Cadbury's Google+ Page Used To Announce New Candy Bar

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Over the past few months, it appears that Google's got a sweet tooth. Or, if not, then Cadbury is sweet on Google. However you want to define their confectionary canoodling, one thing's clear: Cadbury likes to make business announcements on their Google+ account.

Last month, Cadbury announced the creation of the special Dairy Milk +1 candy bar to coincide with the announcement of their Google+ page. Now, Cadbury has used their Google+ account to reveal their latest candy bar:

In order to make more fun for Bubbly (I presume Boily was not appetizing to focus groups), Cadbury also announced that they will be making use of Blippar, the iPhone and Android app that uses the phone's camera lens to reveal more multimedia games and information simply by holding the phone up to the candy bar's rapper.

You got a weird little candy bar comin' to the British food aisles near me soon, Cadbury, but I'll probably still try it just so I can play that weird duck game that appears when I Blippar the wrapper.