Camping Manager Simulates Campsite Management


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Do you love camping, but hate the outdoors? Well, finally there is a videogame for you.

Excalibur Publishing, makers of PC simulation games such as the oddly popular Train Simulator series, will soon release Camping Manager 2012. The game will allow players to build up a campsite and entertain campers with all sorts of outdoor fun.

As the manager of a new campsite, players will begin with little money, able to buy only a few tents. Later on, they will be able to hire landscapers and other employees to keep the campsite clean. Players can also help make the campsite more popular by building playgrounds and entertainment venues.

Excalibur boasts that Camping Manager has "Over 50 different 3d objects that can be placed in your camp site!" and "Plant trees and decorations to keep ambience levels high!' It's this kind of tongue-in-cheek enthusiasm that let's you know Excalibur is just as surprised as everyone else that thousands of people buy these types of games.

The trailer for the game can be seen below. It appears to be a pretty bare-bones SimCity-like game, only with tents. The graphics also appear to be very primitive, but that shouldn't deter gamers looking for an accurate, exciting campsite managing simulation. Camping Manager 2012 is set to be released September 28th.