California State U Hacked, Personal Information Stolen

    March 22, 2005

A massive hacker attack made against California State University may have caused the personal identity information of 59000 students to be compromised.

University officials discovered this while investigating an attack on the school’s servers. According to a Reuters article, the attackers may have made off with a variety of personal identity information of 59000 people affliated with the school.

With the continuing increase of phishing attacks, personal information has become a popular target for hackers and malicious programs users.

The report reveals,

California State University, Chico in northern California is alerting students, former students, prospective students and faculty that their personal information, including Social Security numbers, may have been compromised in the attack three weeks ago, said spokesman Joe Wills.

“It looked like it was illegal access to do some, perhaps, some downloading of files,” Wills said. “In investigating it we realized the hackers had some access to a great deal of personal information.”

The university is continuing its investigation.

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