Cacee Cobb's Son Plays With Jessica Simpson's Son

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Cacee Cobb and Jessica Simpson spent some time together over the weekend with their super adorable children in tow.

The pair have been the best of friends for a very long time. Cacee Cobb has been through a lot with Simpson, including her divorce from first husband Nick Lachey. She was there for Jessica's second marriage.

The two have been there for each other through thick and thin. Now Cacee Cobb and Jessica Simpson are raising the next generation of BFFs. Jessica posted an adorable picture of her son, Ace, playing with Cacee Cobb's son, Rocco, who was born shortly after Ace.

Cacee Cobb and Jessica Simpson enjoyed being pregnant together with these two boys, now these sweet boys are really enjoying each other's company!

Cacee Cobb was married to Scrubs actor Donald Faison back in 2012. One day after they were married, they found out that she was pregnant!

Cacee Cobb said, "Right when we decided we wanted to get married, we realized we wanted to have a baby. We were very lucky, though — we did it all in one weekend," the actor said. "We tried so hard before we got married and it didn't work."

Trying hard isn't that bad for some people....

"Well, before you say we tried so hard, there are a lot of people out there that tried really hard," Cacee Cobb said. "We just had a sh-tload of sex and it wasn't happening."

While the friends were pregnant together, Cacee was always impressed by Simpson.

"Just watching her, I'm in awe because she makes it look easy — but it's not, I can tell!" Cacee Cobb said of her best friend. "It's kind of crazy to see her because she's further along than I am and she's chasing around Maxwell, who just turned 1 and is about to walk any day now."

Cacee Cobb and Jessica Simpson have so much fun together. Soon their boys will be just as inseparable as they are!

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