Call Genie Launches Mobile Search Tool

    August 23, 2007

Call Genie, a provider of localized mobile search tools to carriers announced the availability of its newest release of its Enhanced Voice Directory tool.

EVD allows Call Genie customers to offer their callers improved business search by referencing landmarks, neighborhoods and intersections in areas with a population larger than 300,000. The tool is built on the subtleties of voice search and specific to grammar related to how people speak when requesting information.

Call Genie’s EVD product is a mobile local search tool that allows users to search for business listing by category. EVD’s search results are related directly to local landmarks, instead of just city names or zip codes. This feature allows users to find search results related to their current location or the destination they are traveling to, without knowing specific details about an area.

"With the completion of this mapping and localization effort, Call Genie is able to dramatically reduce the time to market for companies launching local, regional or national business category search services," said Michael Durance, CEO of Call Genie.

"Regardless of geographic focus, we are now able to fully support the aggressive launch plans of companies offering enhanced DA services on a free or for fee basis."