CallWave Teams Up With Google Desktop

    April 5, 2007

Google and CallWave have partnered to provide a text-messaging gadget for Google Desktop users. With the utility, users will be able to send text messages to any cell phone, while choosing to receive them either as an e-mail message or have them sent directly to their handset.

The service is currently still in beta, and allows subscribers to send unlimited text messages throughout the United States and Canada.

Users can download the gadget from CallWave’s site direct or from Google’s gadget index. The utility can also be implemented into the Google Personalized Homepage.

“Our SMS text platform maximizes the time consumers spend at their computer and demonstrates CallWave’s commitment to simple and innovative uses of the desktop as a companion to the mobile phone,” said David Hofstatter, Chief Executive Officer for CallWave.”

“Text messaging continues to grow in popularity, but many consumers find it difficult to text on a phone’s small interface. By making it easier to send text messages worldwide from the desktop, we believe we will dramatically increase text adoption and daily usage.”

Okay, I’m just going to ask the obvious questions. Isn’t the whole point of text messaging to allow users the ability to send messages while still being mobile? Doesn’t a desktop client defeat the entire purpose?

Perhaps I’m being a bit obtuse. Is there something I’m missing here?

Hofstatter continues,  “WEB 2.0 widgets are an explosive channel for delivering cutting-edge software and services to end-users. They are extremely simple to download and this one creates an innovative new way to send text messages.”

“However, the real opportunity for CallWave is to extend the benefit of these lightweight applications to our carrier partners as a way to extend their brand to the desktop, increase daily use and create the ultimate retention solution."