CableCARD Only For Certified MCE PCs

    January 31, 2006

Microsoft has said that CableCARD, which allows you to access and control digital cable with a Media Center PC, will only work on certified systems, and naturally, the certification procedure is too expensive for mom-and-pops and individual system builders.

I guess you can give up on building that home theater PC.

Chris Lanier runs down the fees, which can run over $150,000 per PC model. I think its time we were told what concessions Microsoft made to get CableCARD that required locking down the whole system. Chris point out that you can’t really get Away Mode and DVD Changers from system builders either.

UPDATE: Well, well. Looks like this won’t be as much of an issue as some thought. Apparently, ATI’s OCUR (Open Cable Uni-directional Receiver) device will be certified and available for purchase the same time Windows Vista ships. You will be able to get a USB or internal version of the device to add on to your current PC. This means the perfect Vista upgrade will include the Vista Ultimate Edition and an OCUR. I’ll be sure to get one this fall.

Here’s more info, with pictures.

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