cancelling shows like Jersey Shore or another stupid reality show like that! Jeeze! I’m sure going to miss a lot of the shows they did decide to cancel.


    I am shocked that “Harry’s Law” is ending. This shows has so many loveable, quirky characters along with great stories. What are they thinking!

    I also love the show “Missing” with Ashley Judd.

    I refuse to watch any of the new shows. When they us a really good new show and we get attached to it and the people in it, they ABC in my case, should think twice before making such hasty decisions.

  • http://www.webpronenew.com Stacy

    I can’t believe ALCATRAZ is gone. Fox really does Bite..give things a chance!!!

  • http://yahoo dee

    I really don’t understand how the show chosen and the reason behind it. But if is about rating that suck!!!!, each home does not have a rating system.,and as for certain aged group they want to cater too is teens and young adults. there pastime are playing v-games,hanging out or watching reality show and other shows closer to their age. Why don’t you gave us a chance to vote on what we like and see how that goes in making your desision. Soon it’s going to be realty show, and for those who don’t have a life I get enough realty here.

  • dw

    What about Big Brother on CBS ????

  • Ross

    Very Disappointed to see two quality shows, CSI Miami and Unforgettable let go. over stupid, not funny shows like, 2 broke girls, and Two and a Half Men. which should be kicked to the the curb! TV SUCKS!

  • Howard

    30 Rock? That show sucks gas. Alec Baldwin is a moron.

  • Vanessa

    So sorry to see that The Ringer is getting cancelled, I love that show.

  • kirk

    I will stop watching fox shows if house go’s. ALL fox shows will .

  • Shawn

    Really ABC???? GCB gets cancelled and Last Man Standing is still on? Plus you add a storyline about adult children living with their parents, didn’t Sh!t my Dad Says not make it? Why put a new cast on an old idea? At least GCB was funny.

  • James McIntire

    Sure cut CSI Miami and NYC 22, but leave those stupid reality shows on TV, they’re not funny and not amusing. The networks are becoming more morons every day. CBS what are you thinking???

  • Sylviacontreras

    Man, the River too…I’m glad about Fringe coming back(Excellent show and so different than everything else on TV) And Smash I like it except I hate to see the gay guys kissing…not into all that.

    I stopped watching house last season and CSI Miami about 2 years ago…House was my fav and then it just got dumb…

  • Jesse

    Glee sucks

  • Paulette Lawrence

    Nothing has been mentioned about Sons of Anarchy, Justified or Hell on Wheels.Are they coming back or are they cancelled? All great shows. All the reality shows stink.

  • Sheri

    Why not give some of these new shows a better chance by getting rid of the ones that have been on forever and are getting boring. Like Survivor, how many more times do we need to see people stab each other in the back? Or the Bachelor and Bachelorette, how many more times do we need to see people whoring themselves out for fame? And how many singing competitions do we really need? Who helped all the entertainers before them? Themselves! Give me some shows with entertainment value, Alcatraz, Unforgettable, GCB, Missing, Ringer…..etc! Let’s get away from reality tv please. It’s had its 15 mins of fame, NEXT!

  • David

    I am a big NBC fan. The only reason I watched ABC every Thursday night was because of “Missing”. Missing is a great show. It is as good as a big budget movie. It takes place in different cities in Europe. It is like traveling to Europe. Cast is great too. Ashley Judd is still one of the best actress. I started watching Greys Anatomy and Scandal because of Missing. Now I am done with it. It is rare to see ABC came up with something nice without copying NBC. Shows like the upcoming “DUET” and some GMA segments are copied from NBC. I am sick of seeing that. SUCKS…………

  • http://webpronews.com Henry Starling


  • Michele

    Where’s my personal favorites: Burn Notice and The Closer? Sad to see Harry’s Law go. Kathy Bates is the best and the show was well written. Losing Desperate Housewives was like saying goodbye to old friends and neighbors. Wish they hadn’t killed Edie. I still miss Monk. LOL

  • sp
  • Staci

    Wasn’t ready for The River to go!

  • Kelly

    Canelling The finder is truly stupid… FOX needed to give it more time to get it’s audience very stupid and impatient…probably to make room for more insulting cartoons or reality shows.

  • tammy

    i am truly upset ..some of the shows i was faithfully watching are being cancelled…..like house…and i really liked the Gifted Man and Ringer ..unfortable…why …and I hope they at least give them a good ending to the shows they so selfishly cancelled…some of the new shows sounds and do not look as if they are going to catch my attention so i will not be watching them …

  • Noname

    I’m still mad 24 is gone! JACK BAUER!!!

  • JC

    The Firm: Its one of the best written tv shows ever and I can’t believe they are cancelling it. If you haven’t watched it, check it out. Its non-stop action from start to finish and it leaves you wanting the next episode immediately. Hmmmm. but we still have the bachelor…

  • bob

    We have some really good cop shows on TV and all of a sudden, poof, their gone. Yet, these incredibly ridiculous realty shows are thriving like weeds. Chicago Code, Harry’s Law, Human Target, Detroit 187, The Event, The Firm, Lie To Me, all cancelled. Why don’t they just start a reality TV network and they can bunch all that crap in one spot.

  • ANON


    • Me

      AGREED!!!!! I liked it for the first few years but after that it went donwhill FAST!

  • Jarrod

    I can’t believe they were thinking about cancelling Fringe. I love that show. I know a lot of people who do as well.

  • Linda Johnson

    Can’t believe ABC is cancelling GCB. That was the funniest show on network television. I made a point to watch it every week. It’s a shame that ABC caved to the religious groups complaining about it. And, had they watched it, it wasn’t that bad.

  • MissKiki

    Vegas? Beauty and the Beast? The Carrie Diaries? Good shows like Unforgettable and A Gifted Man get axed, and great shows like House are forced to end their run…so that we can watch rehashed, unoriginal shit like this?!? Oh yeah, and Breaking Bad is done in 2013 too…that one is gonna kill me, dag nabbit!

  • Fran

    I’m sooooo sad that CSI Miami cancelled. David Caruso is my favorite of all time. Also, the Gifted Man and The Firm. Give the Gifted Man another chance as well as The Firm. You place The Firm on saturday spot and who do you think will follow them on saturday time? Both shows will pick up especially The Firm if given a good spot on prime time. They have a good story but no one gave an attention due to bad day spot. I feel sorry for them.

    • ANON

      You suck!

  • joan small

    CSI Miami is one of my favorite shows. Please put in back on even an mid-season replacement.

    • ANON

      pffffff I’d rather eat my own shit.

  • joan small

    Harry’s Law was a slow starter but a good show. CSI Miami is my all time favorite, bring it back. What is good having all the other CSI if you don’t have CSI Miami.

    • ANON




  • joan small


  • DARZ


  • joan small


    • Diedre

      AMEN joan!

  • mark n

    bring back men of a certain age!!

  • Terry

    Love Harry’s Law–great cast, acting, and stories. However, this just does not seem to matter to the TV execs. What would Harry do???

  • steve

    love House and The Finder, can’t believe the Finder got cancelled after 1 season? good show!!

  • Pearl

    The Finder is so refreshing! Love the story lines, and the actors are so fun! I wish it would stay around!

  • Ali Wardrip-Manning

    Take the reality show off. Like we really want to see what people lost in their storage unit and what fools ended up with it. Isn’t it hard enough to find someone to spend your life with that people want to see 15 or so fools trying to win the hand of one woman or man?? And swapping wife…get a grip. There are plenty more but I am don’t want to ramble. I know everyone likes different show BUT you took some good ones off. CSI Miami for one and House, he reminds me of a few doctors who have taken care of me( needless to say I try not to go to the doctors anymore) but he is fun and dirty looking who doesn’t like that combo?? You need to take more time and re-think your cancel list.

  • steve

    tired of the overkill on “reality” shows that arent really reality. cheap though

  • Diedre

    WHY WHY WHY did fox cancel alcatraz WHY?!?! i loved that show. and kept bob’s burgers? really. FOX you suck

  • Diedre

    also why the hell is survior and all these stupid reality shows keep getting renewed? UGH

  • cali



    CSI MIAMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rocky


  • Mad as H3ll

    Well Never get involved on shows from ABC they are NOTORIOUS for cancelling everything and not giving a show a chance, Fed up with ABC period….IE: Pan Am , Missing & GCB. As for CW cancelling The Secret Circle thats another mistake. Cancel them stupid Vampire Diaries and Heart of Dixie and Supernatural. 3 stupid shows!!!

  • Dumbo

    The Office renewed?that show has sucked for years now!I know NOT ONE PERSON who still watches it!

  • James

    I can’t believe “Awake” is being cancelled! One of the best shows on TV!

  • Bmorley

    I am so sick and tired of these reality shows. I just don’t understand why people are willing to watch other people getting paid to make fools of themselves on national tv. At least on the dramas and comedy shows we know there acting.
    I want CSI Miami back too. I have been watching David Caruso since he was on NYPD Blue. I want him back. How does this show get camcelled and shows like The Cleveland Show and American Dad stay on. I am so Ticked

  • CAW

    I love the show Awake. I guess it was to hard to follow unless you saw it from the beginning, but it is a great show. If you get a chance watch it. Hopefully, we are not left hanging at the end of the season expecting more.

  • Tricia Seattle

    The Firm was a great show. Intrigue, mystery and drama. As was Alcatraz, Missing, The River and The Finder. Pan Am and The Playboy Club had great potential to be grat shows. But nowadays where people ony have the attention span of a soundbite and the “class” of soft porn interest in Kardashians, Hilton, Desperate Housewives, Bachelor and Bachelorett it is no wonder that the shows which require thought and reasoning would be cancelled. Gone are the days of long running Great Shows which appeals to the masses like Perry Mason, the Waltons, Mash, All in the Family, The Cosby Show. Today we get trash for “entertainment”. So, So, So SAD!!!!

  • http://yahoo richard henderson

    The other two CSI’s sure not CSI Miami. That’s the best one.

  • cgbreeze2004

    Harry’s Law is great! It touches so many real life situations…I am shocked it has not been renewed.

  • julia

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!! not csi miami i cant believe it thats my Favorite show!!!!!!and yet they keep the stupid reality shows on air ugh stupid tv execs!

  • http://yahoo karen

    Burn Notice isn’t listed, anybody know what it’s fate is?

  • jose hllwod fla

    they should cancelled all those stupid programs like SIMPSON FAMILY GUY this is sucks

  • Emily

    I really wanted to know who killed that girls sister on Unforgettable!!! We were so close!! And CSI: Los Angeles has been going for so long!! Why do the stupid so called “reality shows” get to saty on? Like Family Guy gets to stay seriously? UGH! they are going to lose alot of buisnness!!

  • ginny bodner

    The Finder and Harry’s Law!!! Ridiculous! I really enjoyed both of those shows immensely!

  • jose hllwod fla

    they should stayed with police episode like csi miami get something that the people could wacht at night time get those stupid tv show out of the AIR AIR AIR.

  • trinh

    Please cancel America’s Next Top Model. I will miss The Ringer

  • C. Agee

    Well I am really glad that Once Upon a Time and Grimm have been renewed. Also really glad that CSI was renewed, it has started being good again now that they have added Ted Danson and Elizabeth Shue. Although, I am incredibly disappointed that Harry’s Law is being cut. Decisions like that I guess are the reason we are usually tuned to CBS or ABC. Decisions like this will definitely get NBC termed Nothing But Crap.

  • alyssa

    get of the couch and go outside or read a book.

  • belladonna rose

    I am once more chagrined to see good quality programming … Harry’s Law and CSI:Miami heading the list … family oriented ”feel good and learn positive life lessons with programs like Extreme Home Makeover … fall off while the mind numbing things like ”Survivor” and ”Bachelor/Bachelorette” continue on … with more of that waste of brain cells to come.


  • Michelle

    WHAT!!!!!miami csi is one show that needs to be staying on….Where do i need to write, complain to we need to do something…Horacio ruled sunday night…..What can we do?

  • kaththea1954@yahoo.com

    Of all the renewed shows there are only nine I will watch. Cant say about the new shows yet. I will miss, Csi Miami, and all the New sci-fi shows they cancelled. I wish they had ended them and not left us hanging.

  • http://WebProNews/Life Michael S Marshall

    Come on… “HOUSE” is a Killer Show!! FOX should give “Bones” & “The New Girl” THE AXE!! “Bones has run its course…” & “The New Girl” just PLAIN STINKS!!

  • Ann

    I liked Ringer and its a shame its not returning. I hated the way it ended. They should have closed all loose end before they cancelled it.

  • Candy

    Awake, Missing and Harry’s Law were GREAT shows! Some of the best writing on TV! Getting rid of these shows and keeping the CRAP!!! I am so sick of watching crap on TV!!! We want to be entertained! So bored to death with The Bachelor, Fashion Star, Celebrity Apprentice…

  • Elvera Dacey

    One of the best new series A GIFTED MAN should not have been canceled
    Most of what is on TV is for the brainless

  • Lou

    It is so good to see people of all ages rebelling against cancelling good shows and keeping or adding new bad ones. I’m an old person and thought maybe there was something wrong with me for hating a lot of the TV shows. I think maybe the lists got reversed somehow. lol.

  • Sthrnlady

    Really hate that Harry’s law, A Gifted Man and Alctraz and of course House are gone. Really good shows. So many on the cancelled list that reallyshouldnotbe there.

  • Mommy of 4

    I hate that CSI: Miami. I love that show. Always look forward to watching it with my husband. We also loved A Gifted Man. Awesome show. Hate not knowing more of it. Just like they did Mercy last year! :/ URGH!

  • leon

    I am going to miss Harry’s Law I was really enjoying my Sundays. If I am correct this is the last of the good law shows thats on the air.

  • Fred P

    I can’t believe that CSI Miami got cancelled. I thought there was something up when they aired their season finale almost a month before all the others. Poor ratings is not why this show got cancelled.

  • Michelle

    Harrys Law, really are you kidding me. That show had the best writers and actors. The chemistry of that they seem to have. The one show that my husband and I looked forward to every week. The subject matter was current and thought provoking. I am just pissed.

  • Mags

    I can’t believe GCB is gone! It was so funny, and it was so good to see Annie Potts again. She is a very funny woman whom I first fell in love with in Pretty in Pink. What are they thinking??? Thankfully Once Upon a Time didn’t get cut. ABC had me every Sunday night. Talk about your network suicide.

  • Chris

    How the hell are the Bachelor and Bachelorette still on Television. Who is watching that garbage? I know there should be enough different types of programing so that there is something for everybody but come on those shows are awful and have been on so long there can’t be much in the way of surprises. Those shows jumped the shark after their 3rd seasons at the latest.

  • Tone

    The Firm, Harry’s Law were the best shows on T.V.
    Crap like Glee, 2 Broke Girls, How I met your Mom…need to be cancelled & forgotten forever!!!

  • BGR

    Very upset that The Finder will not be back. It was such a great show! I didn’t even mind when it switched nights but I know it probably wasn’t good for the show. DVR it! Man what is wrong with these people!!!

  • me

    ARE YOU KIDDING? They are cancelling things like “The Finder” while they are renewing “Wife Swap” and Happy Endings? what the heck! why are they cancelling something that actually has a new idea and is fun to watch instead of putting on stuff that shows how trashy and rude our society has gotten?
    Come on!

  • mpkoontz

    But I liked Terra Nova…

  • Good Christian Belle

    I can’t believe GCB got the ax. I really enjoyed the show, warts and all.
    Where will I be able to see Blake and Cricket next?

  • chris humphrey

    I only watch a few network channels> FOX, NBC & ABC. On FOX, I watch the Sunday cartoon line-up & absolutely LOVED Alcatraz (like LOST, it’s a show that grows on you >SOO upset that it’s not coming back). Terra Nova would’ve been better had it struck you with more action at the onset. On CW, most of my shows are renewed, however, I tried to give “The Secret Circle” a chance but was not intrigued by the premise. A show about witches & magic should be just about that!, not some teen drama that people experience in real life. I hoped for a new rendition of the long-running “CHARMED” but was dissapointed with the outcome. Perhaps SCI-FI will pick it up & re-write it like they did the ABC’s cancelled “MERLIN,” a program that I thoroughly enjoy! Hope it has another season!! Perhaps if the networks focused more on its existing watchers and their word of mouth to their friends rather than the Neilson readings as a whole, their sleeper programs might stand a chance of waking up the norm. Sorry to all the good shows that died, I just hope that their replacements are worth it.

  • Andrea B

    I’m so upset about Harry’s Law being cancelled. I LOVE the show, and especially love the characters. To whomever made the decision at NBC: bad move!

  • Krissy

    Personally I think CBS should give unforgettable a second season. It rate higher then some of the shows they kept. If it was not doing well as they wanted how about changing the time slot. It crappy that they end the season with a cliff hanger.

  • anna

    Of course Ringer is on the cancelled list…I’m just not going to get into any new shows anymore. I really like them and then poof they’re gone yet the Kardashians still prance around. Sigh. Whatever. Ringer was a good show and I love Sarah Michelle Gellar.

  • Kimberly

    Missing!!!! Are we going to get an end to the storyline? This sucks

  • Sharon Gail

    Really? Another season of the Bachelor and Biggest Loser. I watch network TV less and less. Anything that is actually intelligent and well written usually is canceled within a year. You would think the networks would realize why their viewer share keeps declining.

  • Rob

    “Are you there Chelsey?” was a very funny show ..the only new one that I watched every episode of and DVR’d…and looked forward to the next :( what are they thinking? It was picking up viewers now cancelled!:(

  • http://Facebook William

    I’m saddened by the departure of CSI:Miami and House because they were good television as well as Unforgettable.However,I think it’s time for The Simpsons,Family Guy,and American Dad to join the cancelled list with 30 Rock,The Amazing Race,America’s Next Top Model because they pick fake beauty and thick is in ,The Bachelor and The Bachelorette,The Cleveland Show because of the false depicition of a family,Dancing With the Stars because no one cares but the opposite sex or race,Survivor because it’s entertaining to some viewers, Two and a Half Men because No Charlie,,and finally,Adventure Time because it’s really not for Kids.Saturday Morning on CBS,NBC,ABC could use a huge boost in ratings and FOX News needs to go off the air forever.

  • http://yahoo michelle

    Unforgettable was so original and intelligent. Always great reasons to cancel a show. The Finder was so funny and again intelligent, do we see a trend??? Then we add House, Harry’s Law and my own little guilty pleasure GCB. I now see that you people have know idea what is really enjoyable. Please bring back all the great shows…

  • ryland

    I am saddened that Harry’s Law is cancelled. That is one great show. Many of the other shows I liked are also cancelled. Wonder why these hatchet weilding execs never ask the people who actually watch these shows instead of relying on some emotionaless plling firm who don’t really ask real people anything.

  • K Logan

    I loved The Firm, but NBC moved it to Saturdays almost immediately. No WONDER it wasn’t doing well! They never even gave it a chance. It’s too bad, because Josh Lucas and Juliette Lewis are fantastic. Soooo disappointing!

  • Shadow

    The sad reality is that a quality show doesn’t stand a chance if it doesn’t make money. That’s the bottom line. No one cares if the viewer will be disappointed by the cancellation of a show, they only care about making more money than they can spend in a lifetime. Reality TV apparently rakes it in. I’m just glad I don’t watch any of that crap. Maybe now that a couple of the shows I liked have been cancelled, I might get up off my a$$ once in a while and do something productive. That said, I will miss Awake, Harry’s Law, A Gifted Man, Prime Suspect and Alcatraz, to name a few. Looking forward to more Grimm, Touch, Once Upon a Time, Criminal Minds and Person of Interest though, so not the end of the world.

  • Yvonne

    I am so totally bummed about some of the cancellations!! My line-up included Alcatraz, Harry’s Law, The River, Secret Circle, Terra Nova, and Unforgettable which are all cancelled!! On a brighter note soooooooooooo stoked that Grimm and Supernatural are renewed!!!!

  • Steven

    I am bummed that Unforgetable is getting cancelled! I loved that show:(

  • Diana

    The Finder was the best show of the season. So what does FOX do, cancel it and renew the garbage reality shows. Seriously, who watches American Idol anymore? My daughter and I loved The Finder. Maybe another station will have the brains to pick it up. So done with FOX.

    • Susan Sweeney

      agree about American Idol!!! I’m so sick of the judges….them saving someone who’s been voted off & then pushing for their fav to win! I’m sick of those who SCREAM songs always being the winners! I’m just sick of TV. All the best shows are always cancelled for just trashy reality shows! Step away from the TV folk & do something worthwhile!!

  • http://yahoo jsd1950

    Can’t believe NBC cancelled Harry’s Law. And they are keeping the stupid fashion reality show! Harry’s Law was one of the best shows on TV. The whole cast was amazing. And Kathy Bates is phenomenal! Do they not realize how lucky they were to have such a star? I am done with NBC.

    • Susan Sweeney

      AGREE TOTALLY!!!! Harry’s Law was an EXCELLENT series! I am still in SHOCK that it’s been cancelled!!! STUPID NETWORKS!!! I, & many others, are going to STOP watching TV altogether….this country needs to get off the sofa anyhow & exercise instead of being a couch potato, only to have your favs cancelled every season! I’m SICK & TIRED of getting into a great show like Harry’s Law & it being cancelled! Cancelling Harry’s Law was a HUGE MISTAKE!

  • antonia

    WHAT A SURPRISE!!!! House being cancelled. God forbid that there would be a television show that actually made you think and had some educational value when it comes to your body. Much to intelligent for the majority of couch potatoes. Yeah, let’s have some more really crappy reality shows on TV. This existence isn’t reality enough for the viewing audience. REALLY!!!! Doesn’t say much for our intellects.

  • “ali”

    House and CSI Miami really suck kudos to Studio Execs

  • joanne vann

    most of the cancelled shows were not good enough to stay but The Finder was Excellant and should have had more publicity and at least 23 episodes like most of the good shows like bones that it was a spinoff from. please reconsider. the rest can go.

  • Susan Sweeney

    I HATE TV!!!! I’m going to start reading more on my Kindle. EVERY TIME I get interested in a good TV series it’s CANCELLED!!! I don’t get it! Just to put another silly ‘reality’ show or NON-comedy on….REALLY?! Harry’s Law was a GREAT show! I CANNOT believe it’s been cancelled!!! Ringer had so many different directions to go with the show!!! Secret Circle was a good series that should have stayed….at least another season or two!!! WHAT ARE THE NETWORKS THINKING??? All the silly ‘replacements’ won’t be watched! GOODBYE TV!!! Before long, no one will be watching & maybe people will do other things like get outdoors, walk, exercise & give up on getting hooked on shows that just get cancelled regardless of how the viewers feel…SHAME ON YOU!!

    • Betty

      I so agree with you! I loved Harry’s Law. My husband and I would watch it together. The Secret Circle and Ringer were shows I’d watch with my daughter. We would literally be watching the clock just waiting for our show to come on! I give up! Every time I like a show it gets cancelled!

  • Betty

    Three of my favorites got the ax! And to say I’m unhappy is an understatement! The Secret Circle, Ringer, and Harry’s Law all were cancelled. I don’t understand why they keep stupid reality shows and cancel truly entertaining shows. My friends and I would count the days until our shows came back on. We’d be on the edge of our seats waiting for next weeks show! Now, I have very little to look forward to. And I’m afraid to like any possible new shows they bring on. All they will do is cancel the darn show again!

  • josh

    nbc needs to keep what they were known for and that is sitcoms, they have the thursday night shows like 30 rock and the office, but got rid of are you there, chelsea?…nbc used to have more than 10 sitcoms during the week on their network back in the 50’s through the 90’s, but now have less than 10 sitcoms on the network…cbs has the monday line up and the 2 thursday night sitcoms, abc has tim allen’s show and a few others and fox has 1 or 2 sitcoms, time for the networks to bring back the shows that made them famous…i loved are you there, chelsea and it got cancelled, i hope the e! network picks up this show because it was funny and entertaining as well.

  • http://NBC kathy Bennett

    I am so hurt that all my shows were cancelled lol what does it take to clue you in we could give a crap to reality shows, the bache. boy and girl is awful, sick of cooking, cartoons, car shows,then you mess up and slip in a few good shows like: Missing, Extreme makeover,Harry’s Law, The Closer, now these are good shows how did you slip up???
    I did like Up all Night, till that boss of hers came on the show and totally messed it up.. was a good show till then.PLEASE think about putting back on, The Closer, Harry,s Law, Missing, Extreme Makeover, my whole family loved these…but you did keep these, Castle, Bones, Body of Proof,criminal Minds, Person of Intrest, at least i will have a few things to watch during the week i got to go out and rent movies now… Thanks a heck of a lot. Who makes these terrible decisions???

  • http://NBC kathy Bennett

    Hey i just thought of this PBS has a lot of things to watch, I love Doc Martin, tues. nites, they have Antiques, This old House, Old English Det. Shows and more guess where i will be see ya!

  • Browneyes

    I can’t believe they canceled A Gifted Man, that show made you think. That is probably why they canceled it. To many idiots in this world couldn’t follow it. Grow up people get a brain.

  • Jeanne Cox

    I can’t believe Harry’s Law is not being renewed. It’s one of the best shows on TV!!! I also will miss A Gifted Man. That was also so good.

  • Dolores

    I had hoped that Harry’s Law would survive after being moved to Sunday night. It was one of the most intelligent and thought provocating shows on tv! What a concept, make us think about current events!! The cast was great, especially Kathy Bates! I hope another network picks them up, that show is fantastic!!

  • J-T

    With CSI: Miami gaining a lot more interest in other channels, I would hope that any one of those would renew the show, but I guess that is not how that easily works.

  • Kristie

    hate hate hate that they cancelled csi miami I soooo loved that show.Why can’t you all cancell some of those stupid reality shows and keep the good showa.

  • james

    y r they killing rob it a great show


    How can a network cancel a show that has been one of the best crime dramas of all times. Especially since it has ties to two other dramas of the same character. CSI: MIAMI!!!! should not have been cancelled… They will have a hard time replacing that show….

  • Reda

    I loved The Finder. Sad that FOX didn’t give it a chance.

  • carol h.

    The reality shows stay on. Pure junk. And they take Harry’s Law, Body of Proof, and Awake, and Prime Suspect off. Go figure. They leave that crappy Two and a Half Men on. Ashton K.is so bad it is unreal. House was really excellent till the last two years. But Laurie wants to move on too. But no one ever said, that the programmers and the creators of most shows, were a brain trust. They are unoriginal, slugs. They know it and so do we.

  • cindy

    I think its terrible that we get introduced to new shows that we end up enjoying and next thing you know they are cancelled the Missing,Secret Circle,GCB,Awake and The Ringer all great shows withso much potential never given a real chance

  • Lynn


  • liz

    The finder was great! !! I loved it a lot of people on here did too why is it canceled! !!!so upset

  • Gerrie

    What the he..!!!!!! Finder, Unforgettable, Alcatraz, & Missing. The networks need to quit being so cheap. Sick of all these reality shows!

  • karen billings

    Harry’s law was one of the best shows on tv. just like the unit. I still cant believe that show was cancelled. and I agree with everyone else about the reality shows. they are stupid, mindless, and who cares, who survives, gets married, or which job they take. maybe tnt will pick up harrys law, like they did southland. another good show axed by the networks.

  • dick s

    I am so glad that 2 new shows made the cut.

    Grimm and Once upon the time

  • dick sheridan

    I am so glad that 2 new shows made the cut

    Grimm and Once upon a time
    they are both excellant

  • Beckra

    Everytime they come out with some good shows and you get interested in them they cancel them and put a bunch of junk in place of them. All of the CSI shows were good shows and it was like watch a continious story going from one to the other each week. So sad to see some of the junk and immoral shows put in place of so many good ones!!!!

  • Cindy

    I never watch shows on ABC or NBC for the fact that they have big habit of canceling shows after 1 season if not after 1 show. However FOX and CBS seems like they are also joining the trend. I see that CBS has cancelled NYC 22, and it has only had the opportunity to air twice and one night was against the finale of desperate housewives.

  • Tabathia B

    CBS main problem is that when it moves shows to the Sunday slot they end up getting cancelled (Cold Case and Without a Trace) and now CSI Miami. Not sure when they (CBS) will get it but shows never do that well on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and shouldn’t expect spectacular ratings. Pretty sure whatever is moved there won’t do half as good as CSI Miami. But this season (mid-season) produced very talented shows that were well written and now almost all of the shows that I fell in love with are being cancelled: The River (ABC), Alcatraz (Fox),Missing (ABC), The Finder, GCB. These were great shows and not sure what they are basing the cancellation on if it’s ratings do they count DVR. I even watched Unforgettable, NYC22 and A Gifted Man. Seriously disappointed in this decision and will be going to cable tv also. Networks don’t give the right shows chances anymore, because I thought Touch was slow to develop into it’s story line and few other shows ratings weren’t as good as the cancelled shows. Thought Harry’s Law was better the first season also. Maybe Cable Networks will give these shows a chance and maybe if everyone stopped watching reality tv then maybe the networks would listen.



  • http://Yahoo cj

    I’m really bummed about Harry’s Law being cancelled!! Loved that show!!

  • marie

    I really enjoyed watching A GIFTED MAN, Ithought the series was very good and loved the actors this medical drama would show poor and rich doctors working to help each other,good show sorry to see it go…..

  • xochitl

    the problem is that the networks are too caught up with trying out new shows than actually giving shows a chance. the finder was a funny show, alcatraz had potential too. maybe one more season and others would have jumped on board too. these networks need to chill and allows us to commit to a show. i enter new shows very tentatively because i’m afraid it’ll just get hanked.

  • krista

    you already took awaybuffy ,angel,charmdNOW YOU TAKE AWAY ringer and secret circle!!???????????????


    • groovygal

      I LOVED SECRERT CIRCLE!!!! AFTER THE FINALLY, I WAS SUPER EXCITED FOR NEXT SEASON…. JOHN BLACKWELL AND HIS DEVIL SPAWN… COULDN’T BE BETTER!!! DEAR CW- YOU CANC. RINGER AND SC….I’M SO OVER YOU!!!!! You don’t have a U-verse On-demand, so I skip other shows to watch you, and this is how you treat me! As Seth Myers would say…. Seriously, Really, this is how we end our relationship. Sucks to be you!!!!

  • Marva

    I loved GCB. I can’t believe they cancelled CSI Miami. If they had to cancelled one, it should have been CSI Vegas. CBS I’m really dissapointed in you. You screwed up.

    • Tanja

      why would they cancel CSI vegas???? it is one of the highest rated shows still.. Caruso sucks and dragged that show down. It was doomed with an actor like him. that is one show I am glad is over. as for the rest of them yep no closure hate that

  • Lauren

    I cannot believe THE RIVER got cancelled!! I feel like it stood up to high-quality horror movies, which you hardly ever see on t.v.(any word on American Horror Story??). I also think alot of animated comedies are kind of amazing – shows like Family Guy and South Park are the kings of social satire.

  • alf

    ROB cancell ? wtf
    it was one of the best shows on tv

    • Karen

      I hope that was a joke!

  • linda mcclain

    Why are they cancelling spirted man? Who makes these decisions anyway? I loved that show!!!!

  • John

    I think the Exec’s of ABC just want to push their gay agenda, everything else gets cancelled or put on hiatus!

  • linda mcclain

    Why are they cancelling Gifted man? Great show!! Who makes thjese decisions anyway?

  • alissa

    i was so distraught when they cancelled terra nova. It was my favourite show. they should realize that they need less cop shows and more shows that have unique topics

  • Mary

    I have stopped watching NBC & ABC for the fact that they always cancel their shows if not after 1 or 2 shows after 1 season. Fox and CBS kept more of their shows longer and gave them more of a chance. Worst thing about Fox is they move their shows to many times in a season (its on mon. @ 8; now it’s on wed @ 9; now it’s on sat @ 7), and CBS has become more like NBC and ABC cancelling some decent sitcoms after a season.

  • TONY

    All I can say is savegcb.com. It was an awesome show!

  • J

    The fact that 90210 keeps getting renewed season after season is mind blowing! It is literally one of the worst shows on tv and that hurts to say since I was a huge fan of the original. The CW should be taken off the air all together. That network is a joke. They really messed up last year when they cancelled Life Unexpected! Now they cancelled Ringer and The Secret Circle?? They must really enjoy being the last place network week after week, year after year. Cable channels get better ratings then this network!

  • Tanja

    Very upset about Ringer being cancelled. I started watching it from the beginning and became an avid fan. Not a big Gellar fan until this show. why not let them finish this story line off? now we will never know I hate that CW did that. All the rest of their shows except 90210 SUCK. thank CW for turning me away yet again.

  • Judy

    I am VERY UPSET Awake isn’t coming back!!!! It was an AWESOME show. I didn’t get to watch it live but always watched on ONDEMAND There is SO MUCH thats going to go unfinished..UGH!!

  • http://www.kpollick.bravehost.com kathy

    I loved House but it started to go downhill when his original team started leaving. Once Cutty left, there wasn’t any good plots left for House.

    However, CSI Miami has me distraught. I CANNOT believe they would cancel that show. I have watched every single show of every single CSI on tv. That is about all I watch. The show could easily have gone 5 more years. At least they could have a series finale show which would allow some closure to the characters.

    Missing was another show that I really enjoyed. Every time I start to watch and enjoy a really great show, it gets cancelled. I may end up getting rid of my cable. All that’s on anymore is reality shows and I hate those. I’ll have to take up reading!!

  • Moax429

    “America’s Funniest Videos” *should have* died a long time ago when the video craze ended. I think the only reason it’s surviving is because Vin DiBona is *paying* ABC to keep it on.

    But, it’s good to know “60 Minutes” – which is still airing because of good ratings the show garnered on its own merit – is *still* whipping “Funniest Videos”‘ butt in the ratings. And I would take “60 Minutes” *every* time!

    On the other hand, I was sorry to hear “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” isn’t returning, but “The Middle” – one of my few current favorites – will be. “The Middle” is what a sitcom *should* be: Not laden with sex and profanity but well-written *and funny!*

  • Jordan

    I’m terribly sad to see The Secret Circle CANCELLED!!!
    I loved it… =(((

    • Deena

      Yes, too bad about Secret Circle, but it was up against another good show on CBS. “Person Of Interest”. I was torn, and I kept getting caught in repeats, and became soooo confused. I still don’t know who is who and what was what. I liked it though when I would watch.

  • barbara

    I agree with everyone on Finder. Show had an unique, quirky premise, the cast played well off each other and it was ENTERTAINING!!! The only thing it wasn’t was another mindless reality show!It was never given a chance! Wonder if the execs at Fox really believe they can live off American Idol indefinitely. There are six other days in the week with painfully little to offer in the way of ENTERTAINMENT on this station. Certainly don’t have a finger on the pulse of of the viewers!!!!

  • Doris

    Really………………..Pisses me off that Hoouse has been cancelled……. everybody I know LOVES THAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.owenweberlive.com Owen

    CSI: Miami is canceled, but at least CBS is green lighting TMI: Miami. It’s CSI with Too Much Information.

  • Deena

    The only show I was wondering about that might be cancelled isn’t decided yet. “RULES OF ENGAGEMENT”. Hysterical Spade. Good, Good show. Most others that I watch or try to watch…”Survivor” “Once Upon A Time” and some others are going to return. THE SHAME IS THAT WATCH IT OR NOT (CAN’T ALWAYS WATCH) “HARRY’S LAW” IS WAY, WAY, WAY, TOO GOOD TO BE CANCELLED. Another show, comedy on CBS with Shatner, was also well done, funny show. Funnier than some of the others that remain.

  • Jim

    So the addicting Secret Circle was canceled to make room for Beauty the Beast mushy and teeny CW style and a Sex and City prequel series…..lame!

  • Sparks975

    Why keep csi: ny. It sucks!

  • amber

    Really bummed The Secret Circle was cancelled. This was a favorite in my house and only reason we watched CW. Really hoping another network picks it up.

  • Peter of Guilford

    Why has cable been so successful ?? Because the networks have their HEADS UP THEIR KEISTERS! ! They give you a good show but take it away. Cmon guys, if you want to keep your audience STOP MAKING SO MANY NEW SHOWS & STICK WITH THE CROWD FAVORITES. Why should we invest our time in you if you don’t invest in us? You are losing us with STUPID REALITY SHOWS and DISRESPECTING GOOD FAMILY VALUES VIA CHEAPLY PRODUCED CARTOONS. If you find the need to run a show for 1 season, be sure to end the storyline and not leave devoted fans hanging! Get your act together.

  • groovygal

    So, I have always liked Harry’s Law, it was a good filler, but this past season after the re-tool was really really good! I skipped other shows in my DVR so I could watch it! MAYBE WE SHOULD ALL SEND A SHOE TO THE NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else feeling me? The past few episodes were AWESOME!!!

  • Dolly Hutchings

    I have been watching CSI Miami since it first come on the air. I watch all of the CSI shows. I think it is a good show. Also my husband and I really like Harry Law. Please don’t take it off the air. If you want to take something off, take of some of the reality shows, in my opinion they Suck!

  • Loreata

    The Finder is / was a great show. Fresh idea, cool cast, the show definately deserves another season to find a following. They really never had a chance with the time slots they were given. Totally unfair to a great show & cast!

  • cheryl

    I cannot believe that shows like CSI Miami a real favorite of mine a fantastic cast led by David Caruso, Harry’s Law also a favorite and a fantastic cast led by Kathy Bates have been cancelled…what is happening in this world. I guess if you are not a Kardashian with all their crap posted on TV for the world to see…you are not good enough!!! Shame on the powers that be at the networks…get it together people and keep shows on the air that zre favorites to some, money in your pockets already inflated pockets is not everything!!!

  • kimberly

    wth!they cancelled unforgetable. but the bachelor just keeps mutating and reproducing! idiots

    • jeanise55

      I know that’s right, who wants to see a man or a woman on tv looking for someone to love that concept is so crazy to me I have never seen it since the first episode of Bachelor man I can’t believe tht show got canceled it jsut started. Better than Rizolli and I sles I love drama and finished product but I can’t understand it Unforgettable had a good plot and her skills were amamzing and believable.

  • Lil

    The finder I ran across by accident. It was not advertized enough. After I found it, I was an avid follower.
    Harry’s Law another fine show, gone.
    Yet we still have ALL those reality shows.If I want reality I can just look out my window. I don’t need half naked people running around an island, people running around foreign countries, singing if I want singing I would listen to the radio or ipod. There are people dancing all over. Will it never stop?

  • stacy

    They keep the stupid cartoons but take away Miami and The finder???? WTF???

    • jeanise55

      Agree wholeheartedly, CSI:Miami had some good plots, to me better than NCIS and Hawaii five O, I don’t know what is going on.

  • SJ

    I honestly don’t understand why so many REALLY good shows are being cancelled. Shows such as Missing, Harry’s Law, GCB, The Finder and the list could go on and on. Is there anything we the viewers can do to overturn some of these decisions? PLEASE NO MORE REALITY SHOWS. Why not look at taking some of them off and get back to how TV should be.

  • OhAmanda

    Missing?!! The Firm?!! Awake???!!! Best and most creative shows on TV are cancelled so we can watch Grimm and 2Broke Girls? Every great show gets cancelled. Ugh.

  • Michael Scott

    WOW…they finally cancelled CSI Miami…that show sucked! I have hated that show for years….my wife watches it because she likes the corniness of Horatio flipping off his glasses and always saving the day….blah! Good riddance! The other 2 CSI shows are amazing! Glad to hear they are coming back. I was worried about Person of Interest….if you have not watched it yet, kick yourself in the rear and start watching! That show is GREAT! Fringe is also a great show….glad to hear it got another season! Alcatraz was a mediocre show, but I would have liked to get closure on the mystery. Finder needs to be brought back…..hopefully USA, CW or TNT pick it up!

  • Michael Scott

    Oh…and I almost forgot….AWAKE!!!!! That show is awesome! Why is that going? That show is deep. But garbage like the Cleveland Show and 2 broke girls get signed to go on? Bring back Awake!

    • jeanise55

      You are so right, 2 broke girls is so stupid.

    • Anonymous

      @Michael Scott…

      So true about “Awake”. It was outstanding. Every episode was a nail biter. I wish there was a way to bring it back.

  • jeanise55

    CSI:Miami, and Unforgettable were two good shows I really am quite disturbed that they won’t be back. How do they come up with these decisions, like for real who watches Hawaii 5 O I will really miss these shows will tune into regular TV and catch them on those channels You can find good shows like cold case, without a trace good shows that will always be good to watch a sceond third fourth and fifth time. Show biz is really going to the dogs with the reality shows.

  • Jary

    I can’t believe the firm is cancelled!!!we love that show

  • Jary

    I can’t believe the firm was cancelled. We love that show

  • Janet

    I guess our society has morphed into a bunch of idiots that don’t like shows with a story line or plot of any kind. Maybe the ones that come up with all these reality shows should come up with a show featuring a celebrity couple that has a bunch of kids who can dance and sing and fight amongst themselves, getting drunk and/or hooked on drugs…now that would probably be a blockbuster of a show!!!

  • SarahBear

    I loved the firm and unforgettable! As for harry’s law, i read an article about Kathy Bates saying she wanted to move on from the show. I wish they would cancel shows that they can’t do much more with, like revenge. Those are good one season shows, but instead they left you hanging forever on missing and last year on the Event.

  • ejoyce

    So the audience for Harry’s Law is to old, well we don’t care for the teeny bopper shows. Harry’s Law was very entertaining. It should be brought back and give it another chance.

  • jef

    Finder needed more time for people to see what a great show it was. This was a mistake!

  • Priscilla

    I no longer invest my time in a ‘good drama’ where you come to ‘love’ the characters and get ‘hooked’ on their lives until at least the first season is nearly over and I ‘know it will be renewed’. Then, I invest my time on the reruns or watching on the internet. The ‘so called’ TV geniuses don’t give good shows a chance to catch on. Case in point was Prime Suspect. It’s quite obvious why all the money is invested in ‘reality’ shows… you can get ‘invested’ in a person and follow them until they get voted off or whatever but there are ‘no lose ends and you know what the ultimate finish is….

  • Pat

    The mentalist moving to Sunday anf then off the air, nothing can survive the football season, unless you tivo it to watch later in the week. Preferably on always dead Wednesday. They should have moved the loosing 2 1/2 men it’s not even on life support, trying to live off the glow of the big bang. But people still change the station.

  • Tom

    How does crap like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette stay on the air? It’s pure garbage.

  • Mary

    I refuse to watch anymore new shows – I hate getting hooked and being left on a permanent cliffhanger! The networks need to give them more than one season to see if it picks up!!

  • taresa

    The B**** show gets renewed, but Terra Nova, The Finder, Secrect Circle & The River don’t… Who is running the networks? “Network TV” is all about the Execs making money for THEMSELVES, not entertaining their customer base. Before canceling a show they should do a little more research then “ratings”. The Finder was the most fun, entertaining & best show for the season. HOW in the world could they even think about canceling it?

  • http://Yahoo Dee

    What about Army Wives. Is this show cancelled. It seems the powers that be only care about slutty reality shows/sick coms,. Shame on them.

  • Anonymous

    How many times have they “cancelled” “Chuck” and then brought it back? Why do they keep bringing it back? I will miss “Awake”. It was a smart show, which explains why it was cancelled.

  • Margaret

    2 & 1/2 Men… Why’s it still going? I haven’t watched it since you know when… And Bachelor and Bachelorette? We have the same discussion every year… Why keep showing a show that doesn’t work?

  • eydie

    people keep asking why good shows get cancelled and crap shows go on forever. there are two simple reasons: MONEY AND TARGET AUDIENCE AGE. reality shows appeal to the not very bright and that is mainly what america is composed of now. people are getting dumber and reality shows are simple and uncomplicated. perfect match. add that to the fact that reality shows are dirt cheap for the studios to produce (no actors to have to pay) and you have a match made in hell. but the stupid masses lap it up because it panders to their brain level.

    secondly, if you are above around age 35, no one cares what you think. i am 55 and grew up in the era of well written shows. if their is a well written show these days, you can bet it’s sheer coincidence and won’t last long.

    in summary: young, cheap and stupid rule. well written, scripted shows with a storyline you have to be at least marginally intelligent to follow are doomed. good grief, presidential speeches are written for the eighth grade level so today’s people can understand them and they still don’t.

    conclusion: don’t watch tv if you are an older person who should know better anyway. i stick to reading murder mysteries and i’m far happier since i shook the tv habit.

  • 1964chick

    The first post by eydie is right on the money! Seems any show that is renewed is for a dim-wit generation. If it’s necessary to think and follow a plot, it’s doomed. We just need ONE MORE singing show, geez! Only a couple of our regular shows made it and the other 75% were cancelled. Thanks, Networks! Love Ya. Guess I’d better get used to the likes of “Lizard Lick Towing” gee golly.

  • http://aol.com sarah

    A Gifted Man, Harrys Law, The Firm and Missing -will miss them

  • bobbie white

    just got hooked on missing – it really should stay on – it is like going to the movies

    • sandy skjordal

      I agree my husband and I really liked Missing

  • Diane P

    As long as it’s cheap to produce, reality shows will never be done. No matter they all stink, money talks. Great shows like “Harry’s Law” and Unforgettable” will disappear because quality costs.

  • Christine Jarvis

    I can’t believe that Harry’s Law has been cancelled. It’s the best show since Ally McBeal. Funny, sad, real life stories….one of my favourite shows!!

    • suz

      Just one more reason to quit watching anything on NBC.They just give up on shows too easily, this just keeps happening to shows I like on NBC and CBS. I’ve grown so tired of so called “reality”
      shows that I’ve quit watching them.

    • elli

      totally agree. they keep that garbage reality stuff on and then, when i comes to something as good as Harry’s Law, they cancel it. with all the garbage on tv i might just stop watching anything but good old re-runs. that was good television!

      • claudeanb

        I agree. I have been watching a lot of old shows thru streaming with Netflix. I am sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of reality tv. My own reality is enough!!

    • elli

      totally agree. they keep that garbage reality stuff on and then, when it comes to something as good as Harry’s Law, they cancel it. with all the garbage on tv i might just stop watching anything but good old re-runs. that was good television!

  • http://Yahoo Chas.

    Economics in television, like any other field, is a major decision factor. But in recent years, I believe the major networks(NBC,CBS,ABC,Fox) should change their identity from “network” television to “reality” television. Fox could even refer to itself as “cartoon” television. (Sunday nights for the past decade plus) These shows SAVE tons of money! Check the PRIME TIME listings for this 2012 summer lineup and at least 2 or more of these networks are reality shows every weeknight. ENOUGH!!! Viewer ratings is suppose to be one of the major factors for deciding a show’s fate. I sometimes believe this is not true. Will be watching more USA, FX, TBS and TNT. They haven’t sold out to the land of cheap reality.

    • Cindy

      I totally agree!

  • sandy skjordal

    I can not believe that they took off the Gifted man and Unforgetable and CSI Miami

  • Liz Chapman

    I liked “A Gifted Man” and I liked “The Firm”. Seems alot of shows I like get cancelled. too bad they don’t give them longer than a season to catch on. both of these were excellent.

  • Bob best

    TV shows are like physics, crap floats, gold sinks.

  • claudeanb

    Loved Missing, Harry’s Law, the Firm, Ringer and CSI MIami. All cancelled. I have very little to watch on regular tv anymore. I refuse to watch anymore reality shows.

  • Ria

    Very disappointed Missing is cancelled. The show was was acted, storyline moved very quickly. It reminded me alot of 24. I’m deeply saddened.

  • Bianca

    Im gonna really miss the cw’s The Secret Circle.It just doesnt make sense since it was in third place for ratings.Its funny though that if you go to there facebook page and look at there comments, it ALL about bringing it back.Cw’s stupid.Its bothered me even more than when the other shows I watched got cancelled, because sadly it made sense for them to axe the other ones, but not this!ianxa

  • Nikki

    All the shows I loved such as ‘GCB’, ‘Pan Am’, ‘Bent’, ‘Are You There Chelsea?’, ‘The Playboy Club’,’The Secret Circle’, and many more mostly come from the network channels: NBC,CBS,ABC, The CW,and FOX. They cancel the most shows without giving it a try I think when it comes to canceling and renewing shows,it goes way past the ratings to a higher power that doesn’t understand good entertainment television.

  • Carolyn

    I can’t believe how many shows they have cancelled, going to miss Harry’s law, missing , gifted man, secret circle etc. so sick if the reality shows. And I don’t know how many times I go to the major network channels and they have infomercials on put some of the great shows back on!

  • liz

    you guys forgot the most amazing show ever!! Sanctuary got canceled *starts to tear up* :(

    • Raegan


  • johnnie kuhn

    Harry Law and Prime Suspect and bones and body of proof and law and order svu

  • johnnie kuhn

    And crossing jordan and person of interest

  • johnnie kuhn

    I lake or show back on nbc and fox bones and harry law and prime suspect back on tv show please. You change Chyenne back in fourth

  • http://www.highlandmoon.net Charlene McGowan

    So tired of the reality bull; I’m really going to miss Harry’s Law, Gifted & Unforgettable! Those were three of the best!!

  • Martin Kelly

    Cannot believe the Secret Circle was cancelled myself and my family really enjoyed watching it..

    • Katie

      Me too!

  • Raegan

    And yet “Jersey Shore” is going on to another season while THE BEST SHOWS EVER get cancelled.

  • Mar

    I am so over these flippin TV people. They expect bases of 15 million or it’s not a success. I mean really. I think I’m canceling my cable, getting off my duff, and getting back into normal entertainment that at least benefits my health and well-being. Like good old-fashioned tennis, golf, running, and games. Darn stars are paid too much anyway.

  • Cleo

    I cannot believe they cancelled Pan Am it was probably one of the best tv shows ever a few more seasons would have been perfect.They keep this garbage reality tv crap on and cancel all the good shows.

    • Matty

      I agree 100%.
      Pan Am was a fabulous show.

      Who else agrees type down your comments/replies.

  • charles wright

    What really gets me is, they get u hooked on the show then Yank the rug out from under u with no ending they just leave u hanging

  • http://Google Diane Ussery

    I totally agree with you. I loved Harry’s Law and Unforgettable. What a waste to cancel these great shows!

    • Holly

      Loved Harry’s Law, great cast, especially Kathy Bates, worked together well, great writing as well, how many stupid reality shows are still on, and the networks insist on firing the real actors.uggggggghhhhhhhh

    • Sandy

      I agree with you also I love Harry’s Law and Unforgettale. I truly hate so many reality show what poor examples for our kids and grandkids Please bring back Kathy Bates she is great so are all that are on her show

  • Linda Black

    Harry’s Law canceled with 8.5M viewers? I guess the views were not young enought. What??? Such a great show…..What a shame!!!! What total fools to let something with this quality go.

  • Anita

    How could they cancel Harry’s Law, Missing and A Gifted Man? I am tired of my shows changing nights and then the execs cancelling them!!!! Why can’t they ask the public what shows to get rid of? I would take half their pay and do a better job.

  • Nicole

    I liked missing and ringer!!! How do we get shows not to be cancelled!!! Now I will not get to see what happens!!

  • Theresa

    CSI Miami, House, and Gifted Man how do they come to these decisions? You kept shows that need to be on cartoon network or Disney Channel!! As viewers and fans of these shows do our opinions count?!

  • sharon valdes

    I can’ believe all the great shows you have cancelled to keep some of the worst shows on,Missing was great,CSI Miami,Harrys Law,I could go on but what good would it do,first my 2 favorite soaps got cancelled,now some of the best shows on TV,I HATE REALITY SHOWS,people want love ,go find it!How can you fall in love on a reality show! Spare Me,sharon

  • peggy

    I am seriously done with NBC every time I watch a primetime show on their network they cancel it! Harrys Law is a great show WTH……

    disappointed with fox I loved the secret circle as did many others and I am 50.

  • http://Lovemyboxer Terri Antonenk

    No sense watching NBC this season. If you like it, they will cancel it!!

    • http://Lovemyboxer Love my boxer

      Dont get involved in any NBC shows. You just get started and they get cancelled,

  • Grant Young

    I am still pissed at Fox for cancelling Firefly in 2002

    • Ina Molinari

      Well…10 very favorites are cancelled:Alcatraz,Awake, The Firm,GCB, A Gifted Man, Harry’s Law, Missing,Ringer, The River,&Terra Nova: Fox-2, NBC-3, ABC-3, CBS-1 and CW-1. NBC is the least I watch so cancelling 3…can they be replaced this Fall? You pull fans in and then leave them hanging altho The Firm continued on Saturdays so I have some closure…NBC has only 2 returning shows I watch…Parenthood and Smash..Well it won’t be long.Right now I am hoping to get a finale for Ringer & Missing…And as For General Hospital being replaced w/Katie Couric at 3…I will watch any channel but ABC in Daytime…You really do not care about your fans. Everything is geared for 18-39 demographic…Hello out there…There are a lot of TV Fans who are in the 40 to 80 group who purchase products also from your source of revenue…your sponsors..Sorry for long Novella..Had to vent…I now watch many other stations besides the Big 3…Thank Goodness for CW,TNT,USA,SYFY,ABC Fam,AMC,HBO, and Starz..oh yes…Netflix…

  • alma

    this is stupid -.-

  • justkate

    u ask us to view the trailer to mob dr, then i click on it and it says this video is private…wtf?

  • Dave

    I have to say, who ever cancelled Terra Nova should be fired themselves. If u cancel a show thats one thing, do it with dignity and give them an ending that they deserve. Thats for the SG-Universe fans out their that got left hanging, now including Terra Nova, Alcatraz, and more that got the butcher block, and don’t forget the FireFly fans. Of those that got canceled, there was alot of potential left, and for the new up and coming tv shows, i dont see much talent but thats me. We should wager on the new shows this year, to see which ones get the axe I’m calling for atleast 80 to 90% of the new shows will get cancelled at the end of this year!
    I think NBC, and ABC need a Extreme Make Over themselves

  • ruthie

    I now tape all new shows – if they are not renewed then I delete them – otherwise I watch them in the summer – this way I am not disappointed anymore

  • Danielle

    There are a lot of shows that everybody watches that are being canceled some that I watch are Unforgettable,The Secret Circle,Chuck,and The Finder. Now most of theses shows ended with cliffhangers and they want to stop them and now continue on to the next season. In the end of The Secret Circle It shows that Cassie and Diana have other siblings and that there biological father used magic to make them his kids. At the end it shows the others kids looking out ontop of a hill or something. The ending to The Finder ended with Walter being arrested and Isabel is screaming and crying for Walter. They ended it right there. The ending for Unforgettable she finds more information to her sisters killer. Now they are going to cancel all these shows because they dont have alot of people watching. Cant they at least end all shows with all peoples questions answered. Or maybe to not get people angry when a tv show ends and their questions are not answered. All i am saying is people are watching all these shows getting interested to watch and they get hooked and to find out that the show you love and watch is canceled. That is just the same as telling someone that a relate of theirs is dead. Why cant they finish series without any cliffhangers, and finish the story without having to ask questions.