Camacho Funeral Brawl: Girlfriends, Family Catfight

    November 29, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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While funerals are somber occasions, when it comes to the final services for someone as controversial as boxer Hector “Macho” Camacho, things are bound to be eventful.

Camacho, who was shot while sitting in a car in Bayamon, Puero Rico on November 20th, was kept alive at a hospital for a few days before his body gave out. A friend who was in the car with him was also shot and died at the scene.

The fighter’s funeral drew many mourners, and apparently among them was more than one woman who claim to be his girlfriend. Cynthia Castillo says she was with him until the end, but another woman, Gloria Fernandez, says she was Camacho’s girlfriend for over 25 years. The two got into a catfight, complete with bloody scratches, after Castillo gave Camacho a departing kiss at his wake. Camacho’s sisters also allegedly got involved.

“I went to get something to eat because Machito (Hector Camacho Jr.) told me to, and his ex-girlfriend (Fernandez) came up to me and told me that I had to leave,” Castillo said. “I said no, so they threw my plate of food and attacked me, and I defended myself…I am the actual girlfriend of Macho, and those who don’t like it better not bring it. They shouldn’t be going after me. They should be thanking me for being with him at all times.”

The police eventually had to break up the fight. No word yet on whether charges will be pressed; for now, Camacho’s body is being flown to New York for a second viewing and funeral.

  • tom

    Girlfriends fighting- and he has four sons! hmmmmmm Where is the wife or like the ex-wife? I can only hope someone got this on video.As a boxer he was a good one. From reports of cocaine-it’s use and possible ditribution,stuff causes ruination of all whom get involved.

  • don cartier


    • tom

      I lived close to him in P.R. Everynight he was out. The girls hung on to him and partied. No telling how many kids he had.

  • MrDerp

    Classy broads.

  • http://Yahoo Dennis

    Happens all across the USA…wait a minute, Puero Rico is a part of USA. “Make good reality TV”

  • Leslie

    What a shame he couldn’t surround himself with a better class of people, who would at least show respect during his funeral.

    • anthony oliverio

      right on. at a funeral of all places. how unclassy and
      downright disrespectful…disgusting. tonyo

    • RICKY

      I SAy amen to that /let peace abide here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Todd

    Another sad story.These people have everything and abuse it.Oh well props for an excellent boxing career.

  • ninja

    bunch of stupid wetbacks

    • Jay

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      • http://yahoo Lucia Pena

        thank you. you are so right about it agreed with you!!

    • ysela

      Racist comment. Im sure you are a rocket scientist


      I bet it was better than any other fight we’ve seen & paid for on TV.

    • kaimiloa

      sorry “ninja”, Puerto Ricans are “Americans” by birth.”Wetbacks” are those more down south or east of Puerto Rico..okay.

    • Sly Stallone

      Wetbacks ? this must be coming from a monkey from Harlem.

    • unamala

      If you are trying to put them down you have only managed to show your own ignorance. They are not wetbacks!

    • http://yahoo JD

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    • http://ok randell Kona

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  • http://webpronews claudia

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    • http://yahoo Lucia Pena

      why do you have to about mexicans like that i’am mexican my son is puerto rican and i do respect your race stop being so hateful if you want people to respect your ass you should respect them too.

      • morgan

        Lucia Pena: As a puertorican let me say, we belong to the USA but part of I dont agree; We are like the old slaves down south many years back. u had the field slaves and the big house slave. The big house slaves belong to the master but were not part of the family. Lets not fool ourselvels.



      • Tiffanie

        You are hilarious only because you have so much to say but don’t seem to understand THERE are 3 different spellings of there. Let me, a Puerto Rican smarter than <– (2 of these too)- whatever your <–(again this word too) – race is enlighten you. There- their- they're. I believe the one you were going for was Their.


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  • Xmerica

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    • Dot

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    • Bforeal

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    • Bforeal

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    • Anibal

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      • PSY,

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      • Bad Boy

        Thank you for your service Sir! You have made me proud!

    • Ken

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  • curt

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  • Reese

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    • Anibal

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      • david

        Anibal, thanks for your service. Some people just have to hate,to justify their own miserable life. This is a nation of immagrants from all walks of life, and to lable any group because of the actions of a few, is sad and wrong. Again thanks for your service.

        • joecas7@yahoo.com

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        • elvin

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    • http://ok randell Kona

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  • http://yahoo Lucia Pena

    Just let macho camcho rest in peace too much bullshit going on lol

    • oscar

      Oh poor Hector. You play with fire you get burned.

  • Angie

    First of all, Puerto Ricans did not come on a ship. The US was the one who invaded the island and dethroned Spain. Puerto Ricans are born American citizens.Where you aware that there are over 40+ highly educated Puerto Ricans who work for NASA. Yes, there was a fight obviously by people who had no cooth. Not every Puerto Rican is uneducated and ill mannered. Latinos are here to stay….Mexicans, Colombians,El Salvadoreans, Puerto Ricans, etc.

    • http://yahoo Rosie

      Thank you..!!!

      • pete

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    • http://yahoo scott

      This happens in America; aware they are a commonwealth, so Americans. With that said, was not because he was from there.

  • m. finya

    may you rest in peace champ. thanks for those wonderful fights.

  • Ms. Thang

    Seriously I would NEVER date a man for 25 years..What is ghetto mess a fight at a funeral.

    • RICKY

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  • dudeluv

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  • oscar

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  • marcelo

    Come on people LOVE PEACE AND UNITY. NOT IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY, NOR UNEDUCATED SLURS!!! Macho Camacho in the ring a LEGEND nuff said!!!

  • jason

    it was no coincidence it happened in Puerto Rico, it was no coincidence it happened in Bayamon – the most violent town in a island full of violent towns, and it was no coincidence there was trouble at the funeral. i know of Puerto Ricans who won’t go to Puerto Rico because they consider it too dangerous.

    • eileen

      This is all a shame.

      To the family, friends and fans,

      We all have are demons in life. I am struggling now, I do not judge this man. I will remember this man for his love and passion for the Sport of Boxing.

      When you place your head on your pillow tonight and throughtout this Holiday Season (no matter) what may be your faith (or not) be ever thankful you may get the chance to wake up the next morning to make the next day better,

      Thank you & Happiest of Days xo

  • hugby

    How come Cynthia didn’t try to get up and dry-hump his corpse in front of everybody? I would’ve liked to have seen a picture of that. I would certainly start misturbuting if I saw that! I’d take my hand, wrap it around my stiff pgeenis, and STAAAAART STROKIN’! Heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tanh

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  • Esol Esek

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    • joe

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      • james

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    • douglas

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    • shygirl1020

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      • sherry

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    • Esol Is a Douche

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    • loa

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    • Sherri

      there are people of ALL races that don’t know how to behave and can be ‘uncivilized” why does race even have to be an issue at all?

  • Mark

    Can we all just get along?

  • philip

    what are they fighting over a dead criminal for

    • shygirl1020

      just because he was on the wrong path that does not make him a criminal.if you did have nothing nice to said you should keep your thought to yourself


    why r these people fighting over a dead man?????????????????????????

  • Alise

    It’s all too salatious of a story. It’s a bit fitting that there should be a fight in a boxer’s own funeral no? Is that so wrong to say outloud? I do know of his drug abuse, and like anyone in his noteriety I would assume he had it like that to be with this one or the other like so many rock stars falling into and out of drugs or alcohol. So sad but a tele-novela for sure.

  • Johnny B

    They should have a rematch wake in Detroit

  • Sarah

    Sadly, that’s the way Puerto Ricans do things. There is always fighting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a funeral or a wedding or a christening, the event will end in a gun being drawn or someone’s fist in someone else’s face and the cops called out and someone going to jail.

    • Tiffanie

      I would really appreciate it if when you make such ignorant comments you also post your race. This way me, a Puerto Rican that can guarantee such a thing would NEVER happen at a family function, can look at your race and say, wow, (insert race here) people are dumbasses. Thanks.

      • troy

        I AGREE…stupid-ass rednecks…Shut the hell up, and i’m white.

        • Tiffanie

          Troy, you’re funny!

          • Maddog

            Troy is a much of a racist as anybody that posted here!

      • Xmerica

        Tiffanie, you know your own stereotypes. Stereotypes are true. Ask the mexicans and George Lopez.

    • Miriam

      What’s sad is your ignorant comment. I am of Puerto Rican descent and I can say any wedding, christening, funeral, party that I’ve attended has NEVER ended in a fight or guns being drawn. Unfortunately, these occurrences happen in all nationalities even with White folks!

  • Curlyhammed

    Porty Ricans are half African blood.

    Any other questions?

    • troy

      i’m white, and my best friend is puerto rican…a lot of the comments im reading here are some of the most ridiculous things i’ve ever read…must be a bunch of stupid ass rednecks with no education or sense. Puerto ricans, in my experience, are some of the most loving and generous people i have ever met, so all of you dumb-ass people with nothing more to do than reply with stupid-ass comments, shut the hell up!!!!!

      • Xmerica

        Stereotypes are stereotypes because they’re true. I can honestly say I have never met a puerto rican that I could honestly say was a good person. On the contrary. A puerto rican woman once told me she hates puerto rican men. In puerto rico men receive their US benefits and when they get married want to support that family with those benefits without having to work. She told me the name they use in puerto rico for men like that, but apparently, they are pleantyful in puerto rico. It IS what it IS brother.

    • Tiffanie

      I do have a question. What is your race? Because it appears that you believe you are some mythical full blooded race. I bet if you look into your own history and where you’re from you won’t have any more to say about us fantabulous boricuas.

  • Song

    As Celia Cruz said, “excuse me my English is not very good looking”…

  • allison cooper

    what is going on in this crazy world we live in we got people shooting people in the face people bout to kill each other at funerals

  • Former Boxer

    The man was a boxer. The people he knew and loved and his family were a part of him; say what you want – they have passion. He had passion.

    No apologies. I am blessed to be in this fraternity.

    No more – but no less. The man was a boxer.


      “Former Boxer”,

  • gavyn ramos

    What will happen to you when you die?
    …it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:(Hebrews 9:27)
    How will you do on that day of judgment? You are going to give an account for every word, thought, and deed before the Judge of Heaven and Earth. Have you ever told lies, stolen, ever used God’s name in vain, or looked at someone with lust(just to name a few sins)? If yes, then you’ve sinned, and those sins make you a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart in the sight of the Holy, Just, and Righteous God. Will you be innocent or guilty in keeping God’s holy and perfect law(You shall not bear false witness, steal, take the Lord’s name in vain, etc.) without sin? The bible says that if you are guilty you will end up in “the lake of fire”. It is written, “all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, nor thieves shall inherit the kingdom of God, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain, nor adulterers shall inherit the kingdom of God.” Because God is Holy, Just, and Righteous, God must, and He will, punish all sin. You will perish.
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  • John

    Apparently the two girls are going to do a cage match on Fuel TV

  • Puerto Rican Lover

    I am embarrassed at the moment about me being Puerto Rican because of the behavior of these ridiculous people. Instead of honoring the man and his accomplishments as a Puerto Rican legend. They disrespect the man as he lay in wake. Neither of these selfish people who have not an ounce of dignity or grace can put any of the foolishness away for the sake of his memory and family. So right about now I am not too proud. Not to proud at all.

    • the TRUF

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      • nesty

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    • vegasbroad

      i see a lot of comments referring to the fact that the trash that participated in the desecration of this man’s wake happens to hail from Peurto Rico…..@PeurtoRicanLover….don’t let instances of high profile n’erdowells take away from your sense of cultural pride! Most people are educated enough to understand that these people by no means define Peurto Rico! Unfortunately, low caliber individuals exists in all cultures… the actions of a few miscreants of society do not reflect on a culture as a hole….be proud of who you are and the positive traditions and values that cultural roots have afforded you!

  • Tom Jefferson

    Very appropriate considering the type of low class trash he was!

  • a dog

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    • a dog

      Any ho who claims she was is girlfriend of 25 yrs is liar …the man had many biiiaaatches

  • the TRUF

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    • http://www.hawcandthefew.com Annual Collins Jr

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      • Karl

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    • loving jesus


    • anen

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  • http://www.hawcandthefew.com the truth

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  • Sherri

    Classy….and typical of their kind.

  • Freddy ybarra

    How are you somebodys girlfriend for 25 years and never a wife and then u start a fist fight at a funeral. No wonder he never married her cause shes obviously a complete idiot !!!!!!!

  • Centurion

    So, whats so different about this PR funeral than other Rican funerals?

  • Guy

    Some people only think of themselves. I use to enjoy Camacho’s fights years ago.He was a great figther.He will be remembered, and missed.My condolences to his family. He is in a peaceful place now.

  • http://yahoo Earl Gray

    I want to say Thank you, Gavyn Ramos, Thank You for your post and Amen…Because your post reminded me of what God expects of us…I will not curse out this Truf guy, because he’s a Ignorant Cracker.

  • Turtledad123

    He was a great fighter I will give you that. But as an example for kids to look up to he is a disappointment.(Wife beating,Drugs) I wish he could he been a better example to the Puerto Rican Community. Any way I hope is family finds peace. As for the girls fighting(sorry I cannot call you Ladies)shame on you. I think his family should have disserved
    respect at a sad time like this!!!!

  • http://yahoo TATIANA


    • Juanita

      Shame on your for your unjust racist rantings! What do you mean by “Literary Spanish Class”? How many Americans born and raised in USA speak LITERARY ENGLISH? considered Proper by snobs in UK???
      Most people use slang in every day language. Linguistics discusses how language changes.
      Spanglish is now accepted form of speaking Spanish.
      Shame on you and others who feel the way you do!
      Go live in the UK -and you will see others shunning you and poking fun of your American English.

  • http://yahoo TATIANA

    American Culture @ BEST


    “No more – but no less. The man was a boxer.”


    Did he love? Or,do unto others as he’d like done unto him?
    THOSE ARE the questions we all need to answer one day.

    That’s all that matters.

    THIS IS WRITTEN BY A BOXER DECEIVED(almost 40 years) BY the gold,glitter,and roar,of a society addicted to the thrill of violence.

  • Juanita

    I have respect for him. He overcame poverty and became a champion-10 times!!! I met him in PR when he was 20 at a hotel they were staying at. He was clean and sober.
    Why else? He loved his mother! He spoke about her -was shown as part of an interview post his death.
    How he spoke about his love for him mother! Not once nor three times!
    He was a good son to her unlike many men. Especially those who are alcoholics, and/or on drugs.

  • keith

    The truf. What an idiot!

    • Mike Newman


  • Ashamed American

    What a class act. Remember, if you do what they do, you are what they are.

    Can’t get the ghetto out. It’s in the blood and the bone.

    • me

      so if you act like your part of the richest 1% of the world you think were gonna sit back and believe it, be as aarogant as you want, nice try buddy “ashamed American”

      • me

        *arrogant the other a was for “anyway”

      • me

        *arrogant, the other a was for “anyway” and the missing r was for “ridiculous”

  • keith

    Truf run your mouth so I can punch all your teeth out!

  • pimp

    isn’t there any video of the fight? I want to see those big PR boobs bounce!

  • Fan4years

    “Macho”Camacho was a great boxer in his day. He was also a man, with troubles, faults, and personal issues. He did get help for some of them. It is a sad commentary on the women in his life that they thought it was appropriate to behave in a manner that embarassed the family in their time of mourning. It has nothing to do with Macho, or the culture. It is all about the behavior of two women.
    Back to the reason, a man has passed away. A man that at one point in his life, had fame and fortune. The boxing world has lost a legend, the family has lost a loved one. He will be missed by many

  • http://yahoo Johnny B Jones

    I think the man had style,barring the wife beating and drugs.I would to see the catfight.Rest In Peace Brother

  • http://yahoo Fano

    The question is did anyone talk to him about giving his life to Christ? Did he in last moments of life ask for forgiveness from God there is a heaven n there a hell where did his soul go? No matter what anyone has to say or think or comment he did overcome the stigma that society has put on the Hispanic people! He achieved things in life that some dream about he lived it as a true Puerto Rican I was proud to see him represent me but sad to see all the dis-respect that came with it!! This world has distance themselves from the Love of God and for each other this will only take you to that place where you truly don’t want to go. My condolences to the Camacho Family they lost a Father n a Mother lost a Son have some respect for them PERIOD!!!

    • Sean

      Soooooo you know for sure there’s a Heaven and Hell huh? Man, you must be rich!

  • http://Yahoo mike canterbury

    Trash, attracts, trash. Did you expect, less?

  • unknown

    Ratchet!!! Ignorance is on an all high time, people really need to stop being so Ghetto and realize that is gets you no where in life and just let the man rest in peace at the end of day..what is the point of fighting when the man is not alive to defend himself…. and for the record Ignorance comes from all races not just Puerto Ricans…

  • Sean

    I hate when people just list all their religious beliefs on articles about death.

    Not everyone believes in a religion, and you sound like an absolute moron when you start with the “Hope he made peace with God” bullcrap. This man made choices in his life that led to the issues he dealt with on a daily basis. Going to church or praying wasn’t going to fix that. He needed to make better choices, and he didn’t. Rest in peace Champ. You might not have pleased everyone, but you were YOU. That’s what made you special.

  • Ron Cromer

    Weren’t they wearing gloves?

  • A Jackson

    I guess one day you will find out if there is a heaven or hell. I hope your figure it out before its to late.

  • Linda

    This is so sad instead of everyone putting aside their differences and respecting the remains of Hector Macho Camacho. They are acting like animals that are or having no home training. I feel so upset for am a proud Puerto Rican woman and I see females claiming a man. If he is not married to you then you have no right to make dumb comments reference being with him 3 mos. Seriously a decent woman would have gotten up and left. Out of respect for him and his family. Thats a real woman’s doing. His ex’s none of them are acting a fool but being respectful and thats what you call true ladies. And his poor mom and family are suffering enough with his death to be going through dumb stuff like the videos I have seen. R.I.P Hector Macho Camacho you are my idle..

  • faust

    Thousand ways to skin a cat. Remember salvador sanches?

    • anen


  • Huyamon

    Do these women also date Charlie Sheen?

  • http://yahoo.com cs

    very sad.

    • Kim

      Now, he is nobody’s boyfriend, why fight over a dead man?

  • anen

    who cares these nigs

  • http://yahoo kim poole


  • ivanna

    Body being flown to New York so there can be another cat fight.

  • L.E.S

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