C-SPAN Launches Channel On YouTube

    April 8, 2008

The private nonprofit cable public affairs network C-SPAN is launching its own channel on YouTube.

The C-SPAN channel on YouTube will be focused on the upcoming Pennsylvania primary and is inviting voters to answer the question "What issue in this election is most important to you, and why?"

C-SPAN on YouTube
C-SPAN on YouTube
(Photo Credit: C-SPAN.org)

Users will be able to upload their videos to C-SPAN’s YouTube channel and share what they believe is the most important issue in the election. Users who upload a video should focus on a single issue and include their name and hometown. A selection of videos will air on C-SPAN beginning Sunday, April 13 on "Road to the White House."

Voters in Pennsylvania will be able to record their videos from the C-SPAN Campaign 2008 Bus. The bus will be traveling through Pennsylvania during the week before the primary. Campaign bus locations will be announced shortly.

On The Official Google Blog, Steve Grove, Head of News and Politics, for YouTube writes," We think C-SPAN is the perfect partner for this program. Started in 1979, C-SPAN is a private nonprofit whose mission is to ‘provide public access to the political process.’ That mission is closely aligned with our own: to connect voters and candidates through the power of online video."

"In a way, YouTube politics has given voters everywhere the opportunity to create their own "C-SPANs" and make the election all the more transparent and accessible to voters everywhere."